Two more cars were removed from the rubble near Florida International University Saturday, allowing officials to identify more victims and families to begin processing the loss of their loved ones.

Two more cars were removed from the rubble near Florida International University Saturday, allowing officials to identify more victims and families to begin processing the loss of their loved ones.

Police said...

The General Assembly's Judiciary Committee has scheduled a public hearing on Monday to hear testimony on a bill that would make it an infraction, typically punishable by a fine, for parking a vehicle that's not a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or battery electric vehicle at a charging station.

Connecticut lawmakers are considering whether to penalize people who illegally park at a public electric vehicle charging station.
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Emily Randall
· February 7, 2018
Seriously?? The snow has hardly started, and yet NBC has interrupted regular programming to show non-stop coverage of the light snow showers that in many areas have not even begun, and of course to ch...eck in with snow monster, which is easily the most annoying marketing tool on which anyone has ever spent exorbitant amounts of money. I have watched NBC news for 30 years, but the priority that NBC has made the weather as of late is ridiculous and has made me change to CBS on a regular basis recently. How many times do I have to turn on the 11:00 NBC news and hear, "There was an officer involved shooting in Glastonbury just minutes ago....but first, let's talk for 5 minutes about how windy it was today"? There is actual news in the world that is more important than what's happening outside the window, and it should rightly take precedence See More
Lamar Latrell
· January 17, 2018
this “marketing tool” snow monster has gotten so obnoxious that we turn the channel now to News Channel 3. My wife is an educator and finds it to be an issue (along with every teacher in her school),... that you grammatically speak of this jeep in the third person. We understand it’s marketed towards kids but you have a responsibility to not mis-educate children in your true goal for ratings.
Overall your true market is the adults and you’re just annoying us. I’m disappointed that you have resorted to gimmicks rather than professional journalism to gain market shares.
See More
Jackson O. Long
· January 12, 2018
Jackson O. Long wrote on NBC Connecticut's timeline.

Increasingly I wonder who is making the questionable personnel decisions at NBC-CT; hiring, promoting, demoting. Is it Susan Tully or perhaps a de...signate of Ms. Tully's? Cases in point: Tara Joyce, one of the brightest and most proficient young news desk anchors in the area now back on the street reporting from East Oshkosh and points beyond. J W Stewart, effective and articulate sports reporter with a sound resume, given a back seat
as new sports director John Henry Smith the 33rd is introduced.
Who is J H Smith ? Where did he come from ? Why is he a preferable choice to J-Dub ? Who made that call ? And lastly
another addition to the sports dept., one Gabby Lucivero who keeps telling us how glad she is to be back in CT. Who knew she ever left? How does her hiring elevate the sports program in any measure? Ms. Tully ? Your thoughts/explanation?
Jackson Long, Southington
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Jackie Boulier Tiul
· January 20, 2018
Not one mention of the many many people from Connecticut who went to the March for Life in Washington yesterday yet you have two stories about the March today. Do you even know how many people were th...ere and the huge percentage of young people who were there? We need fair and balanced reporting. Who cares that Bruce Willis is selling his house???? That is what you choose to report on yesterday instead of the March for Life????!!!! See More
Marla Jaffe Kim
· February 20, 2018
I am an NBC viewer from NJ. I was watching your segment last night while visiting our friends in West Hartford. I couldn’t be more disappointed by what I heard. I’m truly upset - I’ve never written a news organization before.

The coverage of Nick Cruz from the Parkland shooting was awful. Your reporters made a solid point - one of four if I remember correctly - about information that had it been known, could have been a warning sign that he would have been capable of what he did. The information I am referring to - that Nick Cruz has ADHD and Autism.

That struck such a nerve. I will first say that none of my family suffer from autism, so this does not touch a nerve due to that. I feel that what you highlight and the way you did so gives people ammunition (pardon the pun) to target individuals with those disabilities - opens those individuals up for stereotyping as a future mass murderer - makes them targets for bullying. Truly almost makes it ok to do so.

