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“Feminism involves so much more than gender equality. And it involves so much more than gender. Feminism must involve a consciousness of capitalism and racism and colonialism and post colonialities and ability and more genders than we can even imagine, and more sexualities than we ever thought we could name.” Angela Davis...
“Grabbing pussy is not only what ‘business men’ do it's what capitalist economies do, it's what, I'm sorry, human beings have been doing for too long to the earth. It's why species are going extinct every day. It's why there is almost no more top soil left on the planet. It's why the oceans are dying.
Land grabs, gold grabs, forest grabs. The rape and pillage of our Mother, Our Lady, the earth. If you are disgusted by Trump, think about all the pussy grabbing you see every day. Think about all the pussy grabbing our very modern lives depend upon. Think about all the people in the Dakotas trying to stop yet another pussy grabbing. Think about all the very polite well spoken chivalrous men who are nevertheless involved in pussy grabbing. I'm glad everyone's offended by this. Really, I am. But let's start name it whenever we see it. Let's not get all ruffled just by the words, let's get ruffled by rape culture and ecocide because that's the real problem.
The rights of women and the rights of the earth are one." Perdita Finn
📸 Ana Mendieta, Mexico 1976 Untitled (Silueta Series)

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I am an idealist.

I see the dream.

I hold the dream.


I am a dream keeper.

I hold the dream of a better world.

Of a world that perpetuates










So no, I am not naiive.

I am not stuck in the clouds.

I am not too much of anything.

I am an idealist.

I see the world exactly as it is.

And I choose to focus on the silver lining.

I see and I feel and I know the darkness.

And I choose to focus on the silver lining.

I hold the dream of a better world.

I am a dream keeper.

I hold the dream.

I see the dream.

I am an idealist.

And I am real.

🌟#real #lightworker #soulwork #dreamkeeper #divinefeminine 🌟

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♥️ Root Chakra Yoga Pose 4 - Prayer Pose♥️ I love this pose for so many reasons.🔽When I have a tight lower back or some stiffness from standing too long, I love to sink into this pose for some relief.🔽It's grounding.🔽It stretches the inner thighs.🔽 It's a natural and anatomically- supportive birthing position.🔽It's also the best position for pooping. (Seriously.)🔼This particular variation... a wide & low seated squat; hands in prayer position with elbows on inside of knees; interlace fingers and put thumbs on third eye between eyebrows; take a deep breath in and exhale into the ROOT saying LAM... helps grounding on various levels. ♥️ #yogachakrahealing #journeythroughthechakras
🎄It didn't last long but I caught a rare moment where they were all really into it, and actually dancing.💞 #christmasfun #joyfilled #simplethings
❄️ Cold. Ice. Snow. Wind. Water. Birds. Flowing. Of all kinds. 🌊 〰️💓

"The joyful and the singing and the dancing and the celebrating are creating their paradise by each of their songs, by each of their dances.

It is in your hands whether to create paradise or to fall into a darkness, into hellfire. These are not outside you; these both are within you. It all depends what you choose to be.

Choose to be divine, choose to be more and more a celebrant, choose to be festive, so more and more flowers can blossom in your being, and more and more frag...rance can become available to you.

And this way will not only help you, it will help all those with whom you come in contact." -Rajneesh 🌟 Everything is a choice.💜
#choice #soulwhisperings #soulwork #love

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Jessica Lynn

When I began my studies at Mount Holyoke College in 2007, my goal was to be a Marriage and Family Counselor.

I understood that strong relationships within fa...milies are the foundation for strong individuals and family supports.

Even though I wasn't fully aware of it at the time, I had an intuitive knowing that how we relate to those closest to us is key to how we relate to the world, and ourselves.

If there is discordance in our most intimate relationships, then there is inevitably discordance within OURSELVES and other important aspect of our lives.

I understand this even more deeply now being married with 3 children for over 10 years now. •
And I understand even more potently the importance of strong relationships on our overall well-being. •
After all, relationships are what life is made of! •
My desire to pursue Relationship Coaching in fueled by my desire to help individuals create healthy and thriving relationships with themselves and then to spread that love to others with authenticity and compassion.

To spread the love and light.

It's that simple. ♥️

To support me in this journey through my GoFundMe go to 👉 💞
Everyone who contributes will get the opportunity FREE Relationship Coaching with me! 💜🙏💜

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I woke up this morning with a notification that someone had donated to my GoFundMe campaign. A stranger. I'm pretty sure I know who it is but I had to do some digging. I will be offering this person free Relationship Coaching after all. My heart swelled.

This, after a night of doubting my decision to pursue Relationship Coach Training. And doubly doubting my decision to announce it to the world AND ask for support. How dare I?!?

But I dared. And then I sat in the fear. And i ...sat in the doubt. And I awoke to a stranger's support. Someone believes in me. Someone believes in my vision for myself. Someone believes I can do this. Just like I do. And that feels amazing.

