Response provided by Thich Nhat Hanh to a written question on June 20, 2004 at Plum Village during the 21-Day Retreat with the theme of The Feet of the Buddha. The teaching offered is called Beginning

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You Don’t Need Him Anymore, It’s Time To Cut The Cord by Sara Di Tullio You need to cut the cord because there was a time when he wasn’t your lifeline. Believe it or not, but you actually had a life before him. You lived for yourself. You were the cause of your own happiness. You put a smile o...

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by Becca Martin I heard about you this weekend, I heard about your life with him and I honestly have to say I’m not totally shocked but a little bit surprised. When I dated him I thought what we had was love and it took me over a year or so to realize it wasn’t love. It was never love. I’m surprised...
The most common targets for social abuse are highly sensitive and emotionally intelligent people who are by nature prone to behaving like actual human beings.
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Dr. Karyl McBride

“When a divorcing couple is made up of one narcissist and one reasonably normal person, the narcissistic spouse can single-handedly create all kinds of conflict...”; (Quote from p. 4, Will I Ever Be Free of You? How to Navigate a High-Conflict Divorce from a Narcissist and Heal Your Family).

Has anyone had issues with the courts, legal professionals, and other divorce professionals not understanding the dynamics of narcissism?

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The holidays always seem to be when our site gets the most new "likes". Remember to stay safe everyone- your safety comes first and remember to check in on someone if you know they are in a bad situation this holiday season. They will appreciate the kind gesture.

Having one of those epiphany kind of moments... Over the last three months, I have had three friends who worked for bully bosses. One got a promotion at a different office and transferred out. Another one, got a different job at another company making more money and better benefits. And finally my third friend got a better job with a 25% increase in pay.

We may not always see it, but sometimes in the grand scheme of things- these bullies did us a favor. Because when we leave them, we are wiser and learn from these painful experiences... whereas the bully will always remain a bully and never learn and grow from their life experiences. They push us to our limits and then we start thinking about an exit strategy. These experiences are painful, emotional and traumatic- but we grow from these experiences.

A reader needs advice. When she started a new job less than a year ago, she had to reveal her DV history because she was going to be featured in a newscast with labels identifying her as an employee. She gave minimal details to the employer, but did say that her N-ex is stalking her. Everything went fine, even after company policy changed and she had to report her situation again -- they had a photo of him on file, with name, etc. so she felt pretty secure. Fast forward: ...a new team member started. New "team" member doesn't like working with someone in our reader's situation, so she reported her to HR, saying she created a hostile work environment by talking about her personal situation at work. Our dear reader was written up and put on notice. Talk about being victimized again! She's a hard worker who just had a great performance appraisal till this happened. What advice do you have to offer our friend?

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