Mar 30, 2013 10:39am
"07 Corolla" Live with Band at NGYOFACE X EASY LOVE RELEASE PARTY. Video by @ngyoface #goony #hiphop #rap #yeg @tonyromo @jdatsxgolddrum

I LOVE MAKING MUSIC, but being pressured into making it is what made me take a break. Sorry.

Heart > Brain ... Remember that! I love you all.


Old song, but Thx Dude!!

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I used to listen to Sum 41 everyday

This video is gonna be something else man #jothrillzxjdats

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Last night, I smoked my head on speaker mid performance & played it off super cool, but I was genuinely surprised I didn't knock myself out.

My grandma just asked me if I still do the "fast talking". I said yes and then she said it's not normal and not good for my brain. She suggested I listen to more Englebert Humperdink and Abba. #truth #babaknowsbest

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Last night was pretty wild and that was only a portion of the shooting for this music video.

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Getting set up for this video. I'm kinda excited

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Happy Valentine's Day

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Big shout out to Pabst Blue Ribbon for sponsoring my music video shoot this weekend. Thanks guys! #FreeBeer

I'm at a bar by myself, is this rock bottom?

Just photo bombed this guys mirror pic in the change room at the gym. I feel bad. He had the perfect duck face and shirt tug. But it's all good, he started taking a new one as I left. #2014

I love everyone who loves everyone