💧This is one of my favorite places. Ever. About 100 feet into these woods and up the hill is a spring. We discovered it a few months ago through TRUE BLESSING Spring. It's well-maintained and you can tell it's well-loved. We just went today to refill and could tell people had been there already since our first snow of the year two days ago. It was nice to see because it means there are others, like us, who will travel 25 mins (or longer) and trek through snow... for the opportunity to receive nature's bounty. • This is an easy spring to access, and actually the main source is hundreds of feet further up and into these woods. Someone had lovingly laid pipe down to this access point closer to the road. One day I'll trek up there, because I'd like to see where it comes from. I'd like to offer my gratitude, directly. • I can't really express how happy this place makes me. And how grateful I am it exists and that other places like it exist. I highly recommend finding a natural spring and visiting it and trying the water. Maybe you'll notice a difference maybe you won't. But I suspect you will and I suspect you too will fall in love. 💧♥️To water everywhere I offer gratitude. To the water that gives life I offer thanks. To the water that needs care I offer love. May all water be blessed. And may those gifted with water also receive in full the blessings therein. And so it is. 🙏 ♥️

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I'm disheartened that he might not go with us.
And I'm nervous that he might.

I feel the pressure of being what I'm not,
And the pressure of all that I am, long suppressed,...
Boiling to an activation.

I want to be still and all at once
I want to move,
I want to grow,
I want to explode.

I know the expectations I have are mine.
They are mine to keep or mine to discard.
Others will have their opinions.
They always do.
They always will.

But the choice is always mine.
And even in the depths of pressure and challenge and uncertainty,
I will always choose Truth.


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♥️ Root Chakra Yoga Pose 4 - Prayer Pose♥️ I love this pose for so many reasons.🔽When I have a tight lower back or some stiffness from standing too long, I love to sink into this pose for some relief.🔽It's grounding.🔽It stretches the inner thighs.🔽 It's a natural and anatomically- supportive birthing position.🔽It's also the best position for pooping. (Seriously.)🔼This particular variation... a wide & low seated squat; hands in prayer position with elbows on inside of knees; interlace fingers and put thumbs on third eye between eyebrows; take a deep breath in and exhale into the ROOT saying LAM... helps grounding on various levels. ♥️ #yogachakrahealing #journeythroughthechakras

💭 Remember that time we each got our own box of pizza?? 💭 We almost didn't. We almost chose the sensible option. We almost got only 2 pizzas and we almost used paper plates. Jeremy and I looked at each other. "Should we?" I asked, wide eyed. The thought of it was felt both wrong and right. And I could tell he felt the same, but he just wanted to eat. He was waiting for me to decide. Well, my inner child and not-so-inner rebel came out. "Let's do it!" And I handed everyone their individual large pizza, ordered just the way they wanted it. Even the 2 year old got her own! And it felt damn good. 😄 #simplethings #funandplay #whynot

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🌲♥️ Root Chakra Tea♥️🌲 I don't know if Pine Needle Tea can actually be considered a "Root Chakra Tea", but what can connect you to Mother Earth and your body in the winter better than going out into the woods and harvesting pine needles and then making them into a nutritious (and delicious!) tea?🔽 When I first found out a couple months ago that "pine needle tea" was actually a thing... I can't tell you how excited I was! 😁 I was out on a Wild Edibles Walk with an herbalist an...d as soon as she gave me this little tidbit I fell deeply love - with her and the natural world (more than I already was.) My inner child was ecstatic. Seriously. Something inside there lit up, big time! 🌟 Pine Needle Tea is full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Antioxidants; making it great for boosting immunity, regulating blood pressure, increasing circulation, and improving cognitive function. It's an expectorant (helps with respiratory conditions -coughs and sinus issues); and it's an antiseptic so it can be used as a first aid wash to disinfect wounds and cuts.🔼
• Pine Needle Tea
• A handful of needles is plenty for a cup or two.
• Harvest young & fresh needles away from potential pollutants (close to roads, where sprays are used, etc.)
• Make sure you know the variety of pine you are using, as there are several toxic varieties. We have plenty of white pine where I live, so that's what I use.
• Do not drink if you have allergies to pine.
• As always, if you are pregnant and/or nursing, be sure to check on safety.
• To make tea: (make as you would any other loose tea 😊)
- Cut needles into small pieces and place in mug
- Add hot water and steep for at least 5 mins. Tea should be ready when most of the needles have sunk to the bottom.
- Strain and drink!
🌲 This really is one of my favorite, self- care, self-love and Grounding things to do. Let me know if you've tried it before and what you think. 🌲♥️

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This is a perfect time of year for some fun and play. The energies have been a little precarious at best. Even more reason to #letyourinnerchildout and play. ♥️

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Posted by Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn is at Bright Nights at Forest Park.