I'm sitting in something beyond gratitude. I'm sure I'll be able to name it very soon.

For now...

To dreams coming true...
To those who help us make things happen...
To moving forward through the fear...
To love and life, in all it's forms...
Thank you for your support, in all it's forms!

To contribute to my Relationship Coach Training AND get free coaching from me upon my certification go to >>>

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I'm so excited and scared to begin this new phase! (Must mean it's meant to be! 😉)

All supporters will be offered FREE Relationship Coaching sessions upon my certification. 💜

Hey Facebook Friends and Family! So... I am so excited and SCARED AF to share this out!

THIS is what I've been "looking" for.
THIS is what is going to give m...e the edge I need to share my skills, knowledge, and gifts with others with CONFIDENCE.
THIS is what I was headed towards when I received my Bachelors in Psychology from Mount Holyoke in 2011.

It's time to move forward.

Why am I asking for GoFundMe?
Well, it just makes sense! I am looking to dive deeply into helping others (and myself in the process) build healthy, strong and AUTHENTIC relationships so what better way to kick start that then to ask for the support from my own relationship support systems.

And to be completely honest... Lucas and I were recently in a car accident that totaled our car. (Yes, we were thankfully unharmed.) So the expense of acquiring a new vehicle will be taking up the majority of our currently available funds.

My offer to YOU;
For everyone who supports my training I will be offering FREE Relationship Coaching sessions when I am completed with certification!

I am ready and excited to share this opportunity with you!

I sincerely appreciate your support!
In love

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Hello Friends! Thank you for sponsoring me in my endeavor to pursue Advanced Relationship Coaching Certification through Strategic Intervention! For awhile now I've known I wanted to pursue coach training but I wasn't clear on where to start. I was drawn to Anthony Robbins' work and started som...

I've been... Hibernating. Incubating. Germinating. Gestating. Ruminating. Integrating. All those things and so much more. Something is definitely abrewin' in here. 🔥What I can tell you and why I'm here today is that I've been delving pretty deeply into the topics being covered in two interview series being offered at the moment. Both about Sexuality. They are still available if you're interested
🔥• Sexual Freedom for Women with Kristina Campbell (
🔥• Pleasure Principles with Sophia Leva-Marie (
There's still time to sign up & watch these informative, eye and heart and womb opening interview series.♥️ Sending so much love 💞

How to lose your inhibitions, deeply connect and experience the pleasure you have always desired! Hosted by Kristina Campbell. Sign up for free today!

Get your Jingle on 🔔💞 #enjoy #thelittlethings #soulwhisperings

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The days go on.

They go on.


And on.

And no matter what the stars say,

No matter how the Earth moves,

No matter what you do,

The days go on.

They go on.

And on.

#soulwhisperings #continuity #lifecycle

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The thing is I don't always write for me.
I write because something needs to be said.

And it's not necessarily me who has to say it.
But it needs saying.


So I may write things that aren't from me, but from some place I have access to.

Because I see things and I'm meant to make those things a part of the greater awareness.

Not because I'm better, or need some validation, or a sense of purpose...

But simply because there are so many things we experience that are hidden behind fear, and shame, and judgment...

And to not call them out, to not usher them out of the darkness, is to give them power over us.

And then we perpetuate cycles of pain, and suffering.

I'm here, in part, to call them out.

To diffuse them.

To lighten the load.

And to clear space for others to do the same.

How I can assist you in this journey... 🤝💚🤝 INTEGRATED SOUL sessions are available in 3 levels. You choose what works best for you at this time.💞 All 3 options include: 🔹Reiki Energy Healing 🔹Intuitive Card Reading 🔹Practical Guidance 🔹Follow-up and Continuing Support

Click link below to check out options 👇💜

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Abundance 🔸Unexpected Gifts 🔸In all it's forms 🔸 I'll take it 🔸 Thank You

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Dear Child,

I have failed you. So many times. And I am so sorry. I am so very sorry.

I have left you alone. Abandoned you. Left you helpless, and afraid.


I have yelled and thrown nasty words at you. I have said things to you I would never say to anyone else.

I have hurt you. I have cut deep. Deeper than a band-aid could ever fix.

I have breathed fire on your soul, Child.

And all you wanted was my love.

All you wanted was someone to cherish you.

All you wanted was an embrace, and kindness, and a guiding hand.

And I have failed you.
I could give you so many reasons why. I have many. And they are real. They continue to haunt me.

But they are not sufficient. They could never undo the many times I failed you.

I just want you to know, that I know. That I have failed you.

And I want you to know that I am sorry.
Every move I make from this moment forward is to realize this.

To prove that I am aware of the mistakes I have made. And to prove that I desire to never make them again.

I have failed you, Child. So many times. And I am so sorry.
Please forgive me.

I love you.

