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Spoken word by @CBH_510 Chris Higgenbotham at NO JUSTICE NO SERVICE: Race and #HigherEd: ON limits!
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Katie Lawson-Rogers
· March 12, 2014
Keep up the good work. Adjuncts are generally isolated from one another, we need to social media to tell our stories and unite. It makes more sense to work for ...equality for adjuncts than it does filling out application for full-time positions. Part-time work is where the majority of us will end up and we need ensure we are being paid a fair wage. The future of higher Ed depends on it. Stop being afraid to speak up thinking it will hurt your position. You have nothing to lose. See More
Marcia Decker
· February 18, 2014
I'm all for it. All non-full time employees need to be represented.

Good news for contingent faculty applying for unemployment insurance between academic terms (like now): DOL guidance clarifies to state agencies how to understand adjunct employment and our right to unemployment under the law.

The DOL's just-released Unemployment Insurance Program Letter (UIPL) 05-17 provides long-overdue guidance to address the new reality of contingent academic employment in higher education. New Faculty Majority and the NFM Foundation have been at the for...efront of the effort to advocate for the issuance of this guidance. As we explained when we launched our Steve Street National Unemployment Compensation Initiative, this letter is a tool that adjunct faculty can use at the state level, both individually and collectively, to ensure that state agencies are correctly understanding and applying federal law. "The Department is issuing this guidance to remind states of the requirements," the UIPL explains, as well as to clarify relevant definitions and to explain how contemporary situations might be addressed -- a necessary step since the last guidance on this issue was released in 1986.

Highlights of the letter include: acknowledgment of the inconsistent application of the law in many states, clarification that unemployment cannot be denied if the adjunct's "economic conditions" in the second term or year are "considerably less than those of the first academic year or term." State agencies must investigate, and most significant, unemployment insurance cannot be denied as long as there exist contingencies "within the employer's control." Contingencies within the employer's control can include decisions about funding in addition to standard practices such as assignments based on programming and administrative discretion.

In advocating for the issuance of this letter, NFM has built on the groundbreaking work of AFT union members and staff in California and Washington who helped win the landmark 1989 Cervisi legal decision and the Washington state statute; of Joe Berry, Helena Worthen, and Beverly Stewart, who wrote a 2008 guide for adjuncts applying for unemployment, and their colleague Frank Brooks; and activists like Jack Longmate and our late colleague Steve Street. Around the country adjuncts have worked to change their state laws to strengthen adjunct access to unemployment and we hope this guidance letter will be helpful to them in their state efforts.

NFM was proud to lead the effort to inform the DOL of the need for this updated letter after we uncovered the 1986 version and proposed requesting its update. We were grateful to collaborate with AFT, NEA, SEIU, AAUP, UAW, USW, and especially adjunct leaders and staff within the unions, on this project. The work we all did together was a wonderful example of what we can accomplish with mutual respect, determination, and solidarity.

We will provide more detailed discussion of the letter in the coming weeks.

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Admin takes the lion's share again.

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Supporters of UAlbany Adjunct Faculty

The administration spent $400k on small raises for half the faculty but spent almost that for one person! Outrageous!!


Congratulations. It's been a long time coming. The wave of unionization continues...

“This moment has been decades in the making,” Local 33–UNITE HERE Chairman Aaron Greenberg, a Ph.D. candidate in the Political Science Department at Yale, said the release from the union. “Tonight is a tremendous victory and an opportunity for all of us to come together and work to address the issues we face.”

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NEW HAVEN >> After protests, debates and challenges, graduate student teachers in several Yale University departments Thursday night voted to form a union, according to a release.

Admin sucks up all the tuition, shortchanges teaching. Time to chop from the top.

The Administration, consisting of many, many six figure earners, offered, after almost two years of negotiations, a 5% non-retroactive raise, no health benefits..., and a huge increase in parking fees. They tell us they can't afford to offer us more. This article shows why they can't - students tuition dollars are going to a bloated bureaucracy. Please share widely.


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Higher education is ground zero for America’s ongoing culture war. But the battle to control the political tilt of the curriculum obscures another equally vital struggle: the contest between administrators and the faculty over who will define what higher education is today and how it will develop to...

Victory! Many warm congratylations to the contingent faculty at CCA!

Jessica Lawless with Aaron Gach and 33 others.

Cows fly, pigs come home to roost, chickens wear lipstick and CCA contingent faculty just reached a tentative agreement on their union contract! Stay tuned for ...details and congratulations to an amazing group of artists, writers, teachers, students, and alumni, who proved that creativity also creates concrete change. <3 #FacultyForward #SEIU1021 #CCA

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“The faculty, from adjunct professors to deans, tell you what to do, what to say, and more ominously, what to think. They say that if you voted for Donald Trump, you’re a threat to the university community,” read the remarks. “But the real threat is silencing the First Amendment rights of people with whom you disagree.”

Betsy DeVos, the U.S. education secretary, said that university faculty members “ominously” tell college students what to think, according to her

West Va. educators, heads up.

