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Sara Robb
· March 5, 2017
I first met Alita during an Iridology consultation and have since started using the herbs she recommended. I have never felt better! She's so full of knowledge and genuinely cares about your health an...d wellbeing, treating your body naturally and not masking the problem! Cannot recommend her highly enough! See More
Steph CB
· March 24, 2016
Alita has been my naturopath for years and now she has taken her healing skills to the next level. I recently had a session with her and although confronting it was liberating to say the least. I trus...t her intuition and deep knowledge of natural remedies for nurturing my families health. I know you won't be disappointed. See More
Kelly Mcpaul
· May 23, 2016
I approached Alita a few weeks ago when i was suffering some extreme anxiety,she offered me an intro mace session and in 15minutes i can honestly say my anxiety level lifted,i also found my trigger no... longer affected me as much.I look forward to a full session in the very near future xx See More
Jasmyne Wain
· June 30, 2016
Alita genuinely cares about her clients and will not rip you off, as well as being an absolutely lovely person.
Casey Eveleigh
· May 20, 2016
Alita definitely knows her stuff
Such a positive, helpful & kind person which makes you feel so comfortable when you see her
She's helped myself & numerous friends of mine to cure all types of conditi...ons the natural way See More

We are here to guide you to Become the happiest & healthiest version of the real you.
To book a consultation ph:0409470301
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A few available appointments are still available for next week.

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❤️It sure is ❤️

Happy Friday beautiful humans
Alita x

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A healthy baked apple dessert filled with whole oats, walnuts, dried unsweetened cranberries, and cinnamon. Simple to make and so comforting.

Bit of morning humour 🤣... Happy Thursday
Alita x

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This follows up my post yesterday with the link for hemp oil (CBD) that’s now legally Available in Australia 💜
If you have any questions PM me

If you have chronic pain, inflammation, attention deficit, poor sleep, or out of whack hormones, cannabidiol (or CBD for short) may be able to help. Learn why a product of the cannabis plant actually isn't as controversial as its name suggests.
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7 News Wide Bay

***PLEASE SHARE*** Rockmelon Warning: A rockmelon grower in NSW, who ceased production last Friday, has been linked to ten cases of listeria. Health authorities... are warning older people, pregnant women and people with weak immune systems to avoid eating the fruit. All states and territories are working together to investigate the listeria outbreak. To date they have identified ten cases in elderly patients in Queensland (3), NSW (6) and Victoria (1). All 10 cases consumed rockmelon prior to their illness. #7News

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Sunday soul seeing 🔮

Yes we all have past experiences that may have turned us of the path we were walking to gain something in our physical world eg a new car, house, job ect but really it’s down to the feeling you want to feel.
So if you did have all of this would it create the feeling you are wanting eg happiness, joy,love ect you thought those things were going to give you?
Hmmmm you mite say yes but would it be short lived????????


These feelings don’t come from physical but from within and yes ......
~you are the creator of your life - so ask yourself how do you really want to feel? What is the feeling you are seeking? ~

Because you in fact can have that feeling within without all the physical material things.

Unlock those feelings your seeking they are there trust me 😘 you just have to disconnect the crappy ones that are holding you back and that includes those crappy stories you keep telling yourself

Alita xx

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Ahhhh those Beach Feels 💜

Nice little article but don’t agree with the last sentence.
SPF 👎🏽

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We all know that spending time outdoors is good for you, but the benefits of spending time specifically at the beach have just been revealed.

We all know that spending time outdoors is good for you, but the benefits of spending time specifically at the beach have just been revealed.

