GUESS WHAT: I (Saf) started a podcast network, so I've given this page a bit of a makeover to match! It's a network born from a desire to build a platform for diverse creators to hone their potential, and to create awesome, eclectic shows that they're passionate about.

Right now, the lineup is four shows: The Lasso, a sweet Wonder Woman discussion podcast; Queerly There, a short solo show that is both a love letter to queer media, and a queer rant about what's missing; Whoa, Nessie!, a podcast exploring the wild world of mythology, folklore and cryptids; and The Intergalactic Express, a show about three writers analysing the creative process behind the arbitrary things they love (or hate).

Find more info through the link, and subscribe to the shows (or the main network feed) on your fave podcast app! 💞

New episode from Sapphic Skywalkers: Not Safe For Kids! Questioning why violence is appropriate in children's shows like Star Wars Rebels, but queer relationships and content. Joined by special guest Amy Wishman!

Today, Lynn and Natalie talk the new Last Jedit Trailer! Then we move on to talk about totally Jedi badass, Luminara Unduli. We are then join by Amy Wishman to discuss why violence seems to be appr…

Exciting news! A new podcast has joined the network: SAPPHIC SKYWALKERS, a podcast about fandom, femininity, and queerness in Star Wars. We're super excited to have them join the NSFW fam You can find them on Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes, and the main Not Saf For Work network feed on most podcast apps.

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Who's that Pokemon??? It's WHOA, NESSIE! with a brand new episode all about the Pokemon starters!

Who’s that Pokémon? It’s Whoa, Nessie! Amy and Jade dive back into nostalgia with their monster of the week: the Pokémon starters! Learn all about Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and P…

New Intergalactic Express episode! We discuss grief, loss, and healing through games like That Dragon, Cancer and What Remains of Edith Finch 😭

In a continuation of their lighthearted topics, your intergalactic crew look at death, grief, and loss in games, specifically Ryan and Amy Green’s That Dragon, Cancer and Giant Sparrrow&#8217…

In the new Whoa, Nessie!, Jade and Amelia learn tips & tricks for the identification and prevention of changelings. What Fairies Expect When You're Expecting!

did i forget i have a facebook page? maybe! but here's a new short story up on the blog!

This story was a short fiction commission. More info can be found here. Christina breathes in the spiced scent of growing herbs as she stares out into the star-streaked space beyond the glass. Her …

One day I'll get my normal fringe back. Until then, here are some panels I was on, as well as my talk from Play By Play!

Saf Wander

i wrote up a bit about the events i went to in april, as well as put all the recordings of my talk/panels in one place! if you want to see me talk about games, podcasting, narrative design, queer stuff, robots, or whatever, check it out!

Hey all! I’ve been a little (a lot) absent from my site (and other places) for the past month and a half for a couple specific reasons: travel, health, and organizing podcast things. I went t…

Been a bit quiet in the lead-up to my April adventures to Canada & America, but I wrote a new Teacups post about my new fave game, Night In The Woods!

Imagine being an early-twenties college drop-out. Imagine moving back to your small, dying home town, a place that hasn’t really changed, but has also changed enough to be strange. Imagine st…

New gallery up, with the awesome JVCA and her Velma! I love shooting with Jess

Not Saf for Work has just put up her Velma photos from the shoot we did! Check it out!

Chapter eight: Allegra struggles with tensions rising between her and her girlfriend, and is forced to confront her fears to discover the truth about Lissa.

“I don’t trust those clouds,” Paiden says, gazing out at the heavy, grey masses hanging over the ocean. “Looks like a storm.” The sun warms us where we sit on her balcony with glasses of cider, but…

Tourist chapter seven is out! In which Allegra makes a new friend, and finally hears Lissa's voice.

Lissa’s phone burns a hole in my pocket while I wander along the beachfront promenade—or at least, that’s how it feels. The little device has been powered off since it died a couple days back, and …

Instead of writing an end of year post, I did one of those "year in photos" things! Lots of rad stuff happened last year

2016 was a massive year of travel, writing, getting into game development professionally, and taking my health seriously. There were a lot of ups and downs, almost more than any other year of my yo…

Got some real cute photos with JVCA a long while back! She's a perfect Velma tbh

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Jayveeka is feeling loved.

How cute is this cosplay couple photo by Not Saf for Work?

Featuring my lovely fiance Steve as my Shaggy, and me as Velma.

New blog post up about the lack of women in Rogue One! It's a big ol' rant.

Warning for Rogue One spoilers. For how much we commended Lucasfilm on its great strides towards gender diversity since The Force Awakens, I think a lot of us forgot to look more closely at Rogue O…

Hey all! I've opened up short story commission slots for the foreseeable future. If you've got a story rattling around in your head and you'd like to see it on paper (or a screen!), I'm your gal

Do you like words? Do you like words written for you? If so, you’re in luck, because I’m opening up short fiction commissions for the first time! It’s like art, but with words. Wh…

Chapter six of Tourist is up! The suspects are all revealed... or are they?

We can never remember the first, bright burst of life we experience; I think in that way, we begin just like anyone else. Our first awakening is a flood of information, and then, once we’ve had tim…

New Tourist chapter is out, and I wrote a little bit about how writing has helped with my mental health this year.

Saf Wander

Join me for a brief chat about writing and mental health:

I don't know if I ever mentioned it here (probably??) but I'm currently working on another sci-fi on my blog. It's a story about an AI in a human body solving the potential murder of her new body's original host, with the help of the new body's original best friend.

It's also an exploration into depression and asexuality, and the feeling of not belonging in your own body, as well as an exploration of the fraught relationships that form when you move into young adulthood. Nothing in the story is based off of real events, but a lot is definitely based off of real /feelings/.

This has been a long year, of both good and bad things, and Tourist has helped me process a lot of things (including suicide) in a way that feels—poetic? Cathartic? I'm not sure, but it's helped.

I've also noticed how much better my mental health has gotten through the year, because of the difficulty I have writing a depressed character now, compared to how easy I found it when I began.

Frustrating in part, because it's hard to remember how it feels to be in the throes of a depressive episode when you've clawed your way out—but also so reassuring. I'm getting better, even if it sometimes feels like I'm not.

Writing this year has been a really big part of what's helped me through some really traumatic stuff. It's been a way to explore my own experiences, and look around for new and different experiences, in ways that don't trap me /within/ those experiences and memories.

Whether or not a bunch of people read my stories from this year isn't a big thing to me—though I'm always filled with joy when someone says they like my writing. I'm largely writing for myself; for practice, for experimentation, and simply because I love it.

(But I'm still gonna link to my latest chapter, ha!)

Huge thank you to everyone (especially Danny) who's read or edited my stuff, or let me throw ideas at them. And thank you to everyone who's been here for me even when life's been at its roughest.

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Content warning: mentions of suicide, domestic abuse, sexual abuse. The steaming mug of tea is hot in my hands, near scalding. I cradle it close to my chest, inhaling the sweet steam with every bre…