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“Moving Education” is about taking education from one place to other to those who need it rather than conventional schools where those who need education come to schools

All the kids were playing in the field and one kid said to me, “See that bird, what kind of a bird is that?” And I said, “I haven’t the slightest idea what kind... of a bird it is.” He says, “It’s a brown throated thrush,” or something, “Your father doesn’t tell you anything.” But it was the opposite: my father had taught me. Looking at a bird he says, “Do you know what that bird is? It’s a brown throated thrush; but in Portuguese it’s a . . . in Italian a . . . ,” he says “in Chinese it’s a . . . , in Japanese a . . . ,” etcetera. “Now,” he says, “you know in all the languages you want to know what the name of that bird is and when you’ve finished with all that,” he says, “you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird. You only know about humans in different places and what they call the bird. Now,” he says, “let’s look at the bird.” He had taught me to notice thing.

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One small inspiring incident described by famous scientist Richard Feynman tells us about education and it’s purpose: All the kids were playing in the field and one kid said to me, “See that …

Moving Education running #digitalindia from last 4 years. empowered more than 300 girls and women in computer education free of cost . we are looking for old unused laptop for this project. This project manged by Innovative foundation for India & Jigyasa. Thanks all the supporters for this project . with Sachin Raturi MaxiCan, Pia Bossi, Marc Pell, Marjan Petschnig, Archna Patel, Digvijay Bhardwaj, Digital Empowerment Foundation Puneet Rawal, Surya Painuly and many many more. #digitalindia , #womenempowerment #girlsempowerment #girlseducation

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We are running our project Moving Education from last 4 years . Trained over 300 women and girls in Computer Education different locations of Rishikesh withou...t any cost . we teach these women and girls with the help of laptops. A step towards #Digitalindia #womenempowerment #digitalempowermentfoundation .This project need your support we need more old used laptops for this project. Thanks all the supporters & Sachin, Marc Pell, Pia Bossi, Marjan Petschnig , Surya Painuly, Archna Patel, The Garden of Hope Foundation, Lilian NJ Yap, Arthur Chang, Amit Agarwal, Amit Verma, Romshri Ashesh.
Project managed by Innovative foundation for India & Jigyasa

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Moving Education added 13 new photos from May 2015 to the album: 14th Batch of Free Computer Education for girls & women.
May 2015

Our 14th batch of Free computer education for girls and women going on . Thanks The Garden of Hope Foundation

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The Logical Indian

Shalini A can be mistaken for just another 17 year old girl with an impressive 85% in her Karnataka PUC exam, except that she has done it after fighting all odd...s.

Shalini works as a maid in 5 different houses, cleaning utensils, cooking and even cleaning bathrooms. She had to take up all these jobs in order to sustain her family, as her father has been bed-ridden for over a decade after he fell off a building, her brother was diagnosed with blood cancer, and her mother had to give up her own job as a housemaid in order to look after them. Ultimately, it was left to young Shalini to earn for her home.

We salute the spirit of this young fighter who has not allowed her circumstances control her destiny. It also serves as an inspiration to the millions of people who are facing adversities and want to give up on their goals because things seem difficult.

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Our key team member Sony Nisha got award from Sh. Harish Rawat Chief Minister of Uttrakahnd on the occasion of International Women`s day March 8th 2015 . Her hard work and honesty is recognized by Leading National daily Amar Ujjala . Sony supported her initial school study working as child labour. She completed her Bachelor of Education and Master of Arts. Now she is leading our project Moving Education from last 3 years . Empowering other women and girls with teaching them Computer and IT Education. She already trained more than 300 underprivileged Girls and Women in different area of Rishikesh town .

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Amit Bhatnagar added 7 new photos to the album: Eye Care Awareness Camp - Moving education & Empower her.

Eye care awareness camp organized for Moving Education & Empower HER women & girls students with the support from Dr. Raje Negi (Shri Sai Eye Care Centre ) . Dr.... Negi aware women should not ignore eye ailments and in case of any problem, should immediately consult an eye doctor.

There is vision test for 94 + students . We distribute free Eye drops and medicine also.

Special thanks to Pankh, Stichting Sai Kinderen Fonds, The Garden of Hope Foundation, Digvijay Bhardwaj, Association 1 2 3 India

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Amit Bhatnagar
Amit Bhatnagar added 11 new photos from March 4, 2015 to the album: HOLI Celebration - EMPOWERHER & MOVING EDUCATION — with Manish Bandwal in Rishikesh.

To celebrate the spirit of womanhood and festival of colors. Empower HER & Moving Education organized Holi celebration . There is lots of fun and Masti , Dancin...g Singing .

Thanks Valérie Jarraud. Romi Rajput, Dilip Kumar, Manish Bandwal, Manav, Association 1 2 3 India, Lilian NJ Yap, The Garden of Hope Foundation, Pia Bossi, Amit Agarwal, Akasha Ananda Foundation. Arthur Chang

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Amit Bhatnagar

Our dedicated volunteer soni nesha`s life story published in leading National news paper “#AmarUjjala”. Soni nesha is supporting our project Moving Education ...from last 4 years , She belongs to very underprivileged family .She worked as a child labor in a factory to support her study from class 5th to 10th. Now she already trained more then 300 women and girls by giving them computer education under our project #movingeducation She believes that IT education is a key for empowering women and girls .Soni has e proven that her time and talents are priceless. It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference. Thanks Hemu Bhatt ji for publishing this story. Thanks Lilian NJ Yap, Amit Agarwal, Pia Bossi, Marc Pell, 勵馨基金會 The Garden of Hope Foundation, Manish Bandwal, Dilip Kumar for supporting our project.

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Amit Bhatnagar added 5 new photos to the album: MOVING EDUCATION PROJECT AT MOBILE4GOOD VODAPHONE — in New Delhi, India.

Recently we represent our project Moving Education at Vodaphone Mobile4good awards. it was great exposure for our project #movingeducation.Meeting many social... organizations and their representatives, who are doing good to the society & empowering common people with technology . A step towards digital india

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Moving Education team thanks 勵馨基金會 The Garden of Hope Foundation, Lilian NJ Yap, Anthony Carlisle for inviting us .

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Amit Bhatnagar is with Anthony Carlisle and 2 others.

勵馨基金會 The Garden of Hope Foundation an international non profit from Taiwan organized 2014 Regional conference & work shop on Human Rights & dignity of Asia...n Girls at Punjab University, Chandigarh (P.U.), Goh invites our projects Moving Education & Empower HER for this conference covering topic “Building Girls Friendly Cities” . All Asian countries delegates had participated in this conference. We also attend there International Youth Peace Fest (IYPF). I am very thankful to Lilian NJ Yap and Anthony Carlisle of Garden of Hope Foundation for giving me this opportunity to participate in this event related to Women Empowerment other important sensitive issues.

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We are running our 9th free computer education batch with our limited resources under moving education project, at our small office with Folding “Computer class” . We are using folding tables for keeping laptops and power extension boards for electricity .

Our new Free Computer Education Batch .This is our 9th batch of Girls and women in last 2 years. Need volunteers teachers for English speaking classes for this new batch at Rishikesh. Empower HER

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Moving Education completed their 8th batch of free computer Education . we organized a simple certification ceremony at our center.

Moving Education running their 8th free computer education batch with 10 underprivileged women and girls . we are looking for some sponsors for donating old Laptops, or old computers , Trainer`s salary ,

Computer Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process.