RALETC does first official test on the Escort Max 360 Ci new Laser Shifters. Lots of claims have been made about them jamming every gun used in the US. This test proves otherwise.

The real truth behind the effectiveness of the Escort Max Ci / Escort Max 360 Ci shifters against late model DragonEye Compact guns.
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Rhodes Sulcer
· February 3, 2018
I called in my order with Tom, and my Uniden R3 was shipped out the same day. I received great customer service. I have had my Uniden R3 for about 8 weeks now, and it is an excellent radar detector.... I had been a loyal Valentine One user for 20+ years, and after my most recent V1 was stolen, I decided to go with the R3, and I am not disappointed. The Uniden R3 has excellent warning range and has great false alarm filtering. I highly recommend ordering from Best Radar Detectors and the Uniden R3. See More
Kristen West
· January 25, 2018
There was a glitch in the ordering process which delayed my shipment. I called Tom and he got things fixed and my detector is on the way. Thanks again for your help. �
Carmine Pampalone
· May 7, 2017
Always a great bunch of people to work with. Pricing is very reasonable
Larry Goldman
· July 7, 2017
Great site...knowledgeable people and great prices. Looking forward to my new Uniden R3!
Edward Chan
· May 9, 2017
Get knowledgeable people and get customer service. They know what they are talking about and do right by the customer.
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