I am so disappointed in your reporting on this. Go back and watch the footage. I think you will be too.
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Don Hutchinson
· March 7, 2018
Hype again, your on the air all day. In the end you will say you are accurate and that will be because you change your forecast to match what's going on out the window. Any one of us can do that!!
If didn't hype so much than maybe you wouldn't need to fill a whole afternoon with your nonsense! See More
JR Roy
· January 17, 2018
Snow Monster is literally the most pointless thing in the world. Wow! You mean it’s snowing out and 36 degrees but the ground is 37 degrees. Amazing! Seriously, no one cares. It’s become an actual jok...e in the community. It’s such a bad marketing ploy. I have stopped watching your news as have many others I know. Get rid of it if you want the audience. See More
Sara Bates
· January 17, 2018
This is New England! Why do you think 4-6 inches of snow requires you and your Snow Monster to be reporting non stop? Get off the air and return to regular programming. This channel always makes mount...ains out of mole hills. 4 meteorologists for less than a foot of snow. This channel is ridiculous! See More
Karen Feeney Prado
· March 13, 2018
Why on earth do you need to talk about the snowfall or lack of it, ALL day long! Thought I could enjoy watching Ellen at 3pm on a snow day but instead it's all your reporters standing in snow around... the state....ugh. Not a newsbreaking event, drive snow monster off the road. See More
Michael Taylor
· January 17, 2018
Enough with the snow coverage I don't need to know for for five hours straight that it's snowing out I'm glad I can go to the other NBC channel and actually watch normal TV. Instead of the regurgitate...d news cast of the person sitting in a parking lot explaining how it's slushy. Its getting to be really annoying. See More
Jen Banks
· March 11, 2018
I love you guys! This is the only news channel I ever watch. People will always have negative things to say but screw them you are not god. You just predict what you see on the maps coming our way. It...'s your job to keep us informed and thats what you do! Thanks for doing a great job!! :) See More
Laurie Duplease
· March 7, 2018
So sick of nbc CT interupting programs all morning and afternoon . As the special alert program is on saying that rds are just wet..we live in freakin New England i dont think we need special reports ...all the time for a snow storm that hasnt even happened yet. If something bad happens then report it. Not watching ct station anymore . nbc new york it is. See More
John Bowen
· January 17, 2018
Snow monster is the MOST annoying thing I’ve ever seen. Just because you invested thousands into weather technology doesn’t mean we are interested in it. You people have dropped the ball too many time...s with your weather nonsense. I thought with the change to newer weather personnel you would change and become more user friendly. So far........ NOT!!!!!! See More
Shells Davis
· March 7, 2018
If your going to brand a Jeep and call it Snow Monster at least put some monster tires on that thing! Stock is lame! Please tell us when the snow is significant not when there is a dusting on the road..., we are New Englander's for God's sake! See More
Natasha Rose Lombardi Msw
· March 13, 2018
I am real tired of the non-stop weather reports whenever it snows, this is new england, we know what winter weather is like.! Please, please, please STOP! I just want to watch the Today show, it’s sno...wing, hardly worth interrupting regular programming. If something newsworthy happens, by all means, report it. Otherwise, KNOCK IT OFF!!!! And contrary to what your receptionist says, no regular programing is NOT on cozi, the only show they show there is Days of Our lives, no today show, no harry, no ellen, so please tell them to pass on the accurate information!
When I called back to see why programming was not on Cozi, I was told, "oh, not our problem, call your cable company." Wow, great caring for your viewers!
See More
Lynn Albert Labickas
· January 17, 2018
Are you seriously preempting the Today show for 2-3” of snow???? Omg we live in CT not FL give me a break. There are stories I wanted to see but now all I get is to watch you guys talk for 2 hours a...bout snow. Just great. See More
Steve Loban
· January 18, 2018
Local NBC affiliate is more objective, factual and useful in its reporting, unlike its 30 Rock parent firm. I watch NBC CT until 7 am when the national Today show comes on, then I switch off. I can't ...stand the non stop Trump bashing and "me too" contrived soap drama they've created. Fortunately, the local crew in CT doesn't get sucked in by that. See More
Clem LaRussa
· 10 hours ago
How many times can you tell your viewer's on your sat morning news your goin to give them the 10 day weather forecast when you come back,3 times in the past hour already,you guys need to up your gam...e , because right now your behind WTNH,you guys stink. See More
Suki Longfellow
· February 7, 2018
We get 1 inch of snow and you preempt programming for hours and hours! REALLY??? We live in Connecticut, snow happens. Just give me the weather report and get off. And don't get me started on "Snowmon...ster". I have started to hope that it ends up in a ditch, a very deep ditch! Enough already. See More
Chris Siano
· February 16, 2018
Talking about a jeep being a "he" is one thing.. pretending to have a conversation with it.. well, I think you have to ask yourselves, are gimmicks the only way you can get viewers? We are switching Joe Fury on WTNH they take news and weather seriously. See More