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Irene Breaux
· October 9, 2017
When someone develops pain at the hands of ignorance, that is their cross to bare and theirs alone. As a wise woman once said, a closed mind is the enemy of wisdom. To love someone is a journey...Whet...her it be a mother and a daughter, an animal and it's owner, a sister and a brother, a lover and a comes in many different forms and each relationship has it's own beauty, it's own hardships and it's own validity. True and unconditional love should not be bound by prejudice. See More
Ariel Kramer
· February 15, 2018
The building of Have A Gay Day has a very welcoming environment, and the rainbow decor makes it feel like a safe space to be yourself and hang out. I am very excited for the changes moving forward and... giving the LGBT community a place to hang out, learn more about the community, and be themselves! See More
Hayley Bartlett
· January 21, 2018
Have a gay day uses trans people and our struggles with life as a generator for likes. My opinion was silenced because it didn't fall in line with the rest of the fake allies.
Austin Trombitas
· October 26, 2017
They don't care about your opinions and will ban you if you don't believe exactly as they do. This page isn't about anything but pushing their own agenda.
Harry George
· November 17, 2017
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Nathan Dowling
· November 5, 2017
Im gay. Im proud of it, I know its not normal, but please elaborate to me what is normal in this broken world. Have a very gay day everybody. Be the odd one out and be happy

Tucker Remillard
· February 3, 2018
Used to love this page for years, until it became another nazi-like page for multiple genders and insane liberal concepts. Almost like a parody, but without trying to be. They bully those who don't ag...ree with with them and while yes, some deserve it, others want to debate the idea of children being transgender and such yet they just delete comments and call you transphobic or whatever. Disappointing a page with a real message turned into promotion for insane concepts, harsh stereotyping, and bullying. See More
Zephyr Westerman
· September 11, 2017
Used to love Have a Gay Day. I even have a shirt of theirs from the Pulse donations. However I need to change my 5 star to a 1 star after unfollowing the page. Transphobia, racism and ableism run ramp...ant in the comments. The admins don't step up at all, and the "community" is horrifically toxic. See More
Damion Anderson
· September 2, 2017
Am not one of these people but it's nothing wrong with being gay, it don't bother me the way they are & if some other the people don't like it, ignore it, don't be a bully, just be nice to it i don't what some people say about your sexuality, as longest i am the only once nice person, just being yourself. See More
Sunny Singh
· March 13, 2018
People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive,disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, no...t lovers of the good, treacherous,rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

2 Timothy 3:2-5
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Ivan Divinagracia
· August 5, 2017
I'm actually all for the LGBT community and been supporting it all my life, but this page has become cancerous. What was once all about empowerment and defending the rights of the LGBT community, it's... now all about people getting hurt over the littlest things (pronouns out of all things) and making it such a big deal, not to mention the verbal abuse of these so called "victims" of society. You can clearly see how they bully and gang up on the people here who try to express their own peaceful opinion.

I've been in this page since 50,000 likes and I'm sad to say that it's time for me to leave since it has become this cancerous. What was once a page all about empowerment became a page whose only purpose is self-gratification. It's disappointing.
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Kasper Lee Wiliam
· July 27, 2017
Why are we judging people for who they are race color or even the lgbt or any other disability or disorders
Did god judge his people
Just remember he give his life up for us. An get along lets brak...e the cycle of discrimination
Just remember dont judge a book by its cover.

Plz pass this on
Lets see how far this goes thank you

Tyler galloway
Kingston ont
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Samuel Richard Cohen
· February 15, 2018
It’s friendly, open, and a safe space for me. I feel like I can truly be my crazy trans self here. It’s awesome!
Nate Decock
· March 6, 2018
They don't reply to messages when you want advice... And I feel like they're just trying to market stuff.
I don't feel like the admins are trying.
Mey Chan
· June 14, 2017
Thanks to this page, I started a journey to understand and accept myself as an asexual, after most of my life wondering where and how I was suposed to belong or be "tagged", after most of my life fee...ling broken and different from many people including my gay friends, Almost 4 years have passed since that picture that in few words... Rocked my world.

Nowadays, after strong winds of criticism I became an open activist for lgbt+ rights and above all to spread knowledge about the Asexual community in Mexico City, Our group since then has more than 1k members that have also started they journey of self discovery and acceptance.

I sincerely cannot express in words how much I thank for the wonderful people in this page, and their work spreading tolerance, acceptance and above all love.

Thank you so much for the support that you bring with pictures (even if it doesnt seem so) and the one you give on inbox.

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Ren Luna Sangen
· July 11, 2017
If I could give 0 stars, I would. Everyone who intends to educate themselves regarding the LGBTQ community, forget about this page. I PMed the page a question and they saw it, but never replied. I wai...ted a few days to try and perhaps get an answer to my question again, but the PM was seen and ignored again. I waited again, tried once more and I was still ignored. Long story short, this page isn't here to give you answers and educate. Stop blaming bigots for being so judgmental. If this page did its job, there would perhaps be less haters. Unlike. See More
Zackery Bass
· January 30, 2018
I have a gay day every day love this page and I just wish that they make wishes come true
Keke Nicole
· June 20, 2017
Greatly disappointed in this page and officially unfollowing. If you can't help people understand how racism is deeply rooted within this community then DO NOT put up posts that only create the divid...e deeper. Stick to what you know. You are only creating more racists and bigots because you have no clue what you're discussing and no clue how to steer the conversation. Please, at least add someone to your staff who has studied racism if you decide to throw up crappy memes that further the conversation. In the meantime, I'm out this bigot b****!! See More
Cici Lynn Fowler
· December 5, 2017
People here have helped both my partner and I, they're very sweet and some of the kindest people I've ever met. Thank you so much Have A Gay Day!
Praful Baweja
· February 22, 2018
Sassy and sensitive at once. Awesome combo that. Kudos

This should happen with a unicorn or a narwhal

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