'My Daughter Seo Young' BEAST Yoseob Makes Surprise Appearance
BEAST Yoseob made a surprise appearance on "My Daughter Seo Young."

On the Saturday episode of KBS drama "My Daughter Seo Young," Yang Yoseob appeared as another actor at Sung Jae (Lee Jung Shin)'s management company.


Yoseob comes to the practice room and was seen being friendly with Sung Jae's teacher Eun Soo (Sulhyun). Sung Jae discovers her this way and seems unhappy with her because she is cold to him and friendly towards Yoseob.

When Sung Jae tries to leave without acknowledging him, Yoseob says, "Hey you newbie. You won't greet an upperclassman?" and when Sung Jae bows unhappily, Yoseob seems flabbergasted.

Internet users said, "Yoseob is so cute!" "It was so awkward."

Yoseob recently appeared on GAG Concert's "Discoveries of Life" and showed a more comic side as well.


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'My Daughter Seo Young' Lee Jung Shin Takes Revenge Against Sulhyun
Lee Jung Shin and Sulhyun switched roles.

AOA Sulhyun posted on her official Twitter, "Taking a break during 'My Daughter Seo Young!' Though I am the teacher in the drama, we decided to change roles. Eun Soo is being scolded by Sung Jae! Please watch this week!" and posted 2 photos along with the comment.


In the photo, Sulhyun is pouting as if she is receiving a lecture from Lee Jung Shin. It appeared that she was being punished, which was funny. In the drama, Sulhyun is the one treating Lee Jung Shin this way and viewers were very entertained to see them this way, playing role reversal.

Lee Jung Shin is playing Sung Jae, who wants to become an actor. Sulhyun plays his teacher Eun Soo, who looks and acts just like Seo Young (Lee Bo Young).


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[news]Lee Bo Young confesses that she is saddened by the reaction of the public to the character she plays

ctress Lee Bo Young shared that she felt a bit sad and upset about the reactions of the public to the character she plays in her drama.

On this week’s broadcast of KBS2′s ‘Happy Together 3‘ the guests included the main characters of ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘: Lee Bo Young, Lee Sang Yoon, Park Hye Jin, and Park Jung Ah.


During the broadcast, Lee Bo Young was asked if she has told a lie, and she answered by saying, “I have been sad and upset while filming ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’.”

In the show, Lee Bo Young plays a character who leaves her father behind to get married. She commented, “There were a lot of viewers that would say, ‘what did her father do that was so wrong to make her leave him,’” revealing her frustration that the viewers could not see things from her character’s point of view.

She continued, “I think a lot about how I should portray my character and I think that if my parents were not there for me during the important developmental ages of puberty like my character, then I think I would be hurt. That’s how I began to understand my character more.”

In related news, ‘Happy Together 3′ had been holding the number one viewer rating in its time slot, but the return of Kang Ho Dong and guest Jung Woo Sung on MBC’s ‘Knee Drop Guru‘ has left ‘Happy Together 3′ to drop down to number 2.

source :allkpop

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B2ST’s Yoseob to make cameo appearance in ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’

B2ST‘s Yoseob will have a cameo in ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘.


According to KBS, Yoseob will appear on an upcoming episode as a popular star that is well loved by the public. He will also have a few scenes interacting with CNBLUE‘s Jungshin and AOA‘s Seolhyun.

Even though his scenes were short, he was able to film them in a smooth manner and pulled off his role perfectly.

Yoseob’s scene will air on the December 8th episode.

Tip: b2utysil
source :allkpop

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'My Daughter Seo Young' Lee Bo Young's Fashionista Look
KBS drama "
My Daughter Seo Young" Lee Bo Young's fashion is drawing a lot of attention.

Lee Bo Young plays lawyer Lee Seo Young and is showing great chemistry with her partner Lee Sang Yoon. In the drama, she is pulling off her character perfectly and also has been crowned a fashionista.


She chooses knitted sweaters that are very stylish as innerwear during the colder seasons. She recently wore a white shirt and a grey knitted sweater with a coat, which was professional and very feminine.

Internet users said, "Lee Bo Young can wear anything!" "This look suits her." "The simplicity is the best."…/my-daughter-seo-young-lee-bo-you…

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[NEWS]My Daughter Seo Young: Actress Lee Bo Young describes actor Park Hye Jin’s character―”verbal and careful”

Actress Actress Lee Bo Young recently revealed actor Park Hye Jin’s hidden charm.


On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together 3 that aired on November 29, lead actors of My Daughter, Seo Young, Lee Bo Young, Lee Sang Yoon, Park Hye Jin, and Park Jung Ah appeared as guests and provided vewers with some lively entertainment.

