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I've been using this @GoPowerBear charger with Quick Charge 3.0 and wrote up a review for those in the market

I love long road trips and camping in the middle of nowhere. I use traffic apps on the way to work to find the quickest rout. Navigation is a huge part of my phones duties while in the car. Sadly some chargers can hardly keep up with charging my phone while running heavy power hungry apps like GPS n...

Finally got SSL certs up. Sorry about that, like really #WhatYearIsIt #lazy #ITProblems @LetsEncrypt


Our owner/operator is celebrating his 27th today! HBD to @ThaMunsta Mike Johnston

I'm paid to eat and do a better job Googling errors than the client #ITProblems

Camping season is coming! If you need a great portable bluetooth speaker check out our @AnkerOfficial review!

If you use services like Spotify or Google Music, or simply have a massive SD card in your phone, you likely keep a lot of music which is sometimes awkward to play when entertaining. Your phone speaker is awful and not everything that sounds good in your house or car may support bluetooth connection...

"Virtual machines - that way everything can just be in trial mode" #ITProblems

Hamachi is not a solution people... Please! #ITProblems

When I ask an IT person to take a screenshot I really don't expect a 2mb pixelated cell phone picture of the screen. Thanks tho #ITProblems

I love a good battery backup #ITProblems

My review of this incredible handy @AUKEYofficial USB battery bank. LOVE IT!

I spent a great deal of time debating between various sizes brands and form factors. To give you a bit of a tour of the hardware, this model features 2 powered quick charge USB ports at 2.4 amps each, one charging micro USB port and one charging thunderbolt port. The powered USB ports will go to sle...

Great wall charger for at home or on the go

If you are always on the go with a handful of devices this is a great companion. Many hotels now have USB charge ports but they are slow and may only have 1 or 2 ports available. This wall charger has a convenient folding outlet prongs, good for travel bags and 3 high amp USB charging ports. All 2.4...

Please don't shout at your computer. Slow computers get anxious when under stress or pressure. It's not their fault #ITProblems #EqualRights

If I wrote more content I could probably get back into sending the newsletters!

Anyone else use the fast support website? Ever had to spell out fast and get told it's not a real word? #ITProblems

That awkward moment when the typo in your email to the IT director says 75bit instead of 64bit #ITProblems

Don't want Shodan to scan your host? Find out how to keep them from scanning

Blocking Shodan | Keeping in the dark from scanning Leave a reply For a while now I have been interested in keeping Shodan’s paws off my equipment both at home and in the cloud. While doing a search I noticed a number of other tech people who feel the same way. While there are parts of inf...