“This is a unique opportunity to design a new city from scratch”

Could OSLO be home to the MOST SUSTAINABLE city in the entire world?! This plans to be the first ENERGY POSITIVE airport city!

#SmartCity #EnergyPositive #OsloAirportCity

The city will be walkable and car free, and use only the renewable energy it creates.

FUTURISTIC FLYING CARS?! Unfortunately, not just yet!

But, REVOLUTIONARY changes to Scandinavian travel? CHECK OUT this article on upgrades to public transport in Scandinavia! #SmartCities #Innovate #ScandinavianTravel

Written by Johanna Tunlid Co-Authors, editing and illustrations: Erik Jonsson, Aleksandar Andreevski, Johan Liljeros & Markus Ånskog The problem being a mix of holistic travel experiences and a…
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