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We have been living in a fog of remembering juicy Mr. Humboldt moments in our minds for 2 days now. I have said many times, did that really happen?!

THANK YOU so much to all the contestants who put on a fabulous, creative and hilarious show for us. You are all pure gold. It was a lot of mommas first night out in a loooong time, so thanks for the extra thrills in case it’s a while before they are out again. 😉
Thank you to our Judges, and Alex Stilman. It’s not easy d...eciding the fates of those men!
Thank you to local artist Mataya Conroy for making the perfect trophies for ‘Mr. Congeniality’ and ‘The Cougar Award’. Thank you to Shannon West and Heather Ulrey for all the backstage help and overall awesomeness. Thank you Lexi Fischer for all the loose end tying. Thank you Will for rocking the soundboard and making it allllll sound good.
Thank you to Mr. Breakfast Daddy for getting waxed onstage and blowing my mind.

Thank you everyone for coming to the show and having a good time, and supporting our community. Every single laugh makes it all worth it.

Thanks Humboldt for being rad and a little piece of weird perfect comical paradise heaven to live in.

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Long live Mr. Breakfast Daddy | Photos: Will StartareWe live in a special place. Breakfast proved to be the most important meal of the day inside the sold out Arcata Theatre Loun
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Contestant #8

Mr. Shakespeare


The question is, is Mr. Shakespeare that hunky dude or that hunky puppy??? You’ll have to come tonight to find out! #puppiesinspeedosFTW

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Oh, yes, get ready for tonight, because there’s more!

Contestant #7

Mr. Chameleon


Like any good chameleon they can disguise themselves into any situation. Even if that situation is a male pageant.

So let the good times roll...

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Oh Dag, people are getting excited! As they should.

No automatic alt text available.

Where’s the beef?? On the stage, this Saturday! Duh.

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and then there’s THIS guy....

Contestant #6

Mr. Breakfast Daddy


Like a unicorn, he’s magical and rarely sighted. Just kidding!! You can see him all the time at one of our towns favorite watering holes pouring the good brown stuff.

He can mount and ride a unicorn like only the finest Humboldtians though. So feast your eyes upon this fine specimen.

Oh annnnnnnd he’s artsy fartsy. Total Score!

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Gah! Are you ready for another one? Are you sure? But can you handle a bunny too?!

Contestant #5

Mr. Rabbit


Is he holding a bunny like a baby in his arms?! Stawwwwwp it! Good golly that’s sweet.

And then he is also good at growing things.

Outdoorsy, yup! Probably being responsible and wearing SPF, of course, because he is shirtless.

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Drumroll please........ the next contestant is

Contestant #4

Mr. Science


What is sexier then science? Well not much, duh. However, include these flowing locks, well, swoooon!! Get ready for mind bending awesome sauce at the pageant. Woot!

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put yer hands together for.....

Contestant #3

Mr. Fashion


You know how pineapple makes your tongue a little tingly, well that is exactly the reaction you will get from this fiery fierce fellow. So give your pineapples a little shake while you are looking forward to seeing this fashion forward dude take the stage. Holla!!!

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Oh Wait, there's more...

Contestant #2

Hans Buckethead


Hans Buckethead, is a fierce warrior not afraid to show a little nip. He feels there is not enough representation of the growing community of people who choose to live their lives wearing a bucket on their head. If crowned he will be representing an entire world's worth of people who desperately wish for validation of their choices. Let's see what happens, Feb. 10th.

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Ohhhh, yeah… Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for… the menz…

It’s time to meet Contestant #1...


Mr. Culprate

Let’s see what he’s got going for him, judging by this photo:

1. At the farmers market. Check!
2. Juggling. Check!
3. Much beard. Check!
4. Hipster haircut. Check!

Ok, He lives and breathes Humboldt! Phew!

Keep checking during the lead up to this year’s pageant as we unveil more contestants! More details on this year's pageant here!:

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Spoof Male pageant

Oh, wow! This again!

The Mr. Humboldt Pageant is back and ready to rock your socks (or or other garments) off! Now in its fifth year, this 18+ charity spoof pageant is VERY DUMB and feature hunks of all shapes and sizes competing in multiple rounds of familiar fun, including:

-Question and Answer ...
-Talent, and
-Formal wear

This event has sold out every year and all the proceeds go to local nonprofits.



Nominate yourself or another fine specimen by filling out and turning in the form linked below! Yay, forms!…/1PFZ3S2iMTnTXqZ6C3namg9fn5H…/edit…

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Sat 7:00 PM PSTArcata Theatre LoungeArcata, CA
765 people interested
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