Don't forget your Bonus, Explorers!

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Game Insight

🍀 Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀
Have a blast with your friends, and don’t forget to check out the events in our titles—they’re totally worth it! 💥

Airport City: Ai...rline Tycoon
➡️ *greenhat* (iOS, Android, Windows)
➡️ (Facebook)

Mirrors of Albion
➡️ (iOS, Facebook)
➡️ eaxilb (Android, Windows)

Mystery Manor Community

Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure

The Tribez

Paradise Island 2

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You've solved the mystery, Explorers.🔮 The future is much clearer now. The Great Battle awaits. Get your reward, and start preparing for the challenges to come!


Note that the bonus link is only active during the weekend.💥

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You can’t have too many friends, right? Then this post is your chance to find the best friends in #MysteryManor! Just write ADD ME in the comments and add the people, who have already written it! ❗Use a heart smiley in your comments, and you may be recommended as an active player in our find-a-friend post! ADD them:
Mystery Manor - Memories of 2016
Mystery Manor - Chess Land

Hey, did you miss me? 👀 What do you mean, “who’s there?" It's me, the Snatchin Dealer in the flesh, and I’m ready to bargain for wonderful goods! 😉
Come to my exchange booth not far from the Manor; it will be opened for the next three days… 📅
Hey, hey, one at a time, please! Be reasonable, people, there are enough goods for all of you. 💎
Get a good bargain while you can!

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📣 Explorers, you all know that Mystery Manor is full of rumors and gossip, but today’s information is from a valid source.
The leprechaun 🌈 is visiting the Manor, which means all bank purchases are tripled! 💎 💎 💎 💒
Don’t miss this chance to get rich quick.💰

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What is this strange stone circle that appeared in the yard of the Manor just before St. Patrick’s Day?🍀🎉 💒

To start your investigation, you need to reach level 16. The adventure begins with the quest “Joanna's Intuition”. Join forces with Mbongo and the Leprechauns to stop the twelve brothers of Crom Cruach from rebuilding his altar. It’s time to save Mystery Manor once again!
Complete the first event quests, and help the inhabitants stop an ancient cult from rising once again!🏫

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Are you new to the game and want to find some friends? 🏣
Then you’re in the right place! 💥 Write “Add me” in the comments and you’ll have plenty of new friends in no time!

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The sun is setting, Explorers, and the prophecy that will show us our future is almost upon us. Can you solve the puzzle and lift the veil that hides the coming time? 💒

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Dear Explorers, the sound of hammering has been echoing through the Manor all day and the Snatchin Workers look extremely busy.📢

This means that the maintenance is in progress! We expect it to be over in 10 hours. Thank you for your understanding!

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Dear Explorers, Mister X has planned a small renovation at the Manor, so why not use this time to enjoy a movie or even plan a picnic!🐾 💒

The game will not be available from 14 March, 6:00 am GMT+3. Estimated time of the maintenance is around 10 hours.

We really appreciate your patience and support. 💖

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Explorers, a dragon has arrived in Mystery Manor! 🎉 💒 Yes, a real live dragon! You have a unique opportunity to become a master of this creature. 🐲
📣 Some say this dragon is magical, 👀 and once tamed, will bring diamonds 💎 for a whole week! Let’s tame your dragon! 🐉

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Friends, we are very grateful for your help!🎁 ➡️

Your eagle eyes have saved the day once again! We hope you're having a good time during the holidays; to make them a little better we're giving away this pleasant bonus for you to enjoy!
Note that the bonus link is only active during the weekend.

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Friends, the smell is incredible! Have you ever seen something as beautiful as our Blossoming Courtyard? 🏩
But something is wrong with these two pictures... Maybe Snatchins were up to no good again? Help us spot all the differences and in return, you will get a nice reward.🎁

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Something is near, Explorers... 🏩
The winds of change are whirling outside Mystery Manor, bringing the feeling of excitement and premonition. What do you think is waiting for us? 🔮

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Even if it’s cold outside, the weather is great at Mr. X’s manor. 💒
How does he do it? Snow is everywhere, but the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing at Mystery Manor!🌸

You have to see it for yourself! From today until the end of spring, you have the chance to explore the Blossoming Courtyard of Mystery Manor. 🌺
All players who have reached level 20 will be able to take a stroll on the premises of the Manor. The new quests will appear on t...he map, starting with “Ravenous Critters”. The cutest residents of the Courtyard will finally show their adorable little faces—the Thrifty Squirrel and the Playful Hare.🐰

Time to put your winter coats and hats back in the closet, and dress in something nicer. After all, Spring is perfect for a new romantic adventure! 😻 Time to complete the collection “Secret Admirer” to get the Spring Calendar and start the season properly. Have a nice walk, Explorers!

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We hope you have a nice Friday, brave explorers! Finally, it's springtime. Although the cold has not yet retreated, we hope our little gift will make your evening a little warmer, and help you get ready for spring adventures.🎁

➡️ 🎉

Note that the bonus link is only active during the weekend.

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Explorers, the full moon has risen over Mystery Manor once again! 🏩
That means that the time to fight the dark forces and push back evil minions has come. 💪 Sharpen your wooden stakes, dust off your weapons, 🔫 and let the hunt begin! Quick, get to the Full Moon floor, banish monsters, complete special events, and get awesome rewards! 🎁

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