I think that is all the brochures I have so if anyone else has any that are not here please send them to me a pdf files and I will then upload them.


Hi All,
I have started to upload the brochures I have. This will take a little time as I have to convert each one from pdf to jpg then upload the images.
Please bear with me

I have now moved MyCleopatra to here on facebook so if you have things to say or questions to ask this is where it needs to be put.
MyCleopatra has been around for a long time so please support it even if you don't have a Cleopatra as we will love to hear from you.

I have made an executive decision the MyCleopatra site will be moved to Facebook. Any ideas about all the photos there are what do you think the best thing is to do with them. Where to move them to?

Morning everyone any of you got a trip planned for your Cleopatra today as the weather (certainly down here in the South) is gorgeous?