🦌They were so excited!💞 My favorite part of the whole ride.🦌 Did you know that there have been studies that show the positive effects of holiday lighting on communities? #letyourinnerchildout #holidaytradition #brightnights #springfieldmasschusetts

What are some traditions you have adopted from childhood and continue today? What traditions have you adopted as an adult that just lit up your inner child?

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Jessica Lynn

♥️I stayed up until 330am this morning "Adventing" (thanks for that one Jeremy 😉). We are not Catholic. I've never had an Advent Calendar. Neither my mother nor... my husband knew what it was. I can't say I really know either. But what I do know is that when I heard someone talking about theirs and the tradition they had of it as a child, and how they passed it on to their own children, and she even bought herself an advent calendar with makeup for the gifts each day, I knew I had to adopt the tradition. And I did it in my own way with the gifts being a mix of candies, games, giving day prompts, and "tickets" to special holiday events. 🌟 The past 10 years have been an giant exercise in learning how to unlearn; in learning how to step back from the things I have been taught and really feel into what feels right for me. Holidays are especially trying. There are traditions that we have always done because they have always been done. And on some level they feel good. But some of them are also done with a level of unconsciousness that perpetuates habits and behaviors that I don't agree with from a wider perspective. So with that every year our holidays look a little bit different. We have adopted and adapted and tweaked traditions. And that in itself has become a tradition.🌟 This year I'm noticeably more okay with just doing what feels right then I have been in the past. I want Happiness. I want connection to natural cycles. I want connection to others. I want the simple Joy that has always come with the winter holidays. I want Peace. And above all that I want to feel the LOVE that exists within it all, and share that. The Traditions are simply vehicles with which to accomplish those goals. 🌟 I'm happy to try them all out. Isn't that what we came here for anyway? 😉♥️

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This. Is. My. Life. The fullness of it. That purple beaming around my head... take it as you will. It speaks volumes to me. Without words. 🔽My glasses are crooked here so I made us take another one, but then Jeremy's eyes were closed and the kids' smiles weren't as bright and authentic as they are here. So I decided that my imperfection with the perfection of the whole was better than me trying to look "right."🔼 This was towards the end of a walk through the woods looking for... sticks and other gifts from nature to create some holiday crafts. Well, at least that was my intention. Jeremy and the kids just went to be with me. 😊 It's a new tradition I hope to continue through the years. A tramps through the woods to gather bits of nature as we decorate and prepare for the winter season and it's celebrations.🔽We saw a dead mouse and a dead sparrow. We saw a living falcon and a very friendly dog. Lots of interesting trees, some down, some broken, some young, some very old.🔼It was simple yet rich. I came home with a bag full of goodies from Mother Earth, respectful gathered.🔽 The rest of the weekend will be spent creating and communing and cuddling.
♥️ I hope your weekend and days to come are filled with warmth and love to fill these cold (in the North) wintery days.♥️

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"There's a time to do the inner work.
And a time to take action and move forward.
You have to do both."

••••• I saw that on someone's instagram feed today. And when I saw it I felt defeated. I had just resolved to some inner work. I had just resolved to NOT move forward because I was "supposed" to Be Still and Go Within. I was supposed to be moving slowly through increasing awareness and consciousness of my every thought, feeling and action. I was supposed to suspend lofty i...