Early Saturday mornings call for balance 🧘🏼‍♀️
Baths aren’t just for night time ..., awww those cloudy over cast days are just perfect to treat yourself ...... self nurture 💕 treating me 😘

Happy weekend beautiful

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I’m delighted to invite you to the first Event of 2018 🎉
Wanting some time out for yourself, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, run down, feel like your on the rat wheel and like everyone is draining your energy and you can’t remember what you like to do anymore?
Yeah I’ve been there and know and understand the importance of self nurture and it brings me delight to share this .... so if this is calling you in any way then send me a little message to reserve your seat and find... out more details.
Can’t wait to see your smiling faces ☺️

Share the love 💜 by pressing the like icon and share with those around you living in Mackay.
Have an awesome week!
Alita xx

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Instagram Post by NaturopathicHealthCoach • February 18, 2018 at 12:36AM PST

Events and new exciting creations are all being presented very soon and I’m jumping out of my skin with happiness because for So many years I’ve always been the one to help and guide others on their path to success and held back on my own shinning light in coming forth .... now is the perfect timing to step up and share my knowledge, passions and inner knowing ..... no playing small any more and hiding that inner sparkle 🎉.... in saying this I have also learnt to trust my ins...tincts and listen when time out is needed so the cup is full and my light keeps shining ..., so patients is the key here 😘
Happy Sunday beautifuls
~Alita 🦋~ 🏝

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When we think about plants, we don't often associate a term like "behavior" with them, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill wants to change that. The U...

Sharing some friendship 💖

If you are living in Mackay and looking for a massage therapist than I’d truely recommend booking in with Maree ... you will be relaxed and in your own little bliss bubble of delight.
Pop over and like her page and book in quick as her apps are filling up fast .... oh and she’s now working weekends woooohoo 🏝
Alita xx

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Maree Newman Massage & Mindfulness

I had a little change around manifesting for my new wall going in this year 🖤 Just making my space a little more cozy and sounds proof. As well as taking the opportunity to minimise.
My awareness to live as a Minimalist has no destination it truely is a journey....

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Selling ice blocks, especially in summer, is a very common way to make money. BUT please do not fall prey to specials on Zooper Doopers at supermarkets. Foods which may affect behaviour, learning difficulties and hyperactivity do NOT belong in schools.

This post explains why Zooper Doopers do not belong in schools. It also explores some healthier alternatives too.

Please take the time to read this, especially the potential effects of the colours and preservatives. I’d ask you to share this post widely so we can focus on having positive impacts on children’s health.

Kids are sent to school to learn, and teachers chose this profession because they are passionate about helping kids learn. However, the food and drinks kids eat at school can affect their social interactions, behaviour, concentration, listening and even their respect for the teacher.

Let’s specifically look at how Zooper Dooper’s may affect children by exploring the Nutritional Information Panel and ingredients.

ZOOPER DOOPER COSMIC FLAVOURS are described on the pack as Flavoured Ice Confection Mix. According to the Oxford Dictionary “confection” means “an elaborate sweet dish or delicacy”.

Nutritional Information Panel
Per serving of Zooper Dooper (1 ice block), there is no protein or fat, but 11.1g of sugar and 14mg salt. This means each Zooper Dooper contains 2.8 teaspoons of sugar!

Keep in mind the World Health Organisation recommends added or free sugars should not be more than 5% of our daily calorie requirements which means for most primary aged kids, this is between 3 and 5 teaspoons. This means one Zooper Dooper is giving primary aged children almost all of the free sugar allocation for the day!

Water, sugar, food acids (citric acid), flavours, colours (122, 150d, 110, 102, 123, 133), Preservatives (202, 211, 223).

- Water is the main ingredient. That’s a good thing.

- Sugar is the next main ingredient. That’s not a good thing – 2.8 teaspoons of sugar!

- Food Acids are generally used to enhance the taste in soft drinks and sweets and to create the conditions for the formation of confectionary

- “Flavours” can be made up of 5 to 50 different ingredients. This is like their “secret sauce” so other people or manufacturers can’t copy it. Most flavours are modelled off the flavour of an actual food stuff but it’s just an imitation of the flavour of that food. So I’m sorry, I can’t enlighten you with what’s actually in these flavours.