The West Virginia Legislature has introduced a number of bills concerning higher education in the first days of session.  Marybeth Beller, associate professor and director of Masters in Public Administration, weighed in on higher education legislation and its possible effects. “I think we are going…

Two courses per semester still earns well below the national poverty rate.

Despite a $400,000 increase in allocations for per-course salaries, non-tenured faculty at the University at Albany remain “drastically underpaid” this year, according to the union president. United University Professions is ...

Even graduate students live better. Thanks for nothing.

Michael Gerhard Martin feeling fed up.

Check out the pay and benefits associated with this position.

Emerging Writer in Residence - Fall 2017 at Pennsylvania State University at University Park

Want to know what you can do to help grossly underpaid Adjunct Professors? Here's the answer.

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Lee Kottner

Want to know what you can do to help grossly underpaid Adjunct Professors? Here's the answer.

"Ron Cole, university spokesperson, said adjuncts also get free parking, sick leave and tuition remission, among other benefits (but not health insurance). He confirmed that it’s been between 20 and 25 years since adjuncts received a raise."

"Maria Maisto, the Ohio-based president of the New Faculty Majority, a national adjunct advocacy organization, said she was familiar with the situation at Youngstown State, which may not be an outlier after all.
'Anecdotally, I can say that it's not uncommon, especially in places like Ohio,' she said, 'where there are significant obstacles to unionizing and no interest or effort by colleges and universities to pay fair wages for work that is at the core of the mission.'"

Looking for training help for your own group of adjunct badasses? Call the Resistance Hotline.

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Resistance Hotline

Today, in honor of #NotMyPresidentsDay, the Beautiful Trouble team is thrilled to launch the Resistance Hotline, a new take on a “1-800 support line” offering t...raining and nonviolent action support to counter Trumpism and build a strong resistance movement.

For starters, the Resistance Hotline debuts as a Facebook page & phone hotline. Hit us up here on Facebook, or by calling 1-844-NVDA-NOW and an expert direct action trainer will be in touch within 48 hours.

Spread the word.

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Caprice Lawless counts the myriad ways corporatization and neoliberalism hurt Colorado CC adjuncts.

BY CAPRICE LAWLESS Our work advocating for faculty may seem to be eclipsed, at present, by national events, but the stellar AAUP members in our Colorado Community College System (CCCS) Chapters, be…

News from adjunct ally and NFMF Board member Seth Kahn!

I'm happy to be able to announce that _Contingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity_ is alive and available in pre-print PDF and e-Pub formats from the WAC Clearinghouse. The electronic version is open access--that's one of the major reasons we wanted to work with this particular publisher.

It would take nearly the length of the book again to thank everybody who deserves it: contributors, co-editors, series editors, publi...sher/copy editor, and everybody else involved in producing it. Just as important for me right now is to thank all the people who inspired (or provoked, depending on my mood) it, especially the adjunct equity activists who have been willing to let me work with you over the last several years, whether you're in the book (and several of you are) or not.

For those of you who aren't familiar with WAC Clearinghouse, because they publish everything open-access, they depend on two sources for money to cover operating expenses: (1) purchases of print copies, which we'll let you know when they become available; and (2) contributions directly to the press. That is to say, if you can afford to buy the book when it's ready in print, we hope you will (and/or at least order it for your library); if you can't but can afford to pitch in a few bucks directly to the press, please do.

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The WAC Clearinghouse is an open-access, educational Web site that publishes journals, books, and other resources for teachers who use writing in their courses.

Hmmm, seems that strike authorization produced some movement.

Good news from Barnard College. A first contract for their contingent faculty union.

The College is pleased to have reached a tentative agreement with the Barnard Contingent Faculty Union (BCF)-UAW that reflects our deep respect for the union members’ significant contribution to the Barnard community. In keeping with the College's core goals of bargaining respectfully and in good fa...

If community colleges are so fantastic, pay the faculty more.

"You are nimble, inclusive and entrepreneurial. You provide important and valued pathways to success in this competitive economy," she said. "You equip students for high-demand fields and skilled jobs that help grow local economies and maintain communities."

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos called community colleges "a uniquely American national asset" in a speech Thursday that praised the work of those institutions while linking them to the priorities of the Trump administration and conservative leaders.
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  • Amelia Hubbard
    February 22 at 9:12am
    Take a few minutes to read through this report by the AAUP Ohio. . I...f you do nothing, at least read the summary on page 21. Particularly poignant to consider (besides administrative bloat): "One of the developments that has MOST undermined the affordability and integrity of our universities has been the operation and nature of the boards of trustees that oversee institutions. Ideally, trustees would be people with experience in education, have higher degrees, have a familiarity with student life, a familiarity with non-profit organizations, and broadly represent the community.... [ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT] Trustees are good people who want to contribute to higher education; unfortunately, they often do not have the experience or outlook to do so." The time for resistance is now. Let's reprioritize and get faculty back in stable positions! See More
  • Hi Everyone... I am a doctoral student doing research on adjunct fac...ulty. I have been following this page for a while... just saying "hi". See More
  • How many of us are doing unpaid labor in the form of Title IX I had one half day workshop last year, a 2-hour update at the beginning of this school year, and an online training due before the end of the month. Some are saying the online training takes over 3 hours. See More
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