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NRLHF February Newsletter...

The first authorized NRLHF monthly newsletter has been sent out 2 days early due to potential internet connection issues while I am traveling for the next few days... The link below will allow you to see the Facebook version... If you wish to receive the email version, please use this sign-up link.…

The ONW now has a new Facebook Page. The member list was lost and if you'd like added back to it, click on the Join button.

Happy New Year from the National Rendezvous Living History Foundation...

National Rendezvous Living History Foundation Survey

If you or someone you know is capable and willing to lead a seminar at one of the events, please provide Name, Phone, Email Address, Mailing address and what type of seminar.

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NRLHF Monthly Newsletter sign-up link...
For those unaware, the Foundation has been conducting a test of the feasibility of sending a monthly newsletter by email so that participants can get news, changes and important information first hand... At the December Board meeting after getting overwhelming response from the 100 test emails, the board voted unanimously to go forward with it. We believe you will enjoy it and it will prove to be a worthwhile endeavor.

Sign up to get Foundation news and updates delivered to your inbox. The newsletter will be a monthly addition featuring articles from the Chairman, Individual Delegates, Items of interest, the latest alerts as to changes to by-laws and rules & regulations, current event news and notifications from E...

The 2017 minutes have been approved and posted on the website.

Board of Directors Chair Jerry Heister Vice Chair Melissa Adams Director Hank Felder Director Vicki Johnson Director Jim Penland Director Karen Fuller Director Ed Stout Director Greg Bagshaw Director Robert Woody Director Jerry Middendorf Director Jim FulmerBoard AppointeesBus. Off. Beverly Heister�...

Our test newsletter has been sent out to 100 (limited) test recipients and posted here so that responses can be generated to determine whether the Foundation will adopt an email newsletter...Please leave a comment about whether you would like to see it become permanent... This is the final test before it is voted on December 17th. Your voice is important. If we adopt it there will be a Constant Contact sign-up form posted so that you might sign up for the email newsletter.... This is in response to multiple requests that we inform people by email...

We recently sent out a test newsletter to 70 people who have shown an interest in Foundation affairs. This newsletter is in the form of an email, not a web page or Facebook page and would come to your inbox if you request to be added to the mailing list. Whether we spend the money to make this a monthly newsletter or forget about it comes to a vote at the December Board meeting. The newsletter asks for responses from those contacted but so far, 2 (TWO) people showed enough interest to even have it proposed at the meeting, let alone pass the expenditure. If this newsletter is something you would find useful and you wish to see the newsletter become a reality, contact a Delegate and make your feelings known before the mid December meeting.

The NRLHF is proud to announce the creation of a new group supporting other primitive rendezvous and Historical events and issues.

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Public Group
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January 2018. Well here we are starting another Rendezvous season and Pre- registrations are starting to come in to the office. Just a reminder to those who like to wait until the last minute, we do not accept credit/debit cards over the phone. Feel free to register on line on our web site using PayPal. Checks sent to the business office need to be made payable to NRLHF. PayPal transactions MUST be dated 30 days prior to the start date of the event! All registrations made by regular mail MUST be postmarked by midnight 30 days prior to the start of the event! Any received after the deadline will be returned to sender or refunded through PayPal. Beverly

After several requests for information about presenting a potential site for NRLHF events I will post the following information here, which can be found on the NRLHF website under September 2013 "Board Meeting Minutes" on the right hand side of the page, or the link below ....

Any potential Booshway wishing to present a potential site for a future event may do so by presenting a signed tentative land agreement and an approved site...... When these requirements are met, the site will be placed on the ballot...

[Site must be approved by a Delegate prior to the presentation. Any site that has held a prior NRLHF event is considered an approved site]

These rules, which apply to all NRLHF events, were voted on and approved September 26, 2013 at the EPR annual board meeting...

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Competitive Youth at ONW... 2014

Rifle Shooters: Alex Swinehart in the red shirt and blue pants. Isabella Swinehart is in the green dress with white apron. Jacquelyn Swinehart is in blue and white. Madalyn Swinehart is in white with pink trim.

Archery: From left to right: Jason Galehouse, Jacquelyn Swinehart, Alex Swinehart, Isabella Swinehart, Kim Swinehart and Madalyn Swinehart.

National Rendezvous & Living History Foundation added 42 new photos to the album: 2012 EPR — with Dave Reed.
March 4, 2013