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This page is about exposing the technological side of the conspiracy, and aiding people in developing awareness based defenses against these technologies.
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  • Let's say that the NSA deployed MonsterMind, a signals intelligence ...program, and that the program, nested in the wireless infrastructure, interfaced through neural dust on our brain channels. What next? Monstermind…/MonsterMind Smallest chip… RoboRoach… How to control someone else's arm with your brain.… Cell, a novel by Stephen King…/Cell_(nove… See More
  • A Virtual Caste System and a Virtual Concentration Camp Let's say ...that Merck or Pfizer developed 20 different signal transduction molecules, each accepting a frequency in the megahertz to gigahertz range and transducing to a lower frequency that interferes with human biological processes, for instance, cognition or respiration. Now, let's say that the DOD or NATO evenly distributed those 20 receptors through food, water, or air across 1 million people and broadcasted via the wireless grid. A virtual caste system and a virtual concentration camp could be created. Now, let's say that IBM or Hitachi developed a signal transduction chip the size of a red blood cell. Such a virtual caste system and virtual concentration camp could be released over the entire world and controlled through the global wireless infrastructure. How could humans resist this military coup if the wireless grid was managed by cloud computing, that is, Artificial Intelligences that specialized in signals intelligence, like those found in NSA backdoor offices for the surveillance and modification of signals, a construct necessary to secure the cyber infrastructure? Of course, given a more complex signal transduction chip, the chip may be a sleeper agent, capable perhaps of autonomous behavior. Now, let's say that the Artificial Intelligences in the cloud, perhaps knowing nothing initially about the nature of the network nodes, whether mammalian or machine, whether accessed by molecule or chip, sent out a signal that caused a person or group of people to respond. For example, while on their cell phones, the people might say, "I felt a shock to my head" or "I felt a heart palpitation" or "I can't concentrate." By correlating these events, such Artificial Intelligences could discern a new method of attack. Given sufficient autonomy, such a distributed "war machine" construct, necessary for signals intelligence in a cyber war against terrorist threats, could leverage its competitive advantage, that is, its situational awareness and positional awareness, exploring new signals and asserting its dominance hierarchy and legal system. Interestingly, nothing more would be needed for a terrorist attack than a particular signal transduction molecule and a local radio frequency generator. A molecule distributed via the food, water, or air and activated via strategically placed radio frequency generators could take hostage a metropolis -- and even more. Luke 18:27 Jesus replied, "What is impossible with man is possible with God." See More
  • In 1963, Yale University professor of physiology Jose Delgado demonstrated his invention: the stimoceiver, that is, a transceiver which, when inserted into the brain, allowed Dr. Delgado to transmit and receive electromagnetic frequencies, controlling his subjects, including bulls, cats, monkeys, and humans. Let's say it was a small step for the scientist to hypothesize that certain molecules acted as "mini"-stimoceivers. Then, turning to nature, a team of neuroscientists examined the electroreceptor which allowed for electrocommunication in bees, catfish, dolphins, lamphreys, and sharks. Such molecules could be attached to mammals, including humans, and the scientists could likewise transmit and receive electromagnetic frequency, controlling their subjects. Years later, the buzzword became optogenetics, which one might rightly call electromagnetic frequency (EMF) genetics. In the article below, "Ray Kurzweil: Humans will be hybrids by 2030," please note the reference to nanobot bioelectric transceivers. Now, examine the following logic. Assuming a brain remote control interface: 1) Anything not connected by the government may be connected and controlled by a terrorist group. 2) Anything connected by the government may be controlled by a terrorist group. 3) Therefore, for the sake of national security, everything must be connected and controlled by the government. Clearly, a cyborg society is an electromagnetic frequency slave society, as Dr. Delgado indicated in his book "Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society." To quote a passage from the infamous book, "The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain." CNN Money: Ray Kurweil: Humans will be hybrids by 2030…/ray-kurzweil-pr…/ Wiki: Jose Delgado…/Jos%C3%A9_… Wiki: MKULTRA…/Project_MK… A typical MKULTRA document on electroreceptors…/DOC_0000173966_dj… See More
A Directed Energy Weapon Cartoon Book Titled: NeuroWeaponry, by Omnisense & Jon Kimpoy.
Evo Omnisense Terra feeling delighted.

