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Dusti Black
· December 29, 2017
My Dalmatian is absolutely petrified of people other than us. She's been that way since we got her when she was almost 7 weeks. She thinks she's a lap dog and loves attention at home...but with anyone... else she is terrified. I've brought her in about 4 or 5 times to get her nails cut and it usually takes 2 or 3 people to hold her still to get them cut because she's so scared. They remember her and know how she is. They do so great with her and get her done as quickly as possible so she calms down. It's the only place I will take her to! See More
Elizabeth McCain
· December 22, 2017
We have taken Goose, our 9 month old Pitt puppy to Mutt Tubbs two times (Nov and Dec) we use the self serve wash, though they do offer grooming, as well. The ladies are great, always loving on the pet...s and giving them treats. Mutt Tubbs provides the shampoo and conditioner, or you may bring your own; they also provide towels, blow dryers, combs, brushes, treats and anything else you may need while using their self serve wash. It's a great a place, we'll be coming on a regular basis whether Goose wants a bath or not. ;) See More
Donna Davis
· June 23, 2017
The best place to take your fur babies .we've been going to this place for years .
Lisa Garvey McMinds
· February 7, 2015
There is NOTHIN' better than to be able to wash your dog yourself & have someone else clean up the mess!! I LOVE MUTT TUBBS!!
OC Raw Dog is recalling one lot of its Freeze-Dried dog treats product because it has the potential to cause botulism poisoning.

😭 crying

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Total Fitness of Columbus added 2 new photos.

In case the rain scared you away we still have some event t-shirts available for $10. All proceeds go to the humane society. ❤️

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Carlie Johnson to Columbuzz Lost Pets

Alright friends. Our border collie Bailey never came home last night. Please share these pics to see if anyone has seen her. We live off of 46 east of Columbus just a few miles west of Hartsville.

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Rowan County Animal Shelter is with Bradley Scott Luoma and 19 others.

A112059 Mickey
Dach Mix, Owner Male, 1 yr old
Housebroken & Good w/ Kids per Owner
Available 4/9/2018...
Last Day 4/23/2018

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Clyde Butcher Photography is with Emerito R. Cruz and 45 others.

I laughed and laughed...thanks to Teresa for sending this to me so I could share it with everyone

Look what happens when we cut down to many trees!
Global wa...rming is one thing, but the photo below shows what might happen if we continue to clear our forest!
We have to stop cutting down trees! This is getting serious!

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Columbuzz Lost Pets


Lost this evening Dachshund small black and tan name is Flash 14th and Hutchins Ave. Thanks. Mark and Norma Childers

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Billie Jo Baxter to Columbuzz Lost Pets

My moms dog ran off last night from her home on highway 7 by Echo Park. His name is Champ and he has tags and a vest on just like in this picture. Please share and help bring Champ home.

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Archie has found his humans!

Little Archie due to no fault of his own is available again. He is right in the middle of the litter as far as size and should mat...ure between 25-30 lbs and 18-19 inches. He has started crate training and has master the dog door:). He is a total love bug. Let us know if you or anyone you know is interested. PM for more information. Located in Washington state.

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John Travis

I went to Rowan County and got your little dog yesterday. You know...the little blind, deaf 15 year-old Pomeranian that you kept in a crate most of her life, a...nd then dumped without so much as a backward glance as you walked out the door.

She was scared and confused when I first touched her, but she seemed to understand why I was there and she soon responded, first with a slight twitch of her tail that quickly turned into a full wag.

On the way home, she slept on my lap and when I placed her on the ground she fairly bounced as she explored her new surroundings. When she met the other dogs here, she took it in stride...with the dignity and grace that the old ones have. After a cursory sniff and greet, they accepted her and seemed to understand that she'd need a little help along the way. A few of them walked with her as she found her way around. Inside the house, they left her to sleep in her little corner of the room on what was likely the only bed she'd ever had.

They told me that she was covered in fleas when she came in, and it appeared that she probably hadn't had a bath in years...if she got one. She loved it, and though it didn't diminish the stench of the flea dip, she fairly wiggled when Kelie turned the blow dryer on her as I combed out the tangles.

With no teeth, she has to have soft that's what she had and she was very hungry. No doubt they gave her dry food at the shelter that she couldn't she was very, very hungry. When she was full, she found her bed and slept off the stress of the events she'd been under for the last 24 hours...and when she woke up, she found me by my scent, sat at my feet, and placed a tiny paw on my leg as if to thank me.

On my lap, she was content and affectionate, pushing her head into my hand as I stroked her face and massaged her ears...looking up at me with eyes that can't see...sniffing my hand to imprint my scent so she can find me again.

I wish for you no success in your future endeavors whatsoever...and when you're old and sick and alone and abandoned in some squalid place by your family...I do hope that your thoughts turn to this little dog, and that you have the presence of mind to connect the that you don't have to wonder why you've been tossed aside.

This is why. Know that her last days were better than yours.

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