Tamagotchi, the Japanese digital pet on a keychain, is coming back for its 20th anniversary. The company behind the retro gadget is banking on 1990s nostalgia to fuel sales — but it's also hoping to win over children of the iPhone generation.
Blade Runner 2049 debuted this weekend with $31.5million across the United States and Canada, early estimates show. The film stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.
CNBC reported on October 5 that Facebook would immediately start allowing a user to tap a button to be told whether the news is “fake” or not. by Mary Elise Dugan
Berkelium defies quantum mechanics, according to breakthrough new research.
Hotels in the United States and Europe focus less on the possible threat of attack than those in places that have been targeted in the past.
The world’s most powerful information gatekeepers neglected their duties in Las Vegas. Again.
Samsung introduced the rugged Galaxy S4 Active line up back in 2013, and since then, the handset was exclusive to AT&T in the United States. However, i
President Franklin Roosevelt's aviation chief had a New Deal plan to get everyday Americans up in the air. But he needed help.
GoFly dreams of a personal flying machine with range of 20 miles
It is not easy to be parents nowadays: they always have to compete with smartphones and tablet computers for their children's attention. Over the weekend I drove my two grandchildren around the city in an attempt to force them to take a break from the digital world, to which they seem to have been h...
9 essential things to know about Puerto Rico's humanitarian crisis.

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Author and entrepreneur Adam J. Kurtz shares productivity tips he learned while making his sixth annual "Unsolicited Advice" planner.
Google was already the default search engine in Safari

Meet the beer belly you actually want.

Meet the Beer Belly you actually want.