#messagefromthesoul #humanmother #theinnerchild

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Today, you need to hear this.
You can accomplish your dreams.
It is possible.
And with the right Focus and Intention and Work...
It is probable.
The trouble is that there is a fog.
A fog you must clear first.
A fog created by the years of growing underbrush
Made up of the ideas, and thoughts, and beliefs,
You were offered by those around you.
A fog created by the years of spoonfulls of medicine
Made up of the words, and directions, and how-tos,
You were offered by those you looked up to.
A fog created by your own lack of consciousness and
Lack of awareness of your creative power.
That's what it is.
A fog.
And the winds of change are upon us.
And they will blow in
Ready or not.
The power you have here is Choice.
Always CHOICE.
You can build a funnel, a tunnel, a wall.
You can build a windmill or a turbine.
You can stand and face the wind head on.
You can stand and let the wind take you where it will.
Because it will.
But you will too.
Your will is in your choice.
And whatever you do or don't do is a choice.
So those dreams of yours,
The ones from your heart, straight from Soul,
What do they choose?
If you listen and
If you feel closely,
You'll find that they tell you to choose
The path towards
Making them real.
The fast or the slow path matters not
Because either way the lessons you'll learn
Are worth it.
The lessons are worth it.
Your dreams are worth it.
Your heart is worth it.
You are worth it.
The fog will clear
And you'll soon be left with You.
The choice is Yours.

Beloved, sometimes we need a little assistance.
Sometimes the fog is so dense that we need a little help
clearing it out so we can really hear and feel our hearts.
That's what connection is for. That's what guidance is for.
That's why I do what I do.
To help people really know themselves, so they know their true power.

How can I support you?

My INTEGRATED SOUL sessions are available in 3 levels.
You choose what works best for you at this time.💞
All 3 options include:
🔹Reiki Energy Healing
🔹Intuitive Card Reading
🔹Practical Guidance
Follow-up and Continuing Support
Click link below to check out options! 👇

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Life Unfolding

One thing (among many many things) they didn't tell me about having kids is that they will have their own ideas about how things could be.🔸They know no "shoulds" except those which the world (parents, family, teachers, etc) has offered them.🔸They can, if allowed to, demonstrate alternate ways of being and doing.🔸 They can think and act outside the box, without judgement of self, and do so quite happily, as if it were exactly the way it was meant to be.🔸 They are innovative. 🔸 They are bright. 🔸They carry messages. 🔸 They create their reality.

One thing (among many many things) they didn't tell me about having kids is that I can have my own ideas about how things could be.🔸I have an inmate wisdom in my body regarding birthing a child. 🔸I have an innate wisdom in my heart about how to care and nurture them.🔸I can relate to my children in a way that is easy, peaceful, cooperative, and open.🔸I am their guide, not their boss.🔸My job is to love them unconditionally as I learn to love myself unconditionally. 🔸I guide.🔸I serve.🔸I protect. 🔸I love.🔸I could never possibly have sufficiently prepared for this.

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I have been honored and blessed to experience mostly men who can hold space for my emotions. And when they can't they are very clear about it. (Or it is very obvious to me.)

In allowing the feminine (in physical and also that part within EACH ONE OF US) to express emotion in a safe, unconditionally loving, supportive, and non-critical/judgemental environment, we are also honoring and opening the way for the masculine to do the same. 💜

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Katrina Coravos

I have to speak this because it's so alive in me right now.
Brothers, men..please listen.
This surge of feminine power that is happening on our planet right now..., it is real.
We are healing.
For the feminine, our healing comes through our emotions.
Our emotions are our healing.
When you see a woman hurting or in pain, this is her process.
We do not need to be made out to be weak because we feel.
We do not need suggestions on how we can do things better so we are not feeling anymore.
Our emotions have been subdued long enough- this is the very problem of our world.
The most supportive thing you can do is witness, hold, and be curious.
I have been sharing more of my story and I'm in awe with the amount of messages I have been getting from brothers on suggestions of how I could do things better.
I am not here to shame.
I am not here to discredit.
I am here to say there is a different way.
For the brothers who have supported and been present with strength I see and honor you.
I am not making a blanketed statement here. But there is a pattern.
Emotions are not weakness, to me they are strength.
We must feel in order to move through.
If we push them to the side to try to find solutions then to us, it doesn't move, and the emotions go unfelt.
I hope these words come with love.
Women are being courageous, and opening up deep blocks in their souls to bring forward emotions that have been stuck for generations.
This idea of fixing that is not effective.
We do not need fixing.
We need strength, compassion, love, and witness.
We are not weak.
We are not the lesser of the sexes.
We are not wrong for feeling.
Can you look into the eyes of pain and witness? Can you breath there? Can you hold there? Can you see it as healing? Can you be strength for us as we crack open?
Do not hold us back any longer in the name of protection.
We have been waiting for this moment for a long time.
I know this emotional suppression has effected us all- and I know this process is hard for the men too- I am not saying otherwise.
But please, hear this.
Our emotions are our power, our innate power.
When you try to change this, you are contributing to disempowerment of the feminine.

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