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Down to Earth Markets (Morningside Park, NYC)

Here's a picture of 100% pure potential deliciousness: sausage, bacon and grass fed beef from Water Wheel Farm. Available at the #Morningside Park Farmers Marke...t every Saturday this winter. (W 110th Street at Manhattan Ave., Saturdays from 9am to 3pm)
📷: Water Wheel Farm
Everything is better with #bacon #eatlocal

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Stop by the Down to Earth Markets market, buy a reusable bag and support our mission!…/eMarketing/Pages/WebEmail_New.aspx…

The farmers market is full of warm-hearted people. The kind of folks who make food from scratch (if they're not actually growing or raising it!), who pick ingredients with care, make every batch by hand and bring their creations to the market each week to offer them directly to shoppers, cooks and e...
Water feature in action at the 123 playground that opened today!
Rita Dottor on stage on a beautiful day in Morningside park
#Verysuperstitious #Summersolstice @kwamebinea
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Carmen Rae Meyers
· August 10, 2016
Do you know what's happening with the Morningside Park Pond? The levels are desperately low, there are large pieces of garbage and foreign objects protruding, dead turtles bobbing, and the water is t...hick and dark green. This is not only an eyesore but quickly turning into a health hazard. What's being done to protect the wildlife and visitors and what can we do to help? See More
Lillian Santos
· November 13, 2015
It would be a perfect park if they eliminate the BBQ ing. The mess and garbage left behind is absolutely disgusting and destructive to our beautiful park.
Oneforall BootCamp
· May 14, 2014
I love Morningside Park. It's beautifull, well kept and not overly crowded. I lovr the waterfall and the widlife. And it's close by. I host my boot camp there and my they love it too.
George Alan
· May 17, 2016
Well deserved lagoon water needs cleaning... The waterfall is amazing but it need to be turn on.
Lena Bertsou
· August 25, 2013
Απλα υπεροχο
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Down to Earth Markets (Morningside Park, NYC)

Due to this week's extremely cold and wintry weather, Saturday's Morningside Park Farmers Market is cancelled. The sustained below-freezing temps are a challenge to our team's comfort and safety and the quality of our vendors' products. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Market closed tomorrow.

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Down to Earth Markets (Morningside Park, NYC)

UPDATE: Due to cold temperatures and the risk of icy roads,
we have decided to cancel this weekend's Morningside Park Farmers Market. We wish you a warm and happy New Years' celebration!

Saturday at the Morningside Park Farmers Market, Kimchi Kooks will visit with Korean street food and Brooklyn-made kimchis made with locally grown, seasonal veg...etables. Come get a hot snack and stock up on delicious kimchi, a "superfood" that will help keep the winter bugs at bay. Demi Olive Oil will have unfiltered Greek oil direct from the grower - a great stocking stuffer idea for the foodies in your life. And Nahmias et Fils Distillery will visit with NY rye whiskey, Moroccan style Mahia and apple brandy. Did you know we now run year-round? Please help us spread the word!

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We're thinking of a vegetable that's long, slim, green at one end and white at the other. It has scraggly roots and a certain pungency. Scallion - spring onion - green garlic - ramp? All good guesses, but nope. This week's focus in on leeks. They have a greener, more refined flavor than onions and g...

Looking forward to picking up Thanksgiving supplies at the market on Saturday

This stuffing #recipe has so many of the farmers' market flavors we love, all in one Thanksgiving side dish. Make it #vegan, #vegetarian or go ahead and use some quality turkey stock. It will be delicious!

Down to Earth Markets believes that seasonal, local food is a vital part of our heritage that ensures the health of our communities and environment.

Saturday at the Morningside Park Farmers Market, fall fruits and vegetables are in full swing and Bread Alone Bakery will have pumpkin and pecan pies as well as... pumpkin muffins. Their pumpkin pie is made with a blend of roasted butternut, hubbard & fairytale pumpkin grown by Mead Orchards. Love their pies? Plan ahead for Thanksgiving and pre-order your holiday desserts from Bread Alone Bakery while you are at the market. More market news via the link.

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As our farmers begin to harvest cool weather crops, from now into November/December, Brassica vegetables take center stage. This includes the old standbys cabbage and kale but also their cousins: broccoli, cauliflower and eye-catching Romanesco. The versatility of these vegetables is endearing to ma...

Saturday at the Morningside Park Farmers Market, stop by the Manager's tent to sample apples from our farmers and then shop for your favorites. We'll have Music... at the Market by Brian Vegh and Citi Bike will be at our Community Table. If you want to try another option from last week's feature on apple drinks, be sure to see the folks at Nahmias et Fils Distillery (Mahia) to sample and learn about their NY sourced and made apple brandy. Arlotta Food Studio will have #organic California olive oils, Italian balsamic and locally made pastas and Samosa Shack will have ready-to-eat Indian street food for a picnic in the park or lunch on the run.

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Believe it or not, tender summer squash, like zucchini, are in the same family as the sturdy winter squash and gourds arriving in the farmers' market now. Though not really interchangeable, the major difference is that summer squash is picked "immature" when the skin is thin and winter squash is all...

Sounds yummy. Can't wait!

The Morningside Park Farmers Market is Saturday! The chutneys from Bombay Emerald Chutney Company make an unexpected and delicious pairing to anything coming of...f the grill but if you're just not up to cooking in this heat, ask them about their frozen ready-to-eat curries, samosas and more. Arlotta Food Studio returns to the market with #organic California olive oils and locally made pasta and Neversink Spirits will have NY sourced & made brandy, whiskey and gin. More market news via the link.

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This photo would not have been possible exactly one year ago today. Last year's weather was not kind to the peach crop, a sensitive southern belle that needs the right kind of weather in the right order to bloom and fruit. Our temperamental northern weather left us with no local peaches to speak of…

Update: The free outdoor exercise classes sponsored by the Park Dept. and led by Nancy Bruning's Nancercize will now start at 7am on Wednesdays rather than 6am. The group meets in front of the field house in the park at 123rd Street. Classes continue weekly until Oct. 25 and make use of the fitness banners and map that we sponsored.

Garlic scape coconut chutney. Now that s something we've got to try.…/eMarketing/Pages/WebEmail_New.aspx…

. This week look for "phase 2" garlic at the farmers' market, better known as garlic scapes. It may look like a wild thing, a skinny strand wavering and looping up toward a narrow, pointed head. But this is a shoot sent up from the garlic bulbs plumping up in the farmers' fields. Farmers trim them o...