This is an inspiring story of kindness and compassion, from a human to another human who is living on the autism spectrum.

By taking the time to connect with young man, over a period of 2 years, she was able to do something most of us take for granted... cut his hair.

Lisa is changing the world.

Big hug,

Nat Binette

For amazing support and resources for people living on the spectrum, have a look at my friend Naomi's group

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Jade Aliprandi Yahoo7 / March 14th, 2018 Share A Queensland hairdresser has gone the extra mile to help a boy with autism, investing two years of patience to ensure he sits through a haircut. Incredible video shows two-year process to give autistic boy a haircut Barber Lisa Ann McKenzie of Rothwell,...
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January 7
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Today, we all start fresh. Woohooo!!

What are your 3 biggest goals for 2018?

What's the difference between a fragile resolution and a goal? A goal is simple, measurable, has clear actions, a beginning, an end... and it's in your schedule.


I'll start:
1- Health first.
This year, starting 2 weeks ago... I am putting my health first. How will I do that?
- I have blocked 2 time slots per day in my diary to look after myself. One in the morning for exercise and one late afternoon for meditation
- I am eating clean... with some dark chocolate treats here and there
- I am sleeping at regular times, for a set amount of hours.
- I am drinking 2 litres of water daily
- I am only working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

2- Business success.
A) In 2018, I want to provide ongoing coaching work for 250 coaches. Which means I need to hire 2 Business Development Managers to secure 10 new large corporate accounts and I need to find more amazing humans (coaches) to deliver the "Coaching Tribe Personal Behavioural Coaching System".
B) In 2018, I would love to welcome 100 Legends to our group. I want to achieve this through automated marketing.

3- Ho. Li. Days.
- I want to spend 6 weeks in Canada with my family - from early June to mid July.
- I want to go away with Carlo, 2 times 2 weeks for romantic holidays. One time in February and one time in late July.

Legends, what are your big 3 goals for 2018?

Big hug,

Nat Binette

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Nat Binette & Co
Consulting Agency


Today is the last day of the year. Tonight... we start fresh. A whole new world of possibilities opens up for us. Exciting!!


Gratitude for 2017

To energetically wrap up the year, let's reflect on where we were last year and choose 3 things/ people / events NEW TO US IN 2017 that we are grateful for. Only 3... that's a challenge in itself, right?

My first gratitude goes to my man, Carlo. Proposing to unite our lives forever has filled my need for belonging... forever.
I love our life together. You make me laugh a lot, you are my best friend, you are a strong business sounding board and an amazing chef.

My second gratitude goes to everyone who has collaborated in Guru Haus. the first half of 2017 was amazing. The second half... quite challenging. But I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to build this amazing company, with a mission to serve coaches and support them in their journey to live from their passion and leave a mind blowing legacy. Special gratitude to Peter Borda for being a tremendous inspiration to the Legends and to Huie Arpilleda for being a reliable team member.

I look forward to building 2018 on our strengths.
My third gratitude is for the universe. In 2017 and as always, you have provided me with more opportunities to grow my confidence in my abilities, to step up... never allowing me to settle in a comfort zone. Thanks for pushing me and keeping me on my toes.

Legends, I am also grateful for every one of you. It is because of your decision to become a client of Guru Haus that I have had the opportunity to meet you and serve you.

Thank you 2017 for the memories, the great times, the amazing people. What a ride!

Bring on 2018!!

Big hug Legends!

Nat Binette

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Nat Binette & Co
Consulting Agency

Day 5

Good morning Legends


We continue our guided reflection, an inward journey, with the purpose of creating a moment in time, for us to consciously assess and choose our everyday life. This exercise goes for 6 days.

Today, we are looking at our associates, work colleagues and members of our community.

On this 4th layer, there can be more movement and the relationships are of a different nature.

[layer 1 (self) - layer 2 (family) - layer 3 (close friends)]
Everyone has their own amazing qualities and challenges, powers and fears, happy experiences and troubles... but not everyone has embarked on a personal development journey and therefore some of the people we interact with may not be as in tune with their inner self, the desire to grow through their limiting beliefs and be the best human they can be.
Remember how much of a zombie you may have been before you started shedding the layers of stuff and discovering how powerful you are as a being


Let’s get straight into it.

For each of the 4 sections, allow 3 minutes ... or take as long as you want... up to you .

Write everything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be in order… and ensure you write your responses in a positive manner.


Start the timer… 3 minutes

First 5 colleagues, clients, humans in my community – that come to mind right now:
1. I am grateful for … (name of person), because they are being / doing / giving …… to me and it allows me to experience …… (reason/benefit/ feeling/learning)
2. Person 2
3. Person 3

2- Pick a relationship at work or in your community that you would like to improve or stop.
For the relationship to improve or cease:
Who do I need to BE?
What do I need to DO?
What do I want to HAVE?

