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You decided to buy 2 cupcakes for your friend for his birthday, he stays 7 miles away from your town. you are driving your car to reach but there are 7 toll in between.
Every toll gate charges you 50% of cupcakes you are left with and they give you 1 cupcake back as a token of gratitude. what is the minimum number of cupcakes you have to buy such that your friend gets two at the end?
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Fakaz K. Lloyd
· April 9, 2014
Can you post some #CompLemenT things or anything that reLated into "Green_12"
Ron Garland
· April 15, 2014
Awesome and illuminating!
Nikki Adao
· May 14, 2014

There are 9 identical balls out of which one is heavier, how can you identify the heavier ball by using a common balance maximum 2 times?
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Now you can create your own Diwali wish.…

You have a gold bar of length 7 cm, you have to stay In a hotel which charges 1 cm gold bar for 1 day, payment should be done everyday.
What is the minimum number of cuts you need to make the payment for 7 days.

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There are 7 identical balls out of which only one is heavy, you have a chance of weighing with common balance only twice, how can you identify the heavier ball.
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If a poison passes it expiry date would it be less poisonous or more poisonous?

Mary was cooking a dish and as per her recipe she needed one cup of milk.However. she only had a three cup measuring container and a five cup measuring container.
How will she measure just one cup.
QC: Namuswe howla

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Form a square or a rectangle by moving only 1 match stick!
Entire Internet have gone viral with this puzzle, it's time for you to solve.

10 Websites every engineering student should visit some or other time…/…/Maniraj-Madishetty…

Maniraj Madishetty's answer: Every college student have different aim or goal, base don their goals these websites are more important for one to know and not to miss. 1. Quora : Quora is the best place to know anything, you can ask questions related to any topic and the probability to get the re...

You are in a room with 3 prostitutes. The door is locked and you cannot leave until you have sex with all of them. 2 of the girls have Aids. You have only 2 condoms. No one who does not already have Aids including yourself can get Aids or the doors will not be unlocked. The chance of infection for unprotected sex or direct contact with condoms "contaminated" is 100%. What do you do?
QC: Erjon memoci

Boss asked where is the one next to T?
Typewriter: After qwerty.

Shortest Interview ever:
Job for server in a restaurant.
Attender came out of the panel room at 7:05, he saw only one waiting and asked "Are you john for 7:00 AM interview"
The person replied "I'm Bush for 8:00 AM interview"


He got placed.

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What was the speciality of 29th February 1900 ?

How many 4 digit numbers can be formed with digits 0,6,9,3,7,8 without any digit repeated?

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