GeoMajors celebrate the end of the school year with...Dino fight clubs?!?

Don’t forget to stop by the Earth Day events at the Red River Zoo this weekend! Among the many great exhibits, NDSU Department of Geosciences will have a table filled with amazing fossils for you and your family to enjoy!

Sun 10:00 AM CDTThe Red River ZooFargo, ND
Party · 1,011 people

We’ve got some big projects in the works! Did you catch the article in the weekend’s Forum about our own Jessie Rock and her plans for a mobile natural history museum? Check it out!…/4428752-bringing-fossils-kids-ndsu…

FARGO — Jessie Rock, a paleontologist and geology lecturer at North Dakota State University, loves rocks.She says there's a massive need for a natural science museum in the Fargo-Moorhead area and is leading an effort to start one. But for now, she's working with what she has, transporting a small...