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  • Im going to try to help , assist and save the souls of this wicked , wicked world whether they like it or not !! I refuse to let someone harm themselves with falsehoods !! I WILL SPREAD THE TRUTH !! I am a soldier for YHWH and his messiah Yahushuah , and no mortal bond here on earth , however strong , can separate me from my master !! I WILL STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH !! No government can silence me , no human can stop me , and all the enemy can do is to martyr me - i am not afraid !! I will stand up for the truth , nor will i ever back down ! No human can stop me , nothing in this world can prevent me , and hell can not handle me !! I am a mere sinner saved by the master and justified through his love , which must be proved by us doing works . Faith without works is dead . Works without faith never even existed - it was not even true works.
    I can not stand evil .
    I repent of all my sins , and i am sorry
    I am a soldier for Yahushua . They can not stop me !! Unlike them , i know the battle is ALREADY WON . And god ( YHWH) is VICTORIOUS !!
    Behind all of the evils in this world , lies the immense love of our creator . None of us are worthy of even treading on the ground that he created . Yet look at all that we are given . So think twice before you curse the one who drew your first breath.
Favorite Quotes
  • I have not come to destroy the torah , but to fulfill it - Yahushuwah Hamashiach
    "Fight fire with fire was a favorite among the confederates . They lost the war . How do you think , then , america will fare in the middle east , seeing they adopted the doctrine of their confederate enemies?"
    The so-called men of god go out to win a convert from among the pagans , but once converted by these pharisees , the former pagan becomes twice the son of hell he ever was before - Yahushuwah Hamashiach
    I despise religion . I love the bible , and i have a personal relationship with christ . But i despise organized religion - Jesus-is-savior.com
    How can people expect god to bless america when we kill unborn children , start wars against innocent people in the middle east , and have our government worship some sort of 40-foot owl in bohemian grove ? its madness ! If the middle east abandoned islam , id go there i a heartbeat ! islamic nonsense is the only thing preventing me from moving out of this godless country ! - jesus-is-savior.com
    The world is run by very different people than you may think - Benjamin Disraeli
    Obama is a fraud , a scam , set up by the same banking elite who destroyed our country , put an end to the real republican party , and set up such big government frauds like bush and reagan , only to have obama come and "fix" all that . Good luck , america . You thought it was getting bad under bush ? Trust me , by the end of Obama's presidency , you will MISS bush . A lot . - Alex Jones
    The very word secrecy is repugnant , in a free and open society . And we are as a people , inherently and historically opposed to secret societies . -- We are opposed around the world by a monolithic , and ruthless conspiracy , that relies primarily on covet means to achieve its primary goals .- JFK
    We must gaurd against the acquistion of unwarranted influence , whether sought or unsought , by the military industrial complex . The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists , and will persist - Dwight David Eisenhower
    You cursed at the hand that drew your first breath , therefore , what you demand is death - Babylon mystery orchestra
    Explain again , please , how our current government is any different than anarchy ? If govt is for the citizens , than our fake government run by the elite , since it is not run by citizens , is the opposite of a true government . Our government is anarchy , and i stand against the government as an enemy of anarchy
    However good ron paul may seem , i am frightened by both his liberal supporters , and his family's support of Ronald Reagan and other neo-cons
    Love those who perescute you , and help those who hate you - The mashiach
    For this is the message you heard from the beggining , to love one another , not like cain , who was of the wicked one , and killed his brother Abel . For all those who love their brother , whether their parents are jew or gentile , now become of god , and are engrafted into israel , and now have a duty to obey torah - the scriptures
    I fear for my life - princess diana
    The law of torah was not abolished when the messiah was crucified . The law of sin , that is , the lack of torah , was . Ever since 700 years before messiah , the law of sin had ruled earth , because the fake jews , the pharisees , seeked to abolish torah and replace it with vain traditions , manmade laws , and the talmud . But when the messiah came , he took away our sins . How could the messiah have taken away our sins if he abolished torah - because doing so would make us enslaved to the bondage of sin ? Law is not bondage , lawlessness and sin is bondage . The messiah didnt bring a new covenent , he brought the old covenant , and renewed it , because the pharisees had abolished it . No longer do we have to bow to the law of sin , that is , the manmade laws of the pharisees , but we are now free to obey the laws of god , the torah of moses .
    Righteousness is not of this world . If righteousness was of this world , my servants would fight for me , so that i may not be delivered into the hands of the judeans and romans . But behold , i offer up my life freely - what greater love is this , than he who is without blame to endured not only torture , but death , to save his friends ? - the mashiach


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