Check out our new series The Trigger! Watch part one of this awesome Nerf action adventure!

Jacob responds to a priority level distress beacon which sends him into a bigger mission than he expected. He'll need to use all of the resources he can gath...

Check out our latest Nerf Socom News - Episode 29, where we talk about the new series a bit and have a gun flipping contest!

Adam and Julian answer questions about The Trigger series, announce the winner of the mod contest, and flip guns! Check out the contest winner's video: https...
Elite Cam ECS Foootage

Check out the first video in our latest series "Nerf Tactics"!

Adam and Julian discuss basic tactics to use in a Nerf battle. Keep these tactical tips and optimize your battles! Let us know what type of tactics you want ...

Which do you think is better? See our new short!

Adam and Julian get into a fight over whether Nerf or Airsoft is better. Which one do you think is better? "Adam and Julian get into an argument about whethe...

Want to learn how to have fun while eating your veggies?! Check out today's Nerf Socom News!

In this episode of Nerf Socom News, Adam and Julian show you the healthy and fun way to dine in style!

Submission for the Nerf Socom Video Contest 2 is now open! Submit your video ideas now for a chance to win a free blaster!

You will be making a video idea, we'll be making the video!

Check out our review for the Mega Cycloneshock! Let us know what you think of the new internal overview segment!

Julian reviews the Nerf Mega Cycloneshock and Adam follows with an internals overview.

Check out the latest episode of Nerf Socom News!

Adam and Julian try their best to retain their wits as they present the latest episode of Nerf Socom News while sick at midnight.

The Nerf Socom Trivia Contest is now open for entry! Check it out and submit your responses now!

Here are the Nerf Socom giveaways. We hold monthly Dream Blaster Contests on Nerf Socom News, but also have a special giveaway on occasion, so keep up to date

As promised, the long awaited arsenal video for 2014!

Adam and Julian present their 2014 Nerf Arsenal.

See us conclude our year in our last video of 2014!…/our-nerf-arsenal-nerf-socom-news-12/

Adam and Julian conclude their year with an Arsenal video and announce a wacky new contest!

Watch us utterly fail in the bloopers/outtakes for our latest short "Bad Idea"!

Watch Adam and Julian repetitiously fail to dramatically flip guns synced to classical music.

As promised, here's our latest short, "Bad Idea"!

Adam and Julian are confused about their latest idea.

Today, we posted Nerf Socom News Episode 11 for the month of November! Stay tuned for another special video today, as well!

Adam and Julian reply to comments, announce a new contest, and Julian invents the Nerf Pistol Fire Rev 247!

We have an extra video for you this week! We reviewed the Nerf Elite Rhino Fire!

Julian reviews the Nerf Elite Rhino Fire.

Today we premiered the next season of the Which Should I Get Series, covering the Blasters of 2014!

Julian compares the 2014 Zombie Strike releases in the new 2014 "Which Should I Get?" series! Stay tuned for the next episode! Visit our website: http://nerf...

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