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Not too long ago Jeremy walked in on me on the toilet. And it was a pre-shower toilet session. One of those times where I'm completely naked, just sitting on the toilet. • I had a feeling someone would walk in and I reached for the towel hanging over the shower curtain. But I pictured my five year old walking in, and I put my hand down. If she walked in on me I wouldn't care. Nothing she hasn't seen recently. No one came in right away but I still felt an impending intrusion. ...And as the door opened I readied myself to grab the towel if need be. • When I saw it was Jeremy it was almost too late as I whipped the towel over me as best I could, but the worst had been done. • "Oh," he says and turns to walk out. But then... he stops. "Why are you stopping?" I think to myself. • He starts to talk to me about something I can't quite remember because I was sitting on the toilet. A part of me was amused. A part of me was horrified. "Is this where we are," I asked myself. Seriously? I felt exposed but at the same time oddly free. My lover, my husband, my partner in life is standing talking to me about something, as I'm sitting on the toilet. It's probably because he was equally uncomfortable and unsure as I was about this situation. And so he just went with it. •
Finally, he asked me a question but all I could say was, "I'm on the toilet."
"Oh, okay," he said as he akwardly walked out, closing he door behind him. •

• I bring this up because many of us are sitting on the toilet. There's the saying that my mom likes to say, "Shit or get off the pot." I feel like we are being told to "shit or get off the pot." To make a decision. To finally commit to whether we're going to truly and fully commit to this life. To do what we know in our body and soul is right and true. To commit to be fully ourselves. To commit to expressing and sharing our gifts, talents, and love. Or not.
And any way we do it we are going to be seen. One way is freeing - scary yes but freeing. And the other is the same old same old. Stuck in fear. Stuck in resistance. Stuck in hiding our realness and truth. All for more of the same. • From Source perspective neither is wrong or right. But one leads to growth and expansion through empowerment and action, while the other leads to growth and expansion through disempowerment and inaction. • Shit or get off the pot. Do what's right for you. I, for one, won't judge you either way. I, too, have been on the toilet... and I've chosen life. And it may at times feel shitty, but there's a freedom in that too, to go deep in the shit and KNOW that you are all the better for it. We're in this together. But it's time to choose for yourself which way you're going to go. • And you're never alone, by the way. Even when you want to be. 🚽🙄😉♥️

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"Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in two or three decades." -- Tony Robbins ♥️

♥️The story of my life. And, he added, many of us don't even have three decades under our belt, so it's okay to take it easy on ourselves. There's time.🔽Two weeks ago I committed myself to a Journey through the Chakras. The original intention was to spend the rest of the year diving into each of the chakras. One per week for 7 weeks that would ...take me into the New Year. Last week I started with the Root Chakra.🔼I studied and explored the energy representative of the Root. Foods. Crystals. Developmental period. Emotional themes. Aspects of self. Etcetera. 🔽The last day came... then the next. I was "supposed" to be starting into the Sacral chakra, but something felt off. I didn't feel complete with the Root. I hadn't done my ceremony yet. I hadn't felt like I actually touched the root of my root.🔼Throughout the week I had been focusing mentally on the various aspects of the Root. The energies that I was told through my STUDY that coorelated to the Root Chakra. I soaked them in and just as quickly spewed them out. (Hello modern education conditioning.) But I didn't take the time to sit with any of it. I didn't take the time to integrate all that I was learning. And I certainly didn't take much time to tune into to MY OWN and VERY INDIVIDUAL Root Center. 🔽I love my ability to tune into to my incompletion. I really do. As I sat in ceremony that was "supposed" to be intended to close out the Root Chakra week, (but was actually on the day that was "supposed" to be the start of the Sacral Chakra week) I was hit with the reality behind why I wasn't feeling like it was time to move on. 🔼The reality is that though I moved through aspects of the Root Chakra - what it means, what it influences, how to strengthen and support it - I was not actually DOING the work of it. I was pretty disconnected from the process.🔽
(Continued in Comments...)