3- Describe the current state of your relationship with your colleagues, clients or community members. If not living your ideal relationship, what specifically needs to change?
Physical / environment
Psychological / intellectual / skills

4- Which needs are met in my relationship with my colleagues, clients, community member?
How is my need being met / not being met?
What specifically do I need to change to meet my need?


Decluttering can also apply to people in our lives... not just objects.

Big hug,


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Nat Binette & Co
Consulting Agency

Job opportunity

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Nat Binette

Retired too early?

Well networked with large corporate decision makers? We need you.



Dear baby boomer,

You and I share more than grey hair.

We both love when things are done right. We appreciate that a task we begin must be completed. When we want to talk to someone, we pick up the phone. We know the value of taking a client out for coffee, shaking their hand and looking them in the white of their eyes when we sign a deal. And we're in bed before 10pm... by choice!

My company is hiring an ambassador.

Your role, if you accept it, would be to meet your friends in high places (other CEO's, CFO's, Executives, Directors & HR professionals), in corporations with more than 1000 employees, to position our service and secure their approval to serve their employees, as part of the employee benefit program they already have in place.

Some of the attractive benefits of this role are that you get to:

wear your favourite suit totally legitimately - as opposed to making your neibourghs giggle when they see you pushing the mower in a suit and tie.
you get to drink as much coffee, tea, green tea, chai latte, soy-mocha-decaf, skim-cappuccino-no sugar or sparkling water as you want, daily.
you get out of the house, you meet your mates, have a chat, get some business done and go home with an immense feeling of contribution.
you get to escape the retirement routine that kills vibrant souls like yours...
and you get paid well to be our ambassador.
If this is something you are interested in, please apply by responding to the 9 questions on the form here:

This role suits people in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. If you are outside of these countries and are interested in the role, apply and let's chat.

I will be in touch with you within 2 days of your application. Everyone will be acknowledged.

I look forward to meeting you.

Kindest regards,

Nat Binette

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Sunday resolutions:
I'll eat better tomorrow
I'll go to the gym tomorrow...
I'll go to bed earlier tomorrow
I'll tell my mom I love her tomorrow

New year's resolutions:
I'll find love this year
I'll be healthier this year
I'll save money this year
I'll go overseas this year
I'll start my own business this year

What resolutions have you made in the last 2 years?
Which ones have you kept?

I found myself thinking (in the shower... cause that's where I do my best thinking...) that I'd stop eating sugar as of Monday.

My next thought was immediately a challenge to myself:
"Why tomorrow? Why not start today? Right now? What are the odds that I'll actually start 'not eating sugar' tomorrow if I can't even start today?

My next challenge to myself was:
"How many times have you made that resolution in the past and not followed through? What makes you think you can succeed this time?"

Then... I realised, I do have a strategy for success. Here's what has worked for me in the past:

1- Start now. If it's good enough for tomorrow... it's even more exciting to start NOW.

2- Stay the course and be proud of myself. I need a constant reminder - in my face - to stay the course. I wrote it on a piece of paper. It's now on my wall... straight in front of my work station.

3- As I stop eating sugar, I will have cravings. On the paper, I also tell myself what to do if / when that happens: 25 sit ups & 10 push ups

4- Establish better health habits: Go to bed earlier - Exercise daily - Eat healthy (made a list of what I'll eat daily for 7 days - and at what time I'll eat)

5- Understand WHY I am making this choice: a) Better health long term b) Feel better in my body c) Feel better in my clothes d) Look better in a bikini

There you have it. I've told you... now I must follow through.

Big hug,

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Nat Binette & Co
Consulting Agency


Transforming people's lives - without having to do sales...cause we've done it for you!

Hey Coaches!


What if I told you that you could secure a certain number of coaching hours, every week, without having to sell your services. Would you be interested?

10 to 20 hours of PERSONAL BEHAVIOURAL coaching every week, as a subcontractor for a global service provider. The first sessions will happen from early January 2018 - in 6 weeks.

If you are interested to be considered for this opportunity, please send me the following information by email to

1- Your modality / field of expertise (max 2)
2- Your qualifications - Send me a picture of the quals
3- The number of hours you've coached/served to date
4- The number of paid clients you have had to date
5- The precise outcomes you deliver consistently (max 3)
6- The year you started to serve paying clients
7- Your website or Facebook Page or Facebook Group
8- Certificate of currency for your professional indemnity and public liability insurances - send me a picture
9- Your availability: Time zone - Days - Hours

Keep it brief... I don't want more information than what I've asked for at this point. This must fit on 1 sheet of paper.

- A business structure - in Australia it's called an ABN - In America it's called an incorporation

If you are selected, and you agree to the fixed rate as well as the terms & conditions, your business will become a subcontractor for the global service provider.

A brand new coach with less than 100 hours of experience

For the selected coaches, you will have a 1/1 interview with me in the coming 3 weeks.

I need 20 coaches to be ready to serve, from January 2018.
Is this for you?

