Gryphon Trio pianist Jamie Parker discusses the #ElementsEternal recording process. 'Elements Eternal' now available for pre-order: #GryphonTrioPlaysCanada
Composer Andrew Staniland on the writing of 'Solstice Songs': "...the dictionary definition of "song" - despite immediately conjuring up ‘words set to music' - is quite inclusive, embracing poetry, the wordless songs of animals such as whales, and wordless musical composition. There are no words in 'Solstice Songs', however the writing is song-like... It is the poetry of sound." On July 6, #GryphonTrioPlaysCanada #ElementsEternal #LivestreamLaunch
Fall into Gryphon Trio's spell with this beautiful rendition of Antonín Dvořák's first 'Dumky' trio episode. On July 6, #GryphonTrioPlaysCanada #ElementsEternal #LivestreamLaunch

James Ehnes, vla; BBC Symphony Orchestra; Edward Gardner, cond
"I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the bevy of violists out there, but for the life of me I’ve never been able to understand why it is considered so difficult to play that instrument when compared to the violin. After all, a viola is really just a Papa Bear-sized violin, is it not? And over the years, I’ve heard many fine violinists, including Josef Suk, pick up the viola and play it with a beautiful tone and outstanding technique—as James Ehnes, one of the world’s premiere violinists, does here. And nowhere in the notes does it say that Ehnes had to study the viola for a year or two before picking it up to play this concerto." THE ART MUSIC LOUNGE
Available from Chandos Records here:

WALTON: Viola Concerto.* Sonata for String Orchestra. Partita for Orchestra / *James Ehnes, vla; BBC Symphony Orchestra; Edward Gardner, cond / Chandos 5210 I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the …

Lachrimae est #1 dans le palmarès Jazz - Blues - World - Classique chez Archambault!
Bravo aux artistes: Nigel North Les Voix humaines et le label ATMA Classique!

Lachrimae is #1 in the jazz - blues - world - classic at @[307176913398:274:Archambault]! Congratulations to the artists: @[1820147158:2048:Nigel North] @[391322324251914:274:Les Voix humaines] and the label @[167626383266735:274:ATMA Classique]!