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ANSONIA - An Ansonia man, who was kicked out of a Crescent Street apartment by his girlfriend, set his car on fire that was parked next to the house, police said. According to Lt. Patrick Lynch, at 12:10 a.m. on Friday, the Ansonia Police Department received a complaint of a car fire at 4 Crescent S...
STAMFORD-A threat found in a room at Stamford High School prompted police to search the building early Friday morning with three bomb sniffing dogs. Assistant police Chief James Matheny said the search turned up nothing and the school schedule is proceeding as usual for Friday. He said police office...
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These 3-Year-Olds Bicker Like Old Ladies
Sheila E. performs at Music on the Green in New Haven on Saturday, July 29, 2017. Check out our full gallery by Catherine Avalone / Hearst Connecticut Media:
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Hal Spencer
· September 17, 2017
If New Haven's Mayor can proclaim the city is a Sanctuary City and ignore Federal Immigration Laws, can it's citizens and visitors also proclaim which Federal Laws they would like to ignore? What if L...egal, American citizens wanted some Sanctuary from predatory Drug Laws? Would that be their right? Or how about Federal Gun Laws? If anyone gets arrested in New Haven for drugs or guns, can they claim discrimination in prosecution? If the police force doesn't want to do the job of the Federal Immigration Authorities, then why are they still doing the job of Federal ATF and DEA Authorities? It's a double-standard. You can legally argue that any arrest for drugs or guns breaks up families, too. See More
Harley Pretty
· February 11, 2018
Is it not newsworthy when the newspaper is unable to produce and deliver its product? Two Sundays in a row people and not a phone call, email or post to advise or explain the reason for the now show. ... Instead, we need to call only to get an incoherent message attempting, we think, to blame it on "production" problems. Not a word on how or when they will make us whole. Maybe our bill pay process needs to experience production problems? See More
Peter DiStasio
· October 24, 2017
I'm so tired about fighting with them about rate increases and wrong billing. Last week my bill went up seven dollars with out letting me know in advance for next months paper. They billed the a month before it was to go into effect. I called and talked to them without much satisfaction. Next day billed again the higher rate. Now I have two charges wrong and no satisfaction. Called today and was told to call back later. Great operation they are running. If it wasn't for my wife I would have cancelled years ago. See More
Boyd Jones
· November 10, 2017
Please tell your readership why you posted a story about Board of Education overreach by Darnell Goldson, but then spiked it and removed it from your Facebook page. Any truth to the rumor that the may...or is pressuring NHR to remove Brian Zahn from covering education? For those who didn't get to