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  • CEO2001 to presentPortland, Maine
    "I love having Grace to talk to about my personal tantra practice and evolving my work with clients." V. Green, NYC

    "Grace gives great suggestions for me to be able to integrate tantric teachings and principles into the work I have already developed as well as mentoring me in creating daily practices that support my growth.
    Her wisdom has been invaluable to me as I have deepened and grown my practice and implementation of sound vibration and energetic healing systems, workshops, and individual programs.
    I continue to find great insight, clarity and success when working with Grace in manifesting my ideas." ~Eden, UT

    "WOW what I week I' ve had. Its been one of the most spiritually integrated experiences of my life. I think our conversation opened up my dialogue with the Universe on a whole new level. Just you holding space for me to express what I was feeling, allowed me to hear answers throughout the day." V.G., Manhattan
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  • Pure Energy Integration
    Transform Stress~Vitality
    via Breath & Deep Relaxation

    "Deep Relaxation is the Golden Key to True Power in Love."

    Breathing tantric stars, tantric touch evenings, tantric tune in and tune ups, coaching other tantric educators

    Grace loves being an artist, author, entrepreneur counselor & educator of Taoist tantric arts, leading edge energetic modalities and a shamanic visionary of pure energy integration.
    Her expertise in breath, energy and creativity manifests national breathing stars for peace & oneness, energy mastery program for men, women’s empowerment.
    Her Pure Energy Integration Coaching & Consulting services~ cultivating source energy & sensitivity, creativity salons for artists and writers, and transformative practices for sexual wounding integration via authentic shamanic energy and tantric principles.
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  • "Deep Relaxation is the Golden Key to True Power in Love"