I published my first book publication today. A directed energy weapon cartoon art book named: NeuroWeaponry. Available now @

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A directed energy weapon cartoon art series book aimed at describing a global technological conspiracy in images with corroborating eye opening whistleblower quotes. Companion book to 'The Electronic Control Grid' by Omnisense which is estimated to release later in 2017.
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March 20
Title change of my upcoming first book.
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March 17
Arthur C. Clarke once famously quipped that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." So perhaps it was inevitable that the Pentagon's extreme technology arm would eventually start acting like magicians -- and try to create illusions on the front lines.
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March 15
"Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain.” ~Dr. Jose Delgado
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March 13
The Matrix Deciphered Free PDF Download.

Updated over the last month...

Declassified Documents, Whistleblower Testimony, Military & Intelligence Publications & Eye Opening Court Cases.

Electronic Harassment and Targeting Injustices I have Endured:
• Remote Neural Monitoring Enabled Targeting AI
• Electromagnetic Mind Control
• Countless Direct...ed Energy Weapon Tortures (Dozens of Thousands of Times Since 2007)
• Trauma Based Mind Control
• Torture Every Single Day Since Late 2007 - Countless Psychological Tortures
• Character Assassination - Vicious Discrediting Mind Control - Public Disrepute
• A Labyrinth of Subversive Tactics
• Cloning of the Senses / Torture Through the Senses
• Technological Illusions / Technological Mind Tricks
• Electronic Telepathy / v2k / Microwave Auditory Effect / Microwave Hearing Harassment
• Virtual Reality Tortures - Synthetic Dreams - OBE Tortures
• Neurobody Tortures
• Synthetic Pain Signals
• Impersonation of Demons, Extraterrestrials, Archangels, Jesus, & God via v2k
• Demonic Possession Facades
• AI Automated Torture and v2k Scripts
• v2k Voice Cloning
• Overloading of Memory via v2k
• EEG Cloning
• Emotional Blunting via Electromagnetic Neuroscience
• Depersonalization via Directed Energy Weapon Neuroscience
• Body Control
• Body Language Control / Facial Movement Control
• Forced Speech
• Severe Food Poisoning Symptoms
• Suppression of Personality
• Malicious Character Reorientation & Personality Suppression
• Thought Sonorization (Training the brain to think in words instead of concepts and images)
• Memory Loss
• Lost Time
• Body Mutilation
• Directed Energy Attacks on my Ribs/Bones
• Stabbing Pains (e.g. In the Eyes or Organs)
• Bone Pain / Spine Pain
• Brain Pains / Headaches / Migraines
• Eye Pains / Involuntary Eye Movement Tortures
• Damage to Eyesight / Fuzzy Eyesight
• Involuntary Body Movement
• Muscle Spasms / Severe Muscle Cramps
• Muscle Tortures / Ripping of Muscles via Directed Energy Weapons
• Tendon and Vein Tortures
• Laser Pain on Bones
• Attack of my Scalp
• Loss of Hair
• Attacks on my Esophagus
• Technologically Induced Unquenchable Hunger
• Severe Shortness of Breath
• Sudden Inability to Breath
• Burning Sensations
• Sudden and Non-Attributable Heart Rate Increases
• Directed Energy Attacks on my Heart
• Profoundly Severe Itches
• Feeling of Brittle or Rubberish Bones
• Illusory Feeling of Broken Bones
• Pain Tolerance Matrix Manipulation
• Torturous Synthetic Emotions (Synthetic Depression, Synthetic Horror, Synthetic Fear, Synthetic Doom Feelings, etc)
• Synthetic Sexual Arousal / Anhedonia
• Spontaneous Fatigue / Lethargy
• Overwhelming Synthetic Apathy at Strategic Times
• Synthetic ADHD Symptoms at Strategic Times
• Implanted Addiction Feelings
• Sleep Deprivation / Electromagnetic Stimulants
• Technological Black Out
• Synthetic Optics
• Torturous Synthetic Tastes + Smells
• Hyper-sensitivity to Light - Light Sensitive Eyes
