It's hard to think that it was only two weeks ago that the last of the NASA Representatives were leaving the Autosport International Show at the NEC, Birmingham! Some great showing from the sport
The time has come.. We're ready, are you?
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Newsletter - Issue 09

As we come ever closer to the start of the 2018 Season, we can now publicise numerous updates and latest news direct from the Board in our latest Newsletter.

The Newsletter can be found on our Website,


Nige Thompson

Condolences to your family & friends
Top man. Loved his sport & the sport loved him


You will be missed.

Chairman of chairman

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The Autograss Allstars up, running and taking the charts by storm!

The three songs, released on Sunday by the Autograss Allstars: 'To where you are,' 'See you again', and 'This is the moment' have already taken off and the Autograss formed group already has two of the three songs well in the Top 100 with 'See You Again' having up to number 59!

A fantastic achievement already, let's hope to hear as many of the three as possible on the "UK Top 40" on Sunday.


All three songs are now available to Download on itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music Store, Shazam and Sound Exchange, keep an eye out for their cover!

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I have just sent a 'TEST' email to all club and league officials that i have details for.

IF you are a club or league Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Marshal, Chief Scrutineer or Safety OFficer and you have not received that email PLEASE contact me ASAP so i can ensure I have your correct details.


Kind Regards
Diane Tomkinson
NASA Secretary

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Please can the following Leagues/Clubs please contact me as I can not trace receiving your Committee Details
South Wales League
Carmarthen Club
PHD Club
Teifi Club...
Swansea Club
Shropshire League
Northern Ireland League
Causeway Club
Athelstan Club
Carlow Club
Mallow Club
Scottish League
Scottish Borders Club

I need the names addresses telephone numbers and email addresses for the following positions
Membership Secretary (for clubs only)
Chief Marshal
Chief Scrutineer
Safety Officer

Thank you
Diane Tomkinson
NASA Secretary (or

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Coming Very Soon - The Autograss Allstars songs will be available to download on iTunes; AmazonMP3 and Google Music Store!

After the success of their showing at the 2018 Autosport International Show, the Autograss Allstars are due to announce the date of the public release of their three songs- To Where You Are; See You Again and This Is The Moment.

Their presence on Facebook has been steadily growing inline with their success, and you can now order your own CD/DVD and brande...d items on their Facebook page, and set your Facebook Profile Picture with an Autograss Allstars Frame to show your support and raise awareness of the project.

Many of you heard the Autograss Allstars DVD for the first time at the Autosport Show, and many have already bought the CD/DVD box set. Some of you might also have heard a live performance from Lewis and Gareth who, along with fellow organisers Sue Herdman, Michaela Dance and Kate Lockwood, have brought a group of 75 people together to sing to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Here we have Lewis explaining a little of how the Autograss Allstars have got on so far, with a glimpse into possible future ideas.

To find out more, please see their Facebook Page to get the latest updates and of course notice of the release of their songs!

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Looking back to the Autosport International Show this year, let's this time take a look at what was happening in the Juniors with footage from the rear of Aaron Mullen's mini.. don't forget to check out our other videos on the YouTube page and subscribe for the latest videos over the year.

Just three weeks until the Scunny Shakedown! The 2018 Season is fast approaching .. who's ready and who's just starting the prep?

A great achievement from members of our sport

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Autograss Allstars

We've been promising for a long time that we'd be uploading our little behind the scenes video from the Autosport International Show 2018 held at the NECBirming...ham as we were promoting our Autograss Allstars project alongside our fellow autograss organisations... Ladies Autograss Racing UK Autograss & British Autograss Series.

We would like to thank National Autograss Sport Association Ltd for the donation of a Class 1 Nissan Micra, that's ready to race and you could win for £5. You can get to know more about the raffle further down our page.
Thank you to Connor & Richard at RAG Racing for building the car, with donations from many individuals including Gareth Price, Mudslingerz Tyres, LS Race Paints, Stickers by Kerry Pope and Repco, with a special mention to Vernon Mackenzie for overseeing the whole build on behalf of NASA. We'd also like to thank Russat GrassChat for the various mentions about the project.

We also had our banners donated to us by Chris Prior who also made us 1000 Autograss Allstars stickers - they had all vanished by Sunday morning so we hope to see many cars displaying our Allstars logo in 2018. We havent mentioned everyone who have supported - but we wish to thank you all!

Here's a little EPK as we try and promote our single to non-autograss environments, so please like and share as much as possible, you never know, someone you know might know someone that could help us gain the exposure the final recordings deserve. Hopefully the Cancer Research UK page admins can help us too.

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There are many common positions to put a GoPro, but on one of the front wishbones of a Class Seven is something a little different... Take a look at what the front end of Liam Evan's Class Seven had to go through in the Live Action Arena this year.

We saw earlier how the BAS is preparing for the 2018 Season, now it's time to find out what's happening with the younger of the two Series. Here's the latest update from the UKAC.

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Some leagues & clubs never received the forms I require that Jeffrey put in the AGM packs, some did and have returned them some sadly have info missing or not readable.



The name, address including postcode, telephone no., Email address for the following roles this is for every club & league please (including those that have sent by post).

I don't need in the post, emails fine.








Kind Regards, Diane Tomkinson
NASA Secretary

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