Aaaaaaaand the wait is finally over - Mr. Bingo Ball is now LIVE on Facebook! To access it from your laptop/PC, simply go to the Play Game button (on the main page, just under the Cover Photo and next to the Message button - top right hand corner)
Please spread the news and Share this with your friends!
Hope you enjoy the app and as always, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Good news everyone - the Facebook version for Mr Bingo Ball is nearly up and running!
Spread the word please - Mr Bingo Ball coming soon on Facebook!

Thanks for your continued support everyone!
If you love Mr Bingo Ball, we've got some exciting news for you: we have released a new game - Don't bug me!
Get ready to defend the restaurant against invading roaches. It's an adventure where you will smash, kill and destroy bugs.
Through 60 insane levels, using a variety of upgradable weapons, you will develop your own successful strategy.
Choose your weapons wisely, develop your own strategy and "Smash them all!"....
Collect gold stars, discover prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this fun game!
Download it on your Android phone from Play Store now!
Looking forward to your feedback as always - enjoy!

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Get ready to defend the restaurant against invading roaches. Tips & Tricks on facebook: Addictive and challenging free game. It...

Hey guys,
Some exciting news - we have just released an update that is now live on Play Store so make sure you update the game! FAO all players who haven't downloaded the new Mr Bingo Ball app from Play Store, if you could please do this now to ensure this update and all future ones will be successfully installed and synchronised with your game balance and details.
This new update features the option to Remove Friends and also the option to convert up to 100 coins into gems in one go.
Hope you enjoy it and as always looking forward to your feedback!

Happy Mother's Day to all of our players from the USA - hope all you mums have a lovely day!

Good morning everyone, we apologise for some of the recent problems some of you have been experiencing with the game. It was unfortunately due to a technical error that we lost our Google Play Store ranking and had to re-upload the game starting from zero. We do apologise for any inconvenience, unfortunately it's a case of having inevitable technical faults that can't be helped. We have now uploaded another version of the game to Play Store.
Please do let us know how if you e...xperience any other problems.
Also, any recent Facebook changes to do with the page/comment layout are from Facebook's end - changing all page layouts, not just ours - so unfortunately this is out of our hands and it's just a case of all of us having to adjust to the Facebook changes
We can assure you the game is perfectly safe to carry on playing, as it has been up until now.
Thank you and have a great weekend!

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Closing up on the 9,000 Likes milestone - many thanks to each and everyone one of you!
We are constantly working to improve your gaming experience as much as we can and are looking at releasing a Facebook as well as an iTunes app for Mr Bingo Ball very soon.
We also have some new exciting themes in the works for those of you who already unlocked Greenland... stay tuned for updates!
Thanks for you support, enjoy!

Hey everyone & Happy Friday!
We have just released another update - this will enable you to Manage your credit, meaning you can turn some of/all of your coins into gems (1 coin = 3 gems)!
Please see the 'Tap to manage credit' message, just under your coin balance in the Home screen (top left corner).
A shout out goes to Steven Neville for suggesting the idea.
Go to Play Store now to get the latest update - enjoy!

Just reached another milestone as we've recently passed 4,000 Likes!
Thanks to each and every one of you, it's great to see you're enjoying the game and becoming part of such a lovely community!
Thank you for your support, have fun!

As promised, we've just released an update - please go to Google Play Store to update to the latest version.
All force close issues have been sorted and we've now got a New Feature to Add Friends in game!
Please find the 'Your Friends' button (bottom left). Using the 'Add New Friend' button you will be able to search after a Mr. Bingo Ball player (using their Facebook name) and send them a friend request. That player will receive your invite and will be able to accept/reject, you will be notified either way. Once that player has accepted your friend request, they will show up in your Friends list (with a little Mr Bingo Ball icon next to their name - as opposed to your Facebook friends that have still got the blue Facebook icon).
You can easily send gifts to your friends now by simply clicking the name in the list and selecting the amount of gems you want to send!
You can still use the Send/Get Gifts panel.
Any feedback is appreciated as always - for any issues please let us know in the comments!

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Hi guys, our apologies for the force close issues some of you have experienced, this was a problem that was out of our hands but will be fixed later today - when we will release another update with a great added feature - so stay tuned!

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Hey Guys - don't forget to update to the latest version (on Play Store) if you haven't already done so yesterday, this new version offers an additional daily bonus worth 5 coins & 10 gems every 24 hours!
Press the Claim Bonus button to find out how to claim!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there, hope you have a fab day!
Some bit of good news - we should release an update next week that will enable you to Add Friends in game. Stay tuned!

Hi everyone, we apologise for the inconvenience when trying to send gems, please go to Google Play Store and Update the game to the latest version and this should be fixed for you.
Thanks, enjoy!

Just released another update today guys, you will now be able to switch through two panels in the Get/Send gifts section (bottom left button in main menu view), this means if you go to the GetGift panel you would be able to collect any gems sent by friends without waiting to be notified anymore or for the gem count to be synchronised with the server, just Refresh and you should be able to claim them. Also, swapping to the SendGift pannel you will be able to send gems to friends as before.
We strongly advise you to get the new version from Play Store to ensure any inconveniece will be avoided.
Thanks, enjoy!