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Danielle Guardino
· November 19, 2017
I decided to adopt a cat in 2013, when I was moving into my first apartment and wanted a companion. Until this point, I had only ever owned dogs and rabbits. My friend had prvously adopted from thi...s rescue, so I thought I would too. I shuffled through so many pages, looking for the right cat. And I found her. She was great. However, I was not approved to adopt her, due to something abotu me not being a "good fit"...this happened 3 more times, once with a cat that needed a partner, and I only wanted one. Jayme was workign with me to find the "right cat" and she sent me a picture of a male cat named Ashley. I took one look at the picture and was like, "nope- that is definitely not my dream cat". The rescue insisted I at least meet him, so i agreed, so that I could then move on to seeking out other cats. Only, they were right. When I met Ashley (now Loki) the first thing he did was run to me, head butt me, gently bite me, rolled over, and started purring. All in a span of 4 seconds. Jayme and the volunteers were right- we WERE a perfect fit.
I love how although all rescues of course want to get their animals into forever homes, that Northeast Animal Rescue doesn't just allow any cat to be adopted to anyone. They truly do want to find the best match and they absolutely did that with me and Loki. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not grateful for reluctantly agreeing to meet Loki because he is 100% MY cat and meant to be with me. Without this rescues dedication to find the perfect fit, I would not have gotten my boy. So, thank you for all you do.
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Colleen Mackle
· January 25, 2018
I got my twins from here 8 years ago now. They were friendly and helpful, and they take such good care of their foster babies.
Julie Rafalowski
· August 6, 2017
In January of 2017, my husband I lost our cat unexpectedly. We immediately knew we wanted to adopt another cat. We heard about Northeast Animal Rescue and started our search. We went to went to one of... their locations and found our cat Neville (originally Niles). He picked us, and we fell in love immediately. He is so wonderful and so much fun. We love having him in out family. They have done an amazing job fostering these cats, and in a few months, we are planning on adopting another cat, and Northeast Animal Rescue will be our first and last stop! See More
Barbara Frable
· April 22, 2017
Several years ago I adopted two cats, a Persian and a himalayan from Northeast Animal Rescue. They were wonderful cats and very much family members.The last one died last year at 13. My much loved fu...rbabies whom I loved dearly and did the best for them that I could. A couple of years ago I adopted a Persian from another rescue, had vet papers in hand when I took him to the vet stating Leukemia and FIV negative. My vet called me after I got home and told me to isolate him immediately and consider euthanizing him as he was strongly positive for leukemia. Could not get in touch with the place I got him, so I emailed Jayme Rosenthal. She called me back right away and told me not to euthanize,that there are rescues that accept special needs animals. she started calling around looking for one and told me about a definitive bloodtest. Had that done, he had persistent leukemia and I was able to find a shelter to take him. He lived about a year and a half after that. Thanks to Jayme. Then last year I wanted another Persian. Just love their personalities and smooshed in faces.Jayme sent me 4 photos. I picked out two and she said she would arrange for me to see them. Told me that I didn't have to take 2. She was straight upfront and honest. Saw all their vet papers, and i have to add that their vet bill was far more than I gave for the cats. Also had the opportunity to meet their fosters and talk about their personalities, diets, etc. I came home with 2 cats that day. A 3yo Persian and a 2yo exotic. I love them to the moon and back. I am a retired nurse, spend a lot of time with my furbabies and know where I will go when I am ready to adopt again. See More
Lori J. Schiele
· June 29, 2017
I've known Jayme for nearly 20 years and was incredibly impressed how she put together Northeast Animal Rescue on her own and she has done a magnificent job at trapping, fostering, and adopting out ca...ts who would have no chance without her and her team. I've done TNR with her as well as fostering, and she has helped me place cats that I have trapped and fostered on my own. She's a Gods' send to those four-leggers who need the help the most. See More
Chelsea Jones
· May 31, 2017
I adopted a cat in March and I drove over an hour to pick him up. North East Animal Rescue was very accommodating with getting a time set up to make it easy for me to get my new kitty home. He is very... healthy and happy with his new brother. Thank you for a positive experience. See More
Pat Hankinson
· September 29, 2016
I think this place should re-evaluate the individuals they have interviewing applicants and how they decide if a cat can be adopted. They would rather have someone adopt multiple cats then just one ca...t. Some of the questions asked are absolutely ridiculous and the volunteers could be a little nicer rather then coming across as the supreme authority of how to take care of a cat. All cats are different and require different needs and have their own preferences. I will never adopt a cat from Northeast Animal Rescue. The poor cats sit in cages 24hours a day for weeks at a time is pitiful! See More
Jim Stroyek Missy Dimingo
· November 3, 2017
AWESOME Experience from start to finish!!! We are so happy!!! Our new cats foster mom is the BEST!!!! Thank You Cindi!!!! xoxo
Nancy Cozzi
· October 28, 2017
I've adopted 4 cats from here and NAR does amazing work!
Jennifer Casile McDaniel
· August 21, 2016
I have rescued two cats from NAR. I haven't had any problems with either cat, the adoption process is so easy. This organization have the most pleasant volunteers you would ever want to meet. I woul...d highly suggest rescuing a cat from NAR, than purchasing one at a pet store. Plus it gives you the greatest gift knowing you saved an animals life giving them a forever home ♥ XOXO See More
Elayna Cannata
· March 27, 2017
Thank you for helping every forgotten feline.... so many more would be suffering if not for groups like yours....
Mary Ann Gaffney
· September 28, 2016
This group would rather have cats sit caged in a store 24/7 than send them to loving homes. Why somebody who had 1 cat after another live full lives is denied adoption is beyond me. I have heard this ...story about rescue organizations time and again and I find it to be a disgrace! See More
Annamae Morgan
· October 10, 2016
We found our Molly here & she is a very good tabby & healthy People very nice also
Frankie May
Ready to jump into the weekend!
Cat jump #fail

Update on Royal:

Royal's surgery went well. She's at her foster home, resting. The mass pictured is thought to be related to hormones. They did, however, remove a small mass from one of her nipples. It will be sent out and biopsied.

Her spay and dental cleaning were routine. It was discovered that she has an unknown allergy -- reactions in her face, tail, hind end and paws. She is being treated for that as well.


And, turns out, she's a Silky terrier mix!

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Royal's surgery went well. She's at her foster home, resting. The mass pictured is thought to be related to hormones. They did, however, remove a small mass from one of her nipples. It will be sent out and biopsied. Her spay and dental cleaning were routine. It was discovered that she has an unknown...

Oaklyn is the solo girl in a litter of 5. Her brothers have been adopted and she's wondering where her forever family is. She's sweet and silly. DOB 3/2015 #adoptme #adoptacat

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