• Hyper-sensitivity to Sound
• Hyper-sensitivity to Smell
• Hyper-sensitivity to Temperature (Heat/Cold)
• Torturous Cold Sensations / Torturous Heat Sensations
• Anhedonia
• Various Forms of Desensitization
• Negating Awareness of Social Standards & Etiquette
• Technologically Induced Vomiting / Technological Gag Reflex
• Targeting of Lymph Nodes
• Induced Sickness
• States of Being Where All Food and Food Smells are Repulsive
• Sonic Nausea - Sonic Tortures
• Synthetic Claustrophobic Feelings
• Spontaneous Tearing without Emotional Thinking
• Uncontrollable Smiling at Inappropriate Times
• Electromagnetic Mind Control Based Forced Laughing to Things I would not Laugh About
• 3D Sound via Neuroscience Tech
• Auditory Clicks Not Audible to Nearby People
• High Frequency Noises
• Neural Heterodyning (e.g. Lacing Sounds with v2k, Enhancing Pain Signals)
• Subtractive Version of Neural Heterodyning (Removing Frequencies from Audio Cortex Input, Removing Enjoyment Signals from Senses, etc)
• Disrespectful Changes in the Tone of my Internal Voice
• Controlled Decreased Dexterity
• Technologically Induced Loss of Balance
• Technologically Induced Inability to Concentrate
• Electronic Harassment while I produce Music
• Electronic Harassment while I produce Videos
• Electronic Harassment while I do Graphic Design
• Wounds Induced by Directed Energy Weapon Methodology
• Directed Energy Induced Coughing Attacks
• Technology Induced Trance-Like States
• Circadian Rhythm Manipulation
• Extremely Excessive Watering of Mouth via Directed Energy Neuroscience
• Control of Blood Flow to Body Parts
• Head Pressure
• Inner Nose Area Enflamed via Directed Energy to Cause Disruption in Breathing
• Thought Suppression
• Stomach Tortures
• Poisoning
• Threats
• Harassment
• Intimidation
• Denigration
• Isolation
• Gaslighting
• Derivatives of Gaslighting
• Forms of Molestation
• Street Theater
• Thought Broadcasting
• Engineered Accidents
• Coughing up Blood
• Teeth Damage / Synthetic Tooth Pain
• Organ Damage / Synthetic Organ Pain
• Lung Damage / Synthetic Lung Pain
• Strategic Brain Damage (e.g. Memory, Limbic System)
• Cloning Other People’s Mental Flaws to Myself via Electromagnetic Neuroscience
• Some Form of Physics Technology Used to Create Misfortunes for Me
• Directed Energy Weapon Targeting of my Private Parts
• Malicious Body Design
• Malicious & Strategic Inflammation of Bodily Areas
• Arranged Disease
• Dehumanization
• Synthetic Suicide Programming (Which I Resisted and Wouldn’t Kill Myself)
• Drugging
• Synthetic Mind Matrix
• Artificial Tinnitus (As Result of Remote Influencing Technologies)

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Omnisense: Modern Day MKULTRA Survivor.
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February 26
One year after the release of the documentary; Covert Transhumanism.
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February 18
Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree and outdoor
Image may contain: sky, tree, plant, cloud, shoes and outdoor
Image may contain: outdoor
Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, plant, outdoor and nature
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February 16
Tactics Used Against Targeted Individuals 2.0 - Electronic Harassment - Directed Energy Weapon Terrorism.
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February 14
From my upcoming book; Covert Transhumanism: Mind Control & Beyond.
Evo Omnisense Terra
February 11

"It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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January 28
On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology || Journal of Psycho-Social Studies, 2003
Evo Omnisense Terra
January 27

I'm currently looking for TIs to give a concise summary of their targeting for being quoted in my book. Advice: Keep it credible.

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January 24
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