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Khai Ching Michael Ang
· September 18, 2017
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Michael Akc
· July 7, 2017
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Dear friends who are moving to new homes/new shops, or wish to change new household products, do let me know if you would like to look for furnitures and electrical items^~ We have mattress, water filtration (kitchen and external), air purifier, pressure cooker, bread maker, Air Fryer, vacuum cleaner, iron, induction cooker, microwave oven, blender, food steamer, noodles maker, food processor and many more that will not burn a hole in your pocket (I know how it feels!) and save money at the same time too!

请问谁正准备进新屋子/新店,还是换家庭用品? 我有床,水机(内,外),空气机,气压锅,吸尘机,熨斗,Air Fryer,电磁炉,微波炉,面包机 ,Blender机,Food Steamer,制面机,Food Processor,日常用品...... 要出售,全新!价钱超值!还有促销!赶快私信了解更多详情!!!手快有手慢无!!

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全新系列Philips 最新3合1吸尘机


Video Click :

European Center For Allergy Research Foundation



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Artistry Malaysia

Formulated for perfection.
Achieve beautifully flawless skin with the ARTISTRY EXACT FIT CUSHION FOUNDATION. #Artistrymy

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Amway Malaysia

The concentrated and versatile L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner is effective on all washable surfaces of your home. Suitable for floors, bathroom, kitchen, and more, it makes your cleaning process easier than ever!

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Amway Malaysia

How to remove lime scale in your toilet bowl? Use the AMWAY Home Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It powers away the toughest stains and unpleasant odours using the BIOQUEST FORMULA technology and ingredients derived from natural sources – all without harming your plumbing and septic systems.

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White shirts are nice aren't they? Until you forget to wash them. And funny stains appear in funny places. Well, do not fear, with the the awesome trio of SA8™ ...Prewash Spray Soil and Stain Remover, SA8™ Tri-Zyme Pre-Soak and Detergent Booster, and SA8™ Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent (washed at 95°C) the stain comes right out. See for yourself. #nofilter #reallifeexperiments

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Who want to be like him?

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我天天都有运动,可是就是甩不掉这个肥肉!自从green trime 到手😱😱😱
效果惊人!!而且不怕有副作用因为纽崔莱!83年的历史 安全!有效!哥最爱😘 #要订购可以pm #燃烧脂肪的好帮手 🤗

Join us to feel grand and astonished! The very first OMG ARTISTRY Grand Event, proudly presented to you by eCVI!

Event’s Description:
OMG ARTISTRY Grand Event is a remarkably glorious event featuring the power of Artistry, the world’s top 5 largest-selling prestige brands of skin care and cosmetics, leading the global with the most scientifically advanced beauty solutions. Artistry pushes the boundaries of beauty through its program of discovery, imagination, and invention.... Join us to feel “OMG ARTISTRY”!!

We have honourably invited the very popular Malaysian actor and TV host, Hero Tai as our special guest to witness the incredible moments of “OMG ARTISTRY”. The event will be even more spectacular having the local famous TV host, Rickman Chia and Wind Lee with us as the event host!

Let’s have fun on that night together with the top rated models' runway in collaboration with Northern Malaysia’s extraordinary fashion designer - Michael Ooi, makeup Talent Show by a professional makeup artist - SK Tan, “Elegance Zombie” makeup Competition and the sensational DJ - Coollen Ong! Party with us to unleash the true you in our Glowing Night!

Tickets: RM150
Attire: Cocktail Attire

For more information, please contact or WhatsApp:
Michael 017-4416931

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Sat 7:00 PM UTC+08The Light HotelPenang, Malaysia
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July 7, 2017
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OMG Artistry Grand Event

史无前例, 空前绝后!
你绝对不能错过的盛会! 9月2 号 !

全马的朋友们!OMG 全组工作人员出动跟你们见面啦!当天,我们还准备了几项游戏,会送出免费入门票!现场也可以和工作人员购票参与我们的盛会!现场购票的朋友们会有价值近百的神秘礼物哦!🎁🎁🎁记得来支持我们,到时见啦!以下是我们的行程:


7月5号 Alor Setar CVI Center
7月6号 Butterworth CVI Center
7月7号 Penang CVI Center
7月12/13号 KL CVI Center
7月14号 Sungai Petani CVI center
7月17号 Ipoh CVI Center

指定日期晚上八点钟,OMG 约定你,我们到时不见不散!!

点击以下网址 以获取更多详情…

更多详情 请联络0124042814 Ming

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“钙” 世英雄+“镁”丽女人:D




女性朋友们,你们知道吗?一次经期会带走1500-2000毫克的钙;生一个孩子会带走30000毫克钙;哺乳期钙的流失就更多了! 一碗骨头汤含钙量19毫克,要补充正常钙流失量,一天得喝30-40碗,相当于喝半个游泳池的水。😱😱😱

纽崔莱Cal Mag D,RM0.37/颗,每颗都可以补充到200mg的钙,83.33mg的镁,133.2IU的vitaminD;其中钙、镁为2:1比例,可以促进钙的吸收;VitaminD使骨骼更坚固💪💪💪


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Khai Ching Michael Ang added 39 new photos to the album: #NUTRILITE #GreenTrime.

Those who want to #LoseWeights,#SlimDown and #KeepFit,here is the #solution for you all! 想要 #瘦身 拥有 #苗条身材#结实肌肉 的朋友们,#你们有福了