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Music video for 'Machines' by The Soft Moon off the album Zeros (Captured Tracks 2012)
From the TRS-80 album "Horizons". Vinyl LP: Music and video by Jay Rajeck. ©℗Vinyl International Follow TRS-80 online: http://trs...

Clark is onto something good
Video by Christopher Hewitt

'Winter Linn' is a new video from Clark's eponymous seventh album, directed by Christopher Hewitt 'CLARK' is available now fr...

By Johnny Woods for The Great Void

Morgan Beringer does it again

Excerpts from a video created for a mixed media installation by Daniela Huerta & Leandro Quintero. Source Photography by Daniela Huerta and music by Ryan Crosson.…


Animation by Balázs Simon for Nils Frahm

Sabrina Ratté's visuals for Plaid's new sounds

'Wallet' appears on the album 'Reachy Prints' released this week, more information at 'Reachy Prints' is available now from, iTunes - http://s...

Monumental piece of art from Tobias Stretch.

“Unity is about the pursuit of oneness and absolute being. The biggest challenge was how to illustrate those intense abstract ideas through animation. A dream-like world unfolds where surreal beings drift towards a point of convergence, a street character is aided by otherworldly characters (perhaps real or not) towards a point of absolute oneness. Unity is about the transcendence of being to another level.” - Tobias Stretch

Outer Space (1999) by Peter Tscherkassky

"Suggesting a convulsive hall of mirrors, Peter Tscherkassky's widescreen tour de force Outer Space reinvents a 1981 Barbara Hershey horror vehicle, leaving the original's crystalline surface intact only to violently shatter its narrative illusion. After Hershey enters a house at nighttime, sounds of crickets, static, and distorted music give way to explosions, screams, and garbled voices. In an eruption of panicked subjectivity, the actress's face multiplies across the screen as the frame is invaded by sprocket holes, an optical soundtrack, and flashes of solarized imagery" - Kristin M. Jones, Closing the American Century

Oscilloscope madness

A new video for Clark's 'Superscope' directed and produced by Vincent Oliver for Adoxo. 'Superscope' is the title track from a new 12" out 10th March. Learn ...

Paul Vester's 1995 film "Abductees" is a mixed-media piece. It contains live-action interviews with people who claim to have been abducted by aliens; when the abductees provide drawings of their experiences, the film uses animation - in an array of different styles - to bring their illustrations to life.

microscopic timelapse camera & edit : Vyacheslav Ivanov music : Aphex Twin - Avril 14th

Kenny Curwood's fantastic optical printer experiments

Josh Lewis

"DOUBT is an ongoing series of investigations that attempt to penetrate film's enigmatic materiality in tandem with the vagaries of my own emotional and psychological states. Each installment consists of a single 100' roll of 16mm black and white film stock exposed with simple vertical lines that follow the natural trajectory of the film strip. Working under red light, the emulsion is then treated by hand with various photo-reactive chemicals, giving the strip it its colors, textures, and sense of movement. Although an idea of progress from roll to roll is not necessarily an objective, I do have a sense that working and struggling with the material in this way symbiotically furthers my understanding of what film is made of, and what I am made of."