When asked what Park’s personality is like, Lee Bo Young described him “verbal and careful, belying to his manly looks.” The actress added: “He correctly guessed my shoe size when we first met.”

Emcee Yoo agreed about the actor’s personality in an approving way. “Once I did a show with Park. I noticed that he carries everything. He’s such a universial provider. He’s also very prudent in every detail, and likes to give out presents. He’s more like a Santa Clause to me,” he quipped.

Meanwhile, Lee Bo Young showed off her boyish charm.

Source: Starnews
I have watched the chinese sub it is quite funny .
i hop i can find the eng sub for most of u

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So sorry that i do not post anything about MDSY
since I have my first exam
many of you asked about the translated eng episodes , i am trying to find them. Here is my seaching from google :…/my-daughter-seo-young/

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'My Daughter Seo Young' Choi Yoon Young and Park Hae Jin Pose For Picture

Actress Choi Yoon Young is demonstrating the meaning of unrequited love.

In the above picture, Choi Yoon Young is seen in black sunglasses and a black hat, completing her "style."


KBS weekend drama "My Daughter Seo Young" is currently being lauded as a healing drama and seems to have a monopoly on the weekend viewer ratings. Choi Yoon Young and Park Hae Jin are seen as a couple in a behind the scenes photo revealed above.

Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin) had been dating Mi Kyung (Park Jung Ah) secretly while both were residents at the same hospital. Ho Jung (Park Hae JIn) had been forced to leave by her mother, who didn't like that she was falling for Sang Woo and three years after studying abroad, she came back as a volunteer at his hospital and was looking for another chance to confess her love.

Sang Woo and Mi Kyung had no idea that Ho Jung was planning this and the situation currently is that Sang Woo has no feelings for Ho Jung so viewers will get to laugh at the unfortunate one-sided love from Ho Jung.

In the picture, the two actors are posing for the camera with victory signs and big smiles. This shoot happened at a hospital in Kyungkido and the two actors were incredibly friendly with each other, helping each other with their wardrobe and making jokes in between takes.

According to a crew member the drama will continue to try to touch the viewers with every episode.

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lee jung shin update via LINE
드라마촬영과 아레나투어를 함께 하는중에 오늘처럼 밥을 이렇게 맛있게 먹은적은 처음입니다!!히히 너무 감사드립니다 보이스분들 덕분에 남은 촬영이랑 콘서트도 더 열심히할게요!! Have a good night

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Choi Yoon Jung Twitter Update:
[TV리포트=신나라 기자] 배우 최윤영이 멍 때리고 있는 셀카를 공개했다.

최윤영은 지난 10일 자신의 트위터에 "호정이가 되고 나서 멍 때리는 횟수가 더 많아진 것 같다"는 글과 함께 셀카 사진을 공개했다.


사진 속 최윤영은 분명하지 않은 초점으로 카메라를 응시하고 있다. 드라마에서 처럼 자신을 좋아해주지 않는 박해진을 원망이라도 하듯 드라마 속 호정에 빙의된 표정을 하고 있어 눈길을 끈다.

사진을 접한 누리꾼은 "찡찡이 호정" "요즘 호정이 때문에 마음이 아프다" "눈 진짜 크네요" "언젠간 사랑이 이루어집니다. 파이팅" "최윤영 동안이다" 등의 반응을 보였다.

한편, 최윤영은 KBS2 주말드라마 '내 딸 서영이'에서 순수하고 어리바리한 호정 역을 맡아 박해진을 향한 해바라기 사랑으로 드라마의 재미를 배가시키고 있다.

사진=최윤영 트위터

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'My Daughter Seo Young' Sees Arrival of Shim Hyung Tak
"My Daughter Seo Young" Shim Hyung Tak made his first appearance.

On KBS "My Daughter Seo Young" Shim Hyung Tak is set to play Doctor Choi Kyung Ho.


The drama, which is centered on Seo Young (Lee Bo Young), will begin continuing the story 3 years after her marriage. Many new characters are set to surface, the first of which will be Shim Hyung Tak.

Choi Kyung Ho is the son of Choi Min Suk and his ex-wife, who died, and is the long lost brother of Choi Ho Jung, who is all about her son Lee Sang Woo (Park Hae Jin). He is very attractive and tall, yet appears cynical and somewhat cold.

Kyung Ho had a difficult childhood because of his father's re-marriage and his stepmother did not easily open up to him. After moving to the States for college, he meets Ho Jung and feels the very sibling connection between the two of them and comes back to Korea after being scouted by Mi Kyung (Park Jung Ah)'s hospital.