Big hug Legends,
Nat Binette & Co

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Nat Binette & Co
Consulting Agency

Gooooood morning Legends!

What's more powerful than a focussed individual fuelled by a passion to serve, enable outcomes and make a difference?

--> A team of individuals sharing the same focus and passion.


Join me in wishing a wonderful, joyful, amazing, surprise filled birthday to a unique, strong and passionate man; Mr Peter Borda.

Peter plays a huge role in serving and supporting you, the Legends (see the group $0 to $5k Legends). And we truly appreciate his contribution, energy and passion in ensuring you get the results you wanted when you decided to embark on this journey with us.

So, here's to you, man, husband, father, master coach, friend... have a magical birthday!

Big hug,

Nat Binette

P.s.: My mentoring model is: Start - Succeed - Leverage & Scale.

You would agree that I have myself started, succeeded, leveraged and I am currently scaling Nat Binette & Co.

As part of the necessary strategies to deploy in the Scaling part of a business, choosing ultra high quality team members to fulfil the vision of a company is a crucial success factor.

Peter's ethics, "no-plan-B" success mindset, skills and proven track record make him a ultra high quality team member. I am grateful to have him on board. He makes a significant difference in my company.

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Nat Binette & Co
Consulting Agency

Goooood morning Online Service Rockstars

With my" Binette Mentoring System", I help coaches and other service professionals like you, to either Start, Succeed, Leverage and / or Scale their business to enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve.

When working together, we focus on ensuring:...
- you are being who you need to be at every step,
- you are doing what you must do at every step - staying away from shinny objects,
- so you can get the outcomes you want and deserve.

There are 5 main components to the "Binette Mentoring
System" and today I would like us to focus on ACTIVITY.

Depending on where you are at in the process (Start, Succeed, Leverage or Scale) your focus will be different and your activities too.

Below is one of the exercise II recommend to people like you, who are not yet getting the entry level success they need to allow them to leave their job and embrace their business, as a full time business. In simple terms, anyone who's earning less than $5k per week from their service business.


Let's focus on your weekly activity plan.

Specifically WHAT do you do each day of the week to ensure you get enough:
- new people wanting to talk to you,
- new booked first conversations with prospective clients
- new on boarding calls (in which you collect the payment for your service package)
- What specifically do you do each day of the week to ensure you are going to bank money that week?

In the comments section below, please tell us specifically what you do each day to ensure you meet your objectives each week.


Big hug,

Nat Binette

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Nat Binette & Co
Consulting Agency


How's your mojo going?

Sometimes it's hard to feel in flow because we allow too many distractions to steer us away from our path.


To get your mojo back, this is what I suggest:
1- Get really clear on the SINGLE objective you are working towards e.g. banking $5000 per week.

2- Take action daily towards your goal. In our context, this means, implementing the 5 steps to $5000 per week as per what I teach you in the $0 to $5k Legends group.

3- Stay focussed until your reach your goal (don't start anything else until you succeed).

Some of the brightest shinny objects I've heard you talk about lately are these:

A website
A Facebook page (not group)
A funnel

Earning steady & sufficient money from your business, being profitable and putting money aside (so you can have a retirement and holidays) should be your financial priorities.

When you've got these boxes ticked, then it may be time to include paid marketing strategies.

What is your SINGLE objective right now for you and your business? What actions are you taking today to make progress towards your SINGLE objective?

Big hug,

Nat Binette

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Nat Binette & Co
Consulting Agency
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As an entrepreneur, it's easy to fall in the trap of working 24/7, 12 months of the year, right?

Our work is never finished....
We only rely on ourselves for income.
We can always improve our processes, our lead generation, our audition of prospects, our 2nd call, our packages, our delivery method.
We need to save more money before we break.


It's also a possibility, that we let everything else, the shinny objects, come between us and our business success.
Unfortunately, both of these approaches lead to disasters. Burn out in the first scenario. Having to give up on our dream for the second scenario.

Either way... not cool at all.

I used to live my life in scenario number 1.
Even more so when I had business partners because then, I did not want to let them down - and for some reason ended up working even more... like a crazy person

Today, it's a public holiday here in Melbourne. And I'm doing something I've rarely done in my business career... I'm taking the day off. I'm spending the day with my husband and we're going on a road trip. Woohooooo!!

What is your strategy for avoiding scenario no 1 or scenario no 2?
What are the specific actions you take to avoid scenario 1 or 2?

Big hug Legends
Nat Binette

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If you think your life is hard...
Thank you Hitesh Ramchandani for the reminder.


Big hug,
Nat Binette

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It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
Hitesh Ramchandani is feeling emotional.

I been down the past few days. I have been facing a lot of my own personal & health issues recently.

Today my dad sent me this video. After looking at this litt...le kid will power , I feel pumped to step up & battle my own obstacles!

Similarly if you are going through any adversity always remember you have the choice to give up or get up.

Choose your choices wisely they create your tomorrow!

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