Ahh there is always beauty in truth if you seek it!

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I, like most of us, drive in rush hour traffic and I found it very difficult to be grateful for the stop and go, the amount of “wasted” time, the congestion. I realized one day that I was giving all of my power away to the traffic and to the person that cut me off, to the person riding my bumper, to this mess that I loathe.

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Ahhh, gratitude! What a wonderful time of year to really take in all that we are grateful for and where we place our gratitude and attention. I, like most of us, drive in rush hour traffic and I …
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Amaiya Zafar
· September 15, 2015
I had back pain that affected my life day and night. I treated it with western medicine for 8 months and couldn't do basic chores. I started acupuncture in April. Nada changed my life! Alhumdulilah! I... am doing much better! I also HIGHLY recommend cupping in addition to acupuncture! Awesome!!! See More
Tamara Moeller
May 6, 2013
I arrived into a peaceful setting, relaxing music and gentle hands that instinctively knew right where to go and without any pain I caught myself dreaming out loud. It was amazing!!!
My day ended up b...eing great and most importantly, pain free. Oh, I'll be back regularly and thank you. Tami M See More