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In honor of celebrating our roots this month, we would like to introduce Randy Britsch, who created the original musicforworship.net website!

Randy Britsch was called as the ward primary chorister in 2003 after moving into Brian Jensen’s ward in Provo, Utah. After hearing that Brian was a music arranger, Randy enlisted his help to arrange “Families Can Be Together Forever” for their ward primary program.......
READ MORE>> https://www.musicforworship.net/…/featured-contributor-ran…/

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NEW RELEASE! Music for Worship is pleased to offer ¿En el mundo he hecho bien? Arreglo por Brian R. Jensen para Solo Vocal

"Have I Done Any Good?" is now available in sheet music for medium voice in Spanish. Find it in the New Releases section of our home page! www.musicforworship.net Watch for more upcoming pieces in Spanish from Music for Worship.

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READ THE STORY BEHIND THE SONG featured in our newest music video, "Have I Done Any Good?"

In 2007, I created a small publishing company called “Music for Worship.”

The original idea was placed in my mind by my father-in-law, Mike Manning. One day he pulled me aside and expressed his admiration for some orchestral music that I had produced for a client. He suggested I should spend some time creating my own music.


I pondered on that thought, and considered how I could share good and uplifting music with others. With several years of music arranging experience and hundreds of sheet music arrangements in print, I considered creating a publishing entity. The concept grew in my mind during the hours when my family and I cleaned a doctor's office twice a week to earn some extra cash.....

READ MORE>>>https://www.musicforworship.net/…/have-i-done-any-good-the…/

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Watch this uplifting NEW MUSIC VIDEO featuring Music for Worship's Vocal Solo arrangement of "Have I Done Any Good?" https://youtu.be/9d50AM3CbEg Also visit our website to download a recording of this song FREE during September! (Go to the RECORDINGS page of our Download Store at www.musicforworship.net/download-store)

Roger Hoffman singing Music for Worship's Vocal Solo arrangement of "Have I Done Any Good" with a video about serving as the Savior served. This piece was wr...


Composer Paula Snow has been referred to as a “gifted” writer whose talents have “blessed many” who have heard her music. Her writing reflects a depth of experience and perspective that resonates universally. Paula spoke with us about what led her to write her recently published piece, “I Turn to Thee”.

“We sing to babies soon after they are born. It calms and settles their transition into a noisy confusing ...world. I think it is just as important to sing to one (aged or young) who is transitioning between life and death. Letting go of mortality can be very difficult."

“A few years ago I sat with an unconscious elderly man in the final hours of his life. I softly sang songs I knew were familiar to his boyhood...."

Read more>>http://www.musicforworship.net/…/i-turn-to-thee-the-story-…/

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NEW RELEASE! "I Turn to Thee" by Paula Snow for SSA Choir with Piano Accompaniment

Music for Worship is pleased to offer an SSA arrangement of our recently published Vocal Solo, "I Turn to Thee" by Paula Snow! This song is characterized by a kind of pastoral charm that invokes warmth and peace and is perfectly suited to the soothing sound of a women's trio or ensemble. The lyrical images of nature and of God’s beautiful creations reassure the listener that He is there, and that if we recognize and turn to Him, He will turn to us and sustain us.

"I Turn to Thee" by Paula Snow is now available for SSA Ensemble with Piano Accompaniment as an instant download. Look for it in the NEW RELEASE section of our home page! A multi-copy license is available. www.musicforworship.net

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Good music prepares us to receive and act on enlightenment! www.musicforworship.net

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In 2010, Music for Worship composer Rachel Mecham Goates wrote an original theme song for the youth of her stake as they were preparing to embark on an unprecedented youth conference tour of nine major LDS historical sites. That song, “A Heritage of Faith” was recently released by Music for Worship in our Songs for Youth collection. An abbreviated version of the song has now been fe...atured in the July 2016 Ensign Magazine published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

Music for Worship is pleased to announce the availability of professionally recorded accompaniment tracks available for instant download, both piano-only and with light orchestration, to compliment the use of “A Heritage of Faith”. (The original version of the song includes a key change and additional chorus.) We ALSO offer a piano-only accompaniment track that corresponds with the abbreviated Ensign version of “A Heritage of Faith”! These accompaniment tracks are perfect for wards or stakes with limited musical resources or for occasions such as trek where a piano is not available.

