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Report- Immune System boost 'fights cancer"
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There are better safer boost your immune system & promote good gut flora & healthy oxygeninated blood with CD4 & CD8 cellular growth & allowing canabanoids to help repair our natural receptor signalling from the brain -…/index.php. Defeating Cancer is a Total Holistic audit required. Getting rid of toxins in & around your your body with a positive , loving mindset, not injecting toxins. Creating a fully functional alkalysed environment (not acidic) with a balance of the right nurtrients & enzymes, feeding the 75trillion cells what they need - repair & redox signalling molecules & super anti-oxidants & vnitric oxide (the molecule of life) Allowing the Heart to produce the rich oxygenated blood and the electrolysis necessary to kill cancer cells. So 4 Keys - A Total Holistic Mindset Environmental Audit, +Akalinity, healthy Electrolysis (all living things have a certain tolerance to electricity, and thats why the Heart does not get cancer & the only organ in the body not to!!!!!) & healthy Oxygen blood flow
This is My Theory & Im Sticking to it!! from the many people testimonials, copious amounts of research & the accumulation of my natural health knowledge spanning over 40+ years!!!

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Shocking new study shows chemo kills half of cancer patients, not cancer itself

"There is no salt in M.A.C and that is absolute!!!"- Professor Max Reynolds (Microbiologist, creator and co founder of 98 Alive)

Type 2 Diabetes: Researchers suggest that sodium – which we commonly ingest through salt, or sodium chloride – could increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and latent autoimmune diabetes …
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Bob Fordham
· June 5, 2017
Truly changing people's lives with consistent regularity & use. Hundreds of real people testimonials for many health challenges. Love it!