So I know it's early but I want to set the tone and get people thinking about next year since the dates are already out....get ready.

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Okay boys and girls... I am back to the old ways and back in the fold. I need to know who is down for what this year ??? Looks like this might be a early spring so lets hit hard and go to Massachusetts and straight up FSU !!!!!


Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving with family and friends !!!

So who wants to play a event ?????

The season is still a couple months away but will be here before you know it. Who wants to play this year?

Both the D3 and D4 xball teams are heading down to Boston paintballs NEXL Event #4 this morning. Good luck boys and do some work! !!!!

Hope all our friends in the Boston area is ok! Best wishes and all the hope in the world to all the family and friends of those who where hurt.

HAD A BLAST at the NEXL Rotos Today! Thanks to everyone who let us shoot them, and who shot us back! Good Times!

Boston Bound for NEXL Rotos Tomorrow!!

Loving the Mock up for the Long Sleeves! is where we started Blizzard back up again, and will forever be our Home Forum!

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A mockup of the new long sleeves available for order. These will be made with the finest quality Hanes 100% cotton Beefy-T's. Keep in mind, the final product wi...ll have long sleeves.

$20 per shirt
Additional $2 for XXL and extra $2.50 for XXXL
Shipping is $5 per order.

If you would like purchase a shirt, message me on here or our website,, with your order information (size and quantity) and your preferred payment method (cash, check, or card).

Shoutout to Clockwork Clothing for making the shirts!

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Has the Season Started yet!!??

Attention all players in the New England area, we are looking for players for the 2013 season in the NEPL/NEXL leagues. This will be for for pump/3man/5man/7man/xball. If you have any questions post here or message zeke sniperseventyone skibow. Act fast as these spots may fill quickly. Happy New Years everyone !!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year to everyone! Stay safe! You All!!


Blizzard's 7Man Team just took 3rd place at BONE!!! CONGRATS GUYS!!!

At the Moment holding down a Solid 3rd Place for 7 Man!! With still 1 match left to play!

Good luck to all the teams down at The NEPL - New England Paintball League today! Blizzards hungry for the win!! IT'S BONE BABY!!

Okay boys and girls..Nepl event 5 is 33 days away and I hope everyone is going to hit the practices up hard going in to it !!! Looks like well be doing 7man, 5man, pump and Xball !!!