The production said, "Many stories will spin off of Choi Kyung Ho's appearance. With his previous background and memories, there will be a lot of things that are secretive about him and we believe that Shim Hyung Tak will do a very good job with the character."
source: kpopstarz
Do you know the Korean Drama - The Chaser (sbs,2012) /Life is Beautiful (sbs,2010) ? I think he looks like Kim sang joong XD BY PANG:)

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PD of ‘My Daughter Seoyoung’ reveals his thoughts on Jungshin’s acting and singing ability
Yoo Hyun Ki PD of ‘My Daughter Seoyoung‘ recently discussed his honest thoughts on CNBLUE Jungshin‘s singing and acting ability.

The PD joked, “During one of the scenes, he sang Kim Min Ki’s ‘Autumn Letter’ to his mom, actress Kim Hye Ok. I thought to myself ‘Yup, he is definitely the bassist of CNBLUE’. His singing really was not as good as I it might be.”

However, he then went on to reveal that despite his lacking singing skills, Jungshin was able to touch the heart of Kim Hye Ok actress. “When Jungshin sang, Kim Hye Ok shed tears. I thought to myself ‘Even if an individual can’t sing, he can still touch the heart of a woman’. I realized that the thing that touch women and make them cry is not skill, but rather the situation and the emotions behind the individual singing. Men these days need to take note of that,” he said.

On Jungshin’s first attempt at acting, the PD honestly answered, “It is true that until this point, his acting is still quite awkward. But acting is not something that develops overnight. If that was the case, anyone would be able to do it. However, Jungshin shows everything that he’s prepared while on set. There are some who can’t even get through half of the load they’ve been given, so in that aspect, I am proud and regard Jungshin highly.”
credit : allkpop

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15 likes for episode 11 capture photos of My Daughter Seo Young

아프지만 진솔한 부녀 이야기로 인기몰이 중인 【내 딸 서영이】를 놓치면 안 되는 3가지 이유!

※ KBS저널 10월호 기사보기>>

[TRANSLATION]: Insurgent rampage kills women life story only hurt your 【 my daughter's spirit in 】 3 reasons to not miss a!


* KBS Journal October issue articles > >

Cr: KBS 한국방송

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CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin is attracting attention for his sunflower-like love acting.

In KBS’ My Daughter Seoyoung, Lee Jung Shin stars as the youngest son of the family, Kang Sung Jae. His portrayal of a high school student in love with his tutor, Lee Seo Young (Lee Bo Young) is winning praise and attention for his acting.


Some of his memorable scenes include him sitting out on the doorsteps waiting for Lee Bo Young and making a slip up on the runway of a fashion show. Fans also saw their hearts flutter when he would send a warm smile at the compliment of Lee Seo Young and dancing the blues to the mother Cha Ji Sun (Kim Hye Ok) and giving a kiss on her hand.

Lee Jung Shin shared on his role saying, “Kang Sung Jae is a character that is fairly similar to who I am which is making it fun to act. I normally have a lot of aegyo at home just like in the drama so I’m focusing on putting in that natural acting.”

Photo Credit: FNC Music

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"My Daughter Seo Young" Chun Ho Jin's Tearful Fatherly Love – Will He Be Able To Change Lee Bo Young's Heart?

Chun Ho Jin's fatherly love caused a lot of tears.

On the 29th, on KBS 2TV's "My Daughter Seo Young", Dad Sam Jae (played by Chun Ho Jin) is seen touting for a club for the sake of his children, Seo Young (played by Lee Bo Young) and Sang Woo (played by Park Hae Jin).


Sam Jae was always on pins and needles around his daughter because he was sitting on a pile of debt. In this episode, he got a job at a club. He was hesitant about the job because he had to tout customers on the street. However, he became determined to stick with the job after he discovered his daughter acting on television.

Seo Young got a part-time job acting in a skit on a television show that looks at the differences in points of view between genders. Sam Jae was unable to hide his grief-stricken heart as he watched his daughter get slapped and jump into a cold pool. He quickly went hit the streets and tolerated the embarrassing scenario to somehow pay off at least a little bit of the emotional debt to his daughter. Viewers teared up when they watched Sam Jae pass out fliers and tout customers.

During the broadcast, the viewers posted on the viewers' message board and SNS, "What a tearful fatherly love", "When will the father-daughter relationship be mended?", and "This seems like my story so my heart hurt while watching this."
After fixing the misunderstanding about the motorcycle stealing incident, Seo Young and Woo Jae (played by Lee Sang Yoon) became closer.

Read more at…/daughter-seo-young-chun-ho-jin…

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