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This is not only sexual abuse, but institutional abuse as well. Please SIGN and SHARE with your friends. Thank you. Gx

The Mirror has revealed there has been child sex grooming going back 40 years in Telford. The true extent of this horror remains unknown at this time, but the Mirror’s investigations show that up to 1000 girls have been victims of this abuse.

Tonight I went to Saint Mary Redcliffe Church to hear a presentation from Andrew Wallis OBE of the Bristol Charity, #Unseen. When we made ‘My Name Is Sorrow’ back in 2012, it was estimated that 27 million people were caught up in human trafficking. Tonight we learned that in 2018, that number has risen to 42.5 million.

Let’s redouble our efforts for the abolition of slavery. Gx


Heart-rending testimony from Cate Blanchett.

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'He had the choice to carry his suitcases or his children.' —Cate Blanchett held back tears as she recounted her experience with a family of Syrian refugees

This is just what the world needs more of. Compassion. Gx

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UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

Brother Bernard works tirelessly to support urban refugees and asylum seekers in Bangkok.

He is one of our runners-up to the 2017 Nansen Refugee Award:

Here’s the Thomson Reuters Report on Ending Modern Slavery. The situation is complex, but I think together we can make a difference. Gx #ThomsonReuters…/reports/modern-slavery.html

There are currently 40.3 million human beings enslaved around the world. How can multinational corporations lead the fight to end modern slavery?

Here’s a Guardian Documentary called ‘On the Road’. It follows the road of bonded sex trafficking, from Nigeria to Italy.

It always surprises me, well by now I know it shouldn’t, but in Italy there’s this road and because the way is marked by the stations of young prostitutes, men seem to think they can treat the women, and young girls as they wish. That it’s some kind of free zone for abuse, with no possibility of conviction or punishment. Let’s change that ‘men’tality! Gx #FreedomCollaborative

On the Road - living and working on the Italian 'road of love'. Hundreds of women operate as sex workers along the Strada Bonifica, the ironically named ‘roa...

A report about The Sex Trafficking Trail from Nigeria to Europe.…/nigeria-benin-city-sex-traf…/index.html

Tens of thousands of Nigerian women have been trafficked into Europe for sexual exploitation. And many of those women come from one place: Benin City.

Justice at last.

Apology for saying child sex abuse victim 'consented' - BBC News…/…/AZzRULOQuSZqMk3hzt0zrCw

Here's a good article in Latina internet magazine, highlighting how girls are lured by predators into sex trafficking, with some helpful advice about prevention.…/our-i…/sex-trafficking-young-latinas

This article originally appeared in Latina magazine's February 2016 issue. Around the globe, sex traffickers lure a young woman or girl into prostitution every 30 seconds, and in the United States, the victims are disproportionately Latina. Here’s some expert advice on keeping our daughters safe.

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This is a rather worrying story of NGOs being involved in human trafficking.…/italy-releases-alleged-evidence…/

The Italian government has released evidence which they claim shows the German migrant rescue NGO Jugend Rettet cooperating with people smugglers.

Hertfordshire County Council make a pledge to fight #modernslavery.…/Modern-slavery-pledge-import…

A pioneering pledge to help end modern slavery and human trafficking and raise awareness locally of a 'hidden crime' has been endorsed by all 39 members of Hertsmere Borough Council.

Here is some good news about companies coming together to help with the rehabilitation of survivors. With thanks to Freedom Collaborative for sharing this. Gx…/freedom-business-all…

Freedom Business Alliance

Now here's something that may be a game changer for protecting women. Gx

“It’s a real and growing problem, our goal is to reduce the statistics,” Susana Capello tells Miami Herald.
Seeing Rachel Movie

Okay, I said I'd let you know how Ben got on at the Cannes International Film Festival, so here we go.

It's great to report that we have interest from a few co...mpanies who want to look at financing the film and who were impressed by our Distribution Prospectus. Of course, as yet I can't let you know which companies, but of course I was mightily thrilled to hear from Ben - just this afternoon - and receive the news. And I was greatly encouraged. Thanks for your continued support.

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