This also represents my current body shape 😋

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😣🤪 xxx

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Harry the Westie.

My face when someone’s eaten all the orange creams

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That’s better! Happy Halloween 🎃 🎃🎃🎃

Feeling a little..... blue tonight.... 🎃😭

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My Green shot - a beauty/health drink. For clear skin, anti aging, intestinal health, vitamins, protein, and an energy boost. All-in-one.
1tsp maca powder
1tsp matcha tea
1tsp spirulina
2 shots aloe Vera (40mls)...
Mix well and knock back every morning for a massive multivitamin shot. Also good pre- work out or just for general health. Tastes appalling but nothing good for you ever does, so get some water ready or a nice tasty bite of something to chase it 😆😖😜

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Have any of you ladies had a skin problem, which you have remedied? I mean anything at all - such as acne, rosacia, dermatitis, eczema, scarring, stretch marks, psoriasis, dandruff - literally anything that you tried everything for by prescription or naturally and found something that helped? Or alternatively you might be looking for a solution. If so please share your experience whatever or however odd the remedy was or condition! I want to know so we can share and help each other out. Thank you 😊 xxxxxxxxxxx

Totes amazeballs 😻

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This mask however is very good. Gives a nice glow to the skin and doesn't break me out like most deep cleansing masks do (they draw out more gunk and make my skin spottier). Have to admit though it's stinging my actual face off tonight, but that could be because I have salts in my bath. This is at boots I noticed, but I snapped this up with a serum from the same range for a good English fiver at TK Max #beautybargains

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Sad to say this product was a total waste of money! Literally zero change in colour. I love #sttropez usually but this was nearly £10 and did nothing whatsoever. Don't buy it.

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Actually starting to enjoy being makeup free, both from putting it on my own chops, and everybody else's- it's good to have a break and I'm not beating myself up about. I have to do me and I'm sleeping just fine 👌

After a lot of difficulty, and tough decisions, I've had to take a break from makeup for a little while at least. Due to health reasons and family, it's just not practical for me to continue to do makeup to the best of my ability. I always want to give you my all and I don't want to give anyone a sub standard service, or make myself unwell. I currently have vertigo, it will never completely go away, it comes and goes but at the moment I'm just not well enough to be my best as a makeup artist. I'd rather be on top form and give my all to clients and right now that's just not possible for me. Thank you for your patience and I'm still happy to answer your make up questions and give advice, which I still love to do. Sorry to my clients who I've had to cancel, I am sure you understand. 💜😭😭

Anyone looking for a local, experienced hair dresser, with expert specialist colour techniques and SAKS training, please like and share her page ❤️

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A few oldies and a couple of newbies in the old girls kit today. Very impressed with the #giorgioarmani power fabric foundation. When applied with a sponge the product even covered a birth mark yesterday and looked natural and "skin-like". Also for lighter build-able coverage, I always have had a soft spot for the fluid application of #MAC face and body. Setting either with #CharlotteTilbury airbrush flawless finish powder will seal the deal for the day. Boom. #fakebeautifulskin #beauty #blemishesbegone
The #elf shimmer sheets are always handy for a bronze glow. Brushes in the pic are elf flat top powder brush and #morphebrushes long handle kabuki from their contour set in white. #makeupartist #lovemakeup

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Makeup mess is the best mess xxx

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