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♥️ Root Chakra Healing Ceremony ♥️
Tonight I'll be in Ceremony. I'll be Celebrating and Honoring the Groundedness and Connectedness of the Root Chakra. Clearing and Energizing this base level & highly important energy center. A healthy root is what grounds our soul into our bodies and allows us to do our Great Work of being here. Of being who we are.🔽 Though this ceremony will be somewhat personal, I want to open up a portion of it to those of you who wish to have some Healin...g Energy sent your way.🔼Just comment below & I'll put you on the intention list. All you have to do is open up to what may come. No specific time, though you'll most likely receive the most benefit during sleep. 🔽 For more information about the Root Chakra and what it's all about check my previous posts.🔼Essence of the Root: • I Am Here • I Am Safe • I Belong • I Have • I Am Connected •🔽♥️ In love. ALWAYS.♥️

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♥️ Root Chakra Yoga Pose 7- Downward Dog♥️ Grounds through the feet & hands. Stretches the legs, back, and shoulders. Lengthens the spine. Strengthens the arms and upper body.🔽This pose has the benefits of an inversion without the strength and skill needed for something like a handstand. •It increases blood flow to the head and heart. •Releases back strain. •Helps to tune into the breath. 🔼I remember as a kid I used to love being upside down. Lying on my back I'd hang over the front of the couch. Cartwheels. Handstands. I knew something intuitively. It was fun. It felt good. Still does. We spend way too much of our adult lives standing up and sitting down, and not enough time playing with our body's range of motion. I may not exactly know the science of it, but try it and you'll see what I mean. 😉♥️

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♥️ Root Chakra Healing♥️

I am Grounded
In this Body
To this Place....

I am Safe
To Want
To Belong
To Have.

I am Right
To be here
To have here
To grow here.

I am Connected
To My Body
To Mother Earth
To my Family.

I Belong
I am.

I am Here Fully.
I am Here Completely.
I am Here Now.

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♥️Crystals♥️ This mala did not look like this when I first got it. It was all single- colored Red Carnelian with a matching red tassel. It was my second ever mala, the first being a turmeric seed mala that I can't really wear (lest I want yellow stains on my clothing.) It was the first mala I got that I really connected with. As strange as it sounds it was a very real and living companion to me as I went through some major transformations last year. At the time I didn't know what it was but I just knew IT WAS.🔽 This year, as the tassle unraveled, and the string wore out, she needed a revamp. A revival. Because of the care, skill, and energy offered in the creation of my third (and equally loved) mala by @thesacredhaven I trusted this one to be handled with TLC by Hannah @intuitivemom4life 🔼 And boy was I right in trusting her. What I received was beyond what I expected. It looked differently than it does here as the larger Jasper stone that replaced the tassle broke off last weekend while I was out with a dear friend. Jasper wanted to be with her. So it is. Who am I to question these things? 😉🔽I love this piece and, somehow, she and I both knew it was time for a round 2. Here she is with me as I complete my Root Chakra week of #journeythroughthechakras ♥️ Root Chakra Stones: 🔼Jasper 🔼Carnelian 🔼Hematite 🔼 Garnet 🔼 What are your favorite grounding/root chakra crystals?♥️

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♥️ Yesterday I posted something about it being unlikely that I will be doing any outdoor yoga anytime soon. I went out barefoot in the chilly weather earlier this week, making a point to do something grounding for myself, but it was cold. And yesterday, although I wanted to walk Barefoot on the Earth as my Emma and I went out to play among the wood spirits, my feet stayed safe and warm in my boots.🔽 Today I awoke to something. Something magical. Several things I did last nigh...t and this morning contributed to the magic, but it was mostly a co- creation with the universe. An alignment.🔽 I stepped outside this morning and found the sun shining and a warmth that wasn't there yesterday. "Mommy's going outside!" I announced to my family. Bare feet. Sun Dancing. Yoga. Swimming in the bliss that is my life. It truly is something. Something I welcome with an open heart. I deeply hope you feel it too. ♥️

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♥️Root Chakra ♥️
♥️In the LIGHT, the Root is all about:

🔼Safety & Security



🔼Family & Tribe


🔼Connection to the Mother (Earth & Human)

🔼Grounded in Body; in the Here & Now

🔼Having enough

🔼Healthy & Whole-being sexuality

🖤In the SHADOW, the Root is all about:

🔽Anger & Rage

🔽Fear & Desperation

🔽Anxiety & Depression


🔽Disconnection from Self & Others


🔽Victimhood & Helplessness

🔽Lack mentality

🔽Shallow & Disfunctional sexuality

☯️The key to any and all levels of healing is Awareness, Acceptance, and Integration of All Aspects of Being. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Then you can powerfully choose Love every time, knowing that it all exists inside of you, as a choice.♥️

#chooselove #rootchakra #integration

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