Using the Chemical Maze App, here’s what I can share with you about these colours:

- Colour 122 is also known as Azorubine or Carmoisine. It is banned in USA, Japan and Canada and maybe petroleum derived. In the EU, foods with this colour must carry a health warning. The function of this colour is to make the food look red. It’s potential effects and symptoms include Asthma, Hyperactivity, may cause allergic reactions, tantrums, skin ailments such as eczema, dermatitis, itching, hives, rashes etc

- Colour 150d is also known as Caramel IV. It may be genetically modified. Potential effects and symptoms include Asthma, gastrointestinal ailments, allergic and hypersensitive reactions and hyperactivity.

- Colour 110 is also known as Sunset Yellow FCF (sounds pretty eh?). Product labels in the EU must carry a healthy warning. Potential effects and symptoms include Asthma, diarrhoea, hay fever, hyperactivity, nausea, nettle rash or hives, vomiting, behavioural problems, learning difficulties, skin ailments (eczema, dermatitis etc)

- Colour 102 also known as Tartrazine. Product labels in the EU must carry a healthy warning, Synthetic Azo Dye. Potential effects and symptoms include aggressive behaviour, behavioural problems, difficult concentration, headache, insomnia, learning difficulties, skin rash, suspected musculoskeletal and neurotoxicity, Confusion, depression, hayfever, migraines, hyperactivity, sleep disturbance.

- Colour 123 also known as Amaranth – not the grain, but the synthetic chemical. Banned in USA, may be pertroleum derived, synthetic azo dye. Potential effects and symptoms include Asthma, gastrointestinal symptoms, may affect liver and kidney function, may cause hyperactivity, skin rash, suspected animal carcinogen, suspected teratogen (which means may be a factor which cause malformation of an embryo), allergic and hypersensitive reactions, hayfever, skin ailments (eczema, dermatitis etc)

- Colour 133 known as Brilliant Blue, this colour is petroleum derived and a synthetic azo dye. Potential effects and symptoms include allergic reactions, asthma, gastrointestinal symptoms, may cause hyperactivity, rhinitis, suspected carcinogen, suspected mutagen, suspected neurotoxicity, nettle rash or hives, skin ailments (eczema, dermatitis etc).

- Preservative 202 is also known as Potassium Sorbate. It’s mainly petroleum derived. Potential effects and symptoms include allergic reactions, asthma, headache, hyperactivity, skin irritations, behavioural problems.

- Preservative 211, known as Sodium Benzoate. Petroleum derived. Potential effects and symptoms include asthma, headache, hyperactivity, may damage DNA in cells, skin irritation, stomach upset, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, skin ailments.

- Preservative 223 Sodium metabisulphite, is synthetically derived. Potential effects and symptoms include hayfever, asthma, suspected respiratory, kidney and immunotoxicity, gastrointestinal ailments, headache, migraine, hyperactivity, skin ailments (eczema, dermatitis etc).

In case you were wondering, the Zooper Dooper Sourz are no better than these cosmic flavours.

And that folks, is why Zooper Doopers do not belong at school, no matter how much money they make.

With the help of our fabulous Ambassador network of Kids Health Heroes, here’s some suggestions you can replace Zooper Doopers with that are still fun and kids will love:
- Frozen orange mouth guards (oranges cut into mouthguard sized pieces)
- Mandarin pieces on a paddlepop stick and frozen
- Frozen watermelon on paddlepop stick
- Frozen bananas on a paddlepop stick
- Cups of frozen grapes and berries
- Frozen smoothies
- Natural Greek Yoghurt with fruit pieces stirred through and freeze
- Frozen fruit cups – dice up different fruits, pop in a small cup, stick a paddlepop stick in a larger piece of fruit, then pour in some diluted 100% fruit juice. Freeze.
- Use Roar Cordial (additive and preservative free) to make ice blocks
- Juicies 100% real fruit. They come in fundraising boxes or event sized boxes too.
- Proud and Punch
- Smooze

Providing healthier options make take a little longer or cost a little more, but the truth is our kids health and their learning is worth it.

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Thanx to @australianorganic for the beautiful
Reminder 😍 yummm

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