Hey all - Dan here. Anyone out there have any interest in buying my mint conditioned Ibanez TAM10. The white, 8 string Tosin Abasi model in the front of this photo. Amazing guitar but I'm looking to pick up something else. If yes, contact me directly to discuss. Open to offers. -



Update - 10:10 sale pending!

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Hey guys, Andrew Jacobs here. I saw Linkin Park live for the first time recently and it was one of the best live shows I can remember. The reason was Chester. His talent was off the charts. Unlike many singers who use backing tracks or let the crowd sing the hard parts, he sang everything for real. That is so incredibly hard to do night after night on a headlining tour. Especially for their songs. This is tragic. He will be sorely missed by so many around the world. RIP Chester

"Lethean (Live)" Music Video
T'was CHRIS-mas eve...
Mutiny Within III - Origins. Live full album stream!

As it's Justin Hill's birthday today, what better excuse than to crank up the speakers and listen to him bring this track to life!…

LYRICS BELOW! Mutiny Within's track "Serenity" off their upcoming new album "Origins." Purchase at: Album Release date: F...

A little Secrets inst. section, retuned to Drop A#. Because it's my bday??!! Lol. If you haven't already, go add me on Instagram for more guitar and photography randomness!!! Have a great Monday everyone! Dan -
@shredographer, http://www.instagram/shredographer


Last night I (Dan) decided to put the middle section of Serenity, off our third record, into an image. Photoshop is a new hobby of mine and if you would like to see more examples of my work, guitar licks, and plenty of my ugly cute dog selfies, follow me on instagram @shredographer -

Next, Justify's middle 'hell' section.

Which song/section do you think I should try?

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Daniel Bage feeling calm.
June 14

For those who follow my band, for whatever reason, I picture the middle of Serenity like this. Go follow me, @shredographer on instagram if you haven't already!

When I practice, I retune the tracks so I can play my nearest 6 string in drop tuning. Today, that happened to be my Schecter... in Drop G#. LOL

G#stify!!! - featuring the heaviest MW choir breakdown in history!


Here it is! Mutiny Within featuring Oliver Christian, winner of our solo competition!

Let us know what you think, we love it. Great combination of technical ability and note choice

Winner of our "Archetype Of Destruction Solo Competition" Huge congratulations to Oliver
Mutiny Within updated their status.
May 19

Hi all! Chris here.

First of all thank you to every single person who has bought our album, shared our links and supported us in any way. It makes doing this possible for us.

Secondly, credit where it's long overdue. I wanted to take a minute to give a big shoutout to our guitarist/keyboard man, Daniel Bage


Dan was really interested in getting involved more with this album. Adding some orchestration, keyboard and putting his stamp on everything. As one of the primary songwriters in the band, it's hard to let go of the reigns sometimes but I am so glad that we did because as soon as we got the first demo back with Dans additions my jaw hit the floor.

Without him spending countless months working away creating all of the keyboards, almost all of the solos, creating the website, order system and being on top of the organisation, then this album would not sound anything like it does.

Even now, we're all back at our jobs working away and Dan is finding the time to do covers and videos. It's great to see his dedication to the music and the band.

Give the man a hand (or as we're on facebook, a like)


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Another staple in our live sets. During the intro I'd always be thinking to myself, "Will Chris go for the high note tonight?". What a note!!!! Ridiculous. - Falling Forever!

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While we were recording this track we hit a creative road block. That night, I remember staying up late by myself with guitar pro and some headphones while the rest of the guys slept. Later, I had a very bizarre verse riff which thankfully, the guys loved the next day. My first ever MW riff! Chromatics n all! Always a fun one - Images!

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Lethean would typically be the last song on our setlists.... for good reason. I always felt that every other song was a warm up before we 'unleashed the beast' lol. Great memories relearning and jamming these old songs again. - Dan


While there are sadly no immediate plans to tour, it doesn't hurt to make sure I can play the new record... Just incase. Continued thanks to everyone who bought the latest record and supported us throughout.

Fans should feel very fortunate that Mutiny Within’s third album exists. Origins, among best rock albums thus far in 2017, was produced entirely by the band thr...

Before we even recorded the debut album!

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Our brand new album "Origins" has been out for over a month now. Which songs are your favorites??!

Huge congratulations to Oliver Christian who is the winner of the solo competition!!!

We counted the votes almost a week ago and he was the clear winner and have been sorting out the prizes.

Top 4, please inbox us so we can sort out youe winning prizes.

Voting for the Solo Competition ends tomorrow evening.

So if you haven't voted, then check out our last post and vote! (also pinned to the top of the page)

Thanks all!