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Please take advantage of our free mp3 download of the month, “Have I Done Any Good" performed by Roger Hoffman.


This beautiful reminder of filling our lives with service is also available in sheet music for low voice, medium voice, or high voice. Also available for medium voice in Spanish! www.musicforworship.net

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Featured Artist - Roger Hoffman

Roger Hoffman is the featured vocalist in Music for Worship’s recording of “Have I Done Any Good?" Roger is a singer, producer, composer, and arranger who has produced and soloed on dozens of recorded works with various artists, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and has been featured as a soloist on “Music and the Spoken Word”. He has received awards for his compositions including the CLIO, Peabody, and New York Film Festival awards. As ...a songwriter, his most recognized work is “Consider the Lilies” which was included on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir album with the same title.
Roger’s wife, Melanie, is also an award-winning songwriter whose lifetime focus has been writing for children. The Hoffmans work closely together writing, arranging and producing original music and have devoted their time, talents, and energy to creating together for the past 35 years. They have received recognition for their work on “Scripture Scouts” as well as for their children’s song, “Gethsemane”. The couple has made 12 albums of their own work, and they often perform together in church functions and house concerts across the country.
The Hoffmans reside in Orem, Utah, where they work frequently with their four sons who are also involved in media. For more information on the works of Roger Hoffman, visit his website hoffmanhouse.com.

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"For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.Wherefore, lift up thy heart and rejoice, and cleave unto the covenants which thou hast made." ~Doctrine & Covenants 25:12-13

I have always loved this scripture. I love it because, in these verses, the Lord Himself tells how He feels about music. Hi...s soul delights in it. He delights especially when the song comes from our heart. If we are righteous, He will view our song as a prayer to Him; a prayer that He will answer.

• • •

Sometimes we are in difficult places in our lives. Sometimes we experience trials and hurts so painful that we feel incapable of reaching out to that being who created us. It is in those times that we most need to pray.

When the words of prayer won’t come, we can open our hearts in song—silent or aloud; in melody or by simply speaking the words. And to the Lord, it is enough. It is a prayer. And He will answer.

Read More here>> http://www.musicforworship.net/…/for-my-soul-delighteth-th…/

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NEW RELEASE! Music for Worship is pleased to offer "For My Soul Delighteth" written by Brian Jensen for SATB Choir. This is a new musical setting of the scriptural text found in Doctrine and Covenants Section 25. The warm harmonies and tender piano accompaniment capture the spirit of these verses.

"For My Soul Delighteth" is available as an instant download for SATB Choir with Piano Accompaniment OR can also be performed a capella. Look for it in the NEW RELEASE section of our home page! A multi-copy license is available. www.musicforworship.net

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There are many people who have the desire to express their strong feelings of testimony and devotion to God and gratitude for his blessings by writing music and lyrics. Some find that fulfillment, and some do not.

I have found, through experience, that a testimony and a longing to express it in a musical way are not enough to bring about that desire that so many people have. Many are frustrated when their musical creations seem to land short of where they would like them to be. Here are some basic starting points that may be helpful to those who fall into this category and whose righteous desires have yet to come to fruition.

Read more>>> http://www.musicforworship.net/…/lds-songwriting-basics-pa…/

Rachel Mecham Goates is partner and Director of Marketing at Music for Worship and musicforworship.net. She is an award-winning composer, arranger, and songwriter, whose works have been widely performed in the United States and internationally. Rachel is the mother of seven children and resides in a...