New England Airsoft And Tactical will be closed tomorrow do to the severe cold, We will see about Sunday, We may be closed all weekend.

We will be offering one more weekend of foreign gun repair, We will be posting that weekend soon for January, After that weekend we will only repair guns bought from New England Airsoft And Tactical, Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Travis Carroll
· October 3, 2014
Great selection! Amazing service! Wonderfully interesting and knowledgeable staff! Convenient location! Shaun's chicken! Pictures of cats and cartoon equines on the wall! Nothing bad I could ever poss...ibly say about this place! It's downright the best airsoft shop I've ever been to! They even know how to dress a tomahawk wound! Hot damn, just look at all these exclamation points!

Shrek out of 10, best small airsoft shop!
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Matthew Dowling
· July 14, 2014
The pro shop is excellent with a very large selection of guns both gas & aeg's along with tactical clothing, plate carriers,gloves,helmets ect. Pricing was good also.
Contrary to there web page there... was no chrono check or explanation of there rules. The field is huge with multiple buildings, forts, & trails into the woods which gives it a multi demential feel. The referees would sometimes play in the games which is confusing (how can you ref & play). Staging area is covered but small with multiple tables,spools & a few chairs. Overall a decent place with good inside help but would benefit with better refs and more organization. See More
Jason Alves
· September 10, 2017
Amazing service, great value, and knowledgeable employees.
Phil Cunningham
· September 21, 2017
Best place on cape to get airsoft and replica gear
Kyle Hall
· April 4, 2015
Great local shop to buy gear and guns! The owner is super nice and is very helpful with any questions you have.
Joshua Macdonald
· September 19, 2015
The best Airsoft store I have ever been, always has what I am looking for and more, personally have gotten 3 guns here and have never had better service!!!
Jeffrey Hine
· September 11, 2015
ABSOLUTLY the best airsoft supply company in the greater cape cod area! Freindly knowledgable staff can answer any questions and they have the best prices around I get all my gear and ammunition here.... Thanks glenn See More
Andrew Silvestro
· November 19, 2015
Best prices around, better product than other places, and best of all the shipping is almost instantaneous.
Charlie Horton
· October 22, 2015
Best retailer in New England me and my team only buy are supplies here great prices friendly reliably service very helpful
Aj Pezzella
· November 23, 2015
Approachable and attentive staff. Will shop here again soon!
Scott James
· March 18, 2017
Really nice guy he works with you and really helps out
Jow Hallond
· September 27, 2015
This place rocks. Awesome owner, great stuff. Will go back for sure
Vikiñg Sos
· January 22, 2015
Great people. Good prices and a local airsoft store that has a lot of stuff. What more can you ask for.
Jeremy Carew
· March 2, 2014
love this place they always take care of me whenever i need something done!
Vasily Volk Wulfarenthorn
· March 19, 2015
Amazing service! Reasonable prices and they really know what they are talking about.
Spring offensive 9 at UBG
Microgun time!
Spring offensive 9

Well VSR-10 510fps with .20 gram bbs with bi-pod scope /silencer coming in for Christmas, Also vests goggles And half mesh masks.

This weekend we will be putting a Mancraft non electronic semi only air engine in a Echo1 SR-25 And a 6.01 madbull steel bull 650mm tight bore barrel in this sniping machine, Stay tuned in to our page, We will have some exiting up coming videos of our build, And how far and accurate we can get it to shoot, And yes it will be for sale.

We have some great Holiday specials going on now, And a fresh stock up of Prometheus precision inner tight bore barrels,We have also built some very affordable HPA guns for a great Christmas gift, Your choice F-2 polar star, The affordable jack, Or How about a wolverine engine, There recoil shock is back in stock, valken V-12 Engine for only 250,00, We have sold 4 this week of the v-12 engine with very happy customers for a great HPA affordable gun build, We also have in stock a H&K 417 AEG ,With Bi-pod, battery And smart charger for 450.00, A great deal, So come in and see us for all your Airsoft needs, For some great Christmas gifts under the tree.

Looking for a Fusion Engine?

One of our techs has a great deal for you....

Used a few times but don't really use it all that much anymore, needs a good home....
Still have Box

Comes with
Red Nozzle -$18 value
Blue Nozzle - Stock
Fcu unit

Poppet shim kit-new -$15 value
Spare solenoid-new - $60 value
Spare screw set-new -$ 5 value
Spare switch board-new $20 value
Spare Oring Kit- new $20 value
Spare banjo fitting-new $7 value

$350 Without spare parts
$425 with spare parts

Message for details

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we are re-stocked with Elite force bio bbs, EG-67s grenades Enola smoke grenades purple green And orange for Halloween game, R2Bs frag grenades, Glock 17 green gas blowback pistols, Elite force tactical 1911s co2, G&G raider r-8l with 120 spring, red tracer bbs And tracer units, Polar star jack f-1 units in stock tanks, IGL lines, slp regulators, Tanks, And much more come and see us this weekend, our shop is located on the playing field in bourne UBG airsoft.

We have one classic army micro gun left, And more pistols coming in for this weekend,G&G combat machines HI-FPS MODEL R8-L, Stop by and see what we have in the shop.

We would like to take a moment to give our thoughts & prayers to the victims of last night's tragic event in Las Vegas.

We ask you take a moment and keep those in your thoughts who were severely injured or lost their life

Please note :


Police said family and friends looking for their loved ones can call 1-866-535-5654.

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Do to the severe flooding at UBG our store will be opening late, And bring a canoe, We will be running a ferry from parking lot to our store, by the way the parking lot is under water also. Submarines welcome.

The second shipment of the new classic army MICRO-GUN is coming in next week who wants one? Each barrel has its own independent hop unit to fine tune each barrel, And it is HPA, Call now and get yours. don't forget Christmas is just around the corner.
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The biggest news the Airsoft and Airgun world has seen in a long time just happened...

An official licensed Glock for the masses is really coming worldwide and’s from Umarex USA, Inc./ Elite Force / Umarex !!!!

More details here as we get them in, so stay tuned here.

Video link here to the release from the Umarex YouTube channel is here:

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