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Report- Immune System boost 'fights cancer"
Something Magical... 98 Alive
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Bob Fordham

"A little something to ease the pain? " Reminds me of some of my clients & people I know... waiting for miracle synthetic, quick fix drugs and cures from doctor...s, chemists, and trusting their "medical professionals" entirely!
Instead of :
*Taking Control of their Lives,
*Being Their Own Doctor 1st,
*By Researching the new age KNOWLEDGE & Resources available,
*Changing their Behaviour and MINDSET,
*TAKING ACTION about their Health! hahaha #naturallyhealthywellness #beyourowndoctor1st #changeyourbehaviour #mindset

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98 Alive History

The germicidal & anti-inflammatory properties of Melaleuca Alternifolia have been known by the Australian Aborigines who have used it to treat wounds and other illnesses for millennia.

During WWII, Australian soldiers carried a bottle of Melaleuca Alternifolia oil in their packs for the treatment of infections.


In 2001, Professor Max Reynolds began searching for an alternate anti-microbial that was safe & effective against major bacterial, fungal, and viral human pathogens.

He turned to nature and started examining all the supposed anti-bacterial & anti-fungal products known to man. Among the candidate compounds was the group known as the Melaleuca family.

After more than a decade-long development process, extensive international safety testing, efficacy testing and laboratory trials, the result is 98alive™ – a patented, natural product containing a unique combination of 98 natural active compounds that may act individually or in unison with one another to offer an array of benefits, never before encountered in a single product – benefits that can assist people around the world to achieve ‘Victory for Wellness.’
#naturallyhealthy98alive #immunesupport #immuneboosting

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Bob Fordham
· June 5, 2017
Truly changing people's lives with consistent regularity & use. Hundreds of real people testimonials for many health challenges. Love it!