Samantha Pree-Stinson for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3 explains why she's running Green and how she will fight for workers wages and an affordable Minneapolis! #GreensGetActive

Candidates for office in 2018 will speak briefly, answer questions, and members will vote on endorsement. Candidates interested in screening need to contact the 5th CD Green Party,, with your interest by Feb. 28. Screening will take place in March with a questionnaire and interview which will be published before the April 14 endorsing meeting.

Sat 12:00 PM CDTHosmer LibraryMinneapolis, MN
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White Ally Training is a way for people in the privileged classes to understand how they can best help the cause of ending racism and white supremacy. Samantha Lee Pree-Stinson will present. Don't miss this opportunity to learn!

In addition, the 2018 election season has already begun, and the 5th CD Green Party has candidates interested in screening! A screening committee to prepare a questionnaire and interview prospective candidates will be elected at this meeting and present candidates on April 14 at the Endorsing Meeting.

Sat 11:00 AM CSTSt. Anthony Public Library, 2941 Pentagon Dr., St. Anthony 55418
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Cam Gordon

The Park Board is considering renaming Riverside Park to honor Annie Young. Details were provided in a letter sent out recently. Time to comment on this and Young for Minneapolis Parks will be on their agenda this week, Wednesday the 7th. This is something that Annie really would appreciate I think. I also know first hand that she really loved that park and spent time there regularly. It is one of my favorite Parks too.

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So excited to have guests from 15 Now Minnesota, Health Care for All Minnesota and the Danger Boat Improv Crew at our Statewide Winter ❄️ ⛄️ Meeting in Minneapolis this month!

All are welcome!

Come and get energized for an exciting year of local and state elections! We will be electing steering committee members and updating our strategic plan for the year. Agenda to follow.

Sat 1:00 PM CSTNortheast LibraryMinneapolis, MN
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Party Chairs from Minnesota's three largest Minor Parties call on Governor Mark Dayton to assign a non-partisan/alternative party woman of color to Franken's vacated Senate seat.

As an earnest step forward to changing the paradigm, we implore Governor Mark Dayton to show true innovative leadership and appoint a non-partisan/alternative p...arty temporary replacement for the interim leading up to the special election.

The appointment of a woman of color would go a long ways towards creating the change needed in Washington, D.C.

Brandon Long , GP of MN Chair
Phil Fuehrer, IP of MN Chair
Chris Holbrook, LP of MN Chair

For the full statement click below👇

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As an earnest step forward to changing the paradigm, we implore Governor Mark Dayton to show true innovative leadership and appoint a non-partisan/alternative party temporary replacement for the interim leading up to the special election.

Come meet Paula Overby, candidate for US Senate seeking Green Party endorsement.


Bring unused greeting cards with their unused envelopes to swap. Christmas cards, birthday cards--any kind of greeting card you want to unload—and swap for cards you’d like to have. Buy a coffeehouse snack, beverage, or meal and socialize over the swappable cards. Use this opportunity to bring a friend who has not donated their refundable $50 political contribution yet. Diane will be happy to get such checks deposited to the Greens and eligible for refunding. Ask the friend to bring unused cards for swapping, too.

Fri 5:30 PM CSTGinkgo CoffeehouseSaint Paul, MN
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This week the Council is set to make some significant changes to help make sure that our work for racial equity will be more transparent, accountable, thoughtfu...l and institutionalized into the future. I have been working for months on this effort with Council Vice President Glidden who shares my determination to make more certain that this work in embedded into the City Council’s work now, before the beginning of the next term.
To help do this, we will be presenting 3 things to the City Council Committee of the Whole on Wednesday. The first is a new ordinance and will include a public hearing. The second and third are resolutions. If passed, these actions will make our office of Race and Equity more permanent, establish a Racial Equity Community Advisory group and create a Racial Equity Action Plan.

If you support these action please consider attending and speaking at the hearing at 10:00 this Wednesday in City Hall or sending in your comments to your Council Member and to

Here are a few of the details:

First, the proposed ordinance will formally, and more permanently, establish a Division of Race and Equity within the City Coordinator’s Office. This was first created by a budget decision back in 2014. The new ordinance clarifies that value and purpose of that division and embeds it --- and the City’s commitment to racial equity ---- into ordinance. This will help the equity team to more actively engage with departments in setting goals and expectations around this important body of work. It should also help accelerate our efforts and progress around racial equity goals and create accountability mechanisms by ensuring regular reporting to policy makers.

Second, we will consider a resolution to establish a Racial Equity Community Advisory Committee, made up of at least 15 and no more than 19 members, to be selected with a priority on racial balance, appointed by the City Council and Mayor through the Open Appointments process with at least one member from each of the 13 wards, with one seat available to person appointed by the Minneapolis School Board and one by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. The committee would advise the City Council, Mayor and City departments on City policies, practices and budget decisions related to addressing racism and racial inequities and promoting racial justice and racial equity in the City. In the short term it would advise the newly created Racial Equity Steering Committee on the creation and implementation of the Racial Equity Action Plan. It would also report at least annually to the City Council, and provide an annual evaluation report to the community on the City’s progress addressing racial inequities and closing racial disparities.

Thirdly, we will consider a resolution to establish a City Racial Equity Steering Committee consisting of City staff, including the City Coordinator, Director of Civil Rights, Director of Finance & Property Services, Health Commissioner, Director of Human Resources, Police Chief, Director of Public Works, a manager in the division of race and equity, two other staff representatives selected by the Racial Equity Coordinators, one City Council Member, and one person from the Mayor’s Office. This Steering Committee will work and support the Community Advisory Committee and draft a Racial Equity Action Plan to address racial equity in the City government that will be submitted to the Council for approval by June 2018.

If you support these efforts please share and let your City Council Member know.

You can find out more about the ordinance and resolutions at the Committee of the Whole agenda here

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Passage of Ordinance amending Title 2, Chapter 40 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to Administration: Workplace Regulations, clarifying business size determination for the minimum wage ordinance.
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The FCC just announced its plan to slash net neutrality rules, allowing ISPs to block apps, slow websites, and charge fees to control what you see and do online.... They vote December 14th. Call your representatives today to tell them to fight for net neutrality! Learn how to do that at

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Would you rather have caucuses or a statewide membership meeting in Jan/Feb? Add your voice to the poll.

The Green Party of Minnesota Coordinating Committee is looking for feedback from members on where to focus our organizing energy for early 2018: around a single, large statewide membership meeting, or in facilitating as many small caucus locations as possible.

From one Green to another!

Thank you for your years of service Annie!

We’re so excited to continue working with you LaTrisha Vetaw for Parks! #GoGreens

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LaTrisha Vetaw

Commisioner Annie Young thank you for believing in me. I want to express my deepest gratitude. You have been an excellent friend, mentor, teacher and a great in...spiration for me. You have inspired me to work hard and to continue doing the work you and other commisioners have already began doing around equity. Your passion for our parks motivates me everyday. I hope I get to literally sit in your seat. I truly appreciate and value everything I've learned from you.
The time we've spent together will forever remain a major contributor behind my successful campaign and my next four years on the board. I really look forward to the day that i can do for someone else what you have done for me.

Anytime you want popcorn Annie I will come running!

Go Greens!!! Minneapolis Green Party (5th CD)

Love Always,

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Let’s do this Ward 3! Samantha Pree-Stinson for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3!

Get out to the polls TODAY and put another Green on the Minneapolis City Council!

Polling locations:

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"As a coach I have observed inequitable structures in regards to youth athletics and programming.

We see high participation in certain parts of the city and low participation in others and I think this is demonstrably inequitable."

-Menz 4 Park Board - A Park for All Minneapolis District 1

Pledge to VOTE GREEN in 2017!

Oct 31, 2017 - Nov 7, 2017Your Polling Place

We have 6 GREEN PARTY candidates seeking office in Minneapolis. Pledge to rank our candidates #1, #2, or #3 on your ballot. They hope to earn your #1 choice, but ranking them #2 or #3 would help greatly - especially in Ward 3 (Samantha Lee Pree-Stinson), Park Board At-Large (LaTrisha Vetaw), and Park Board District 3 (Charles Exner).

Oct 31, 2017 - Nov 7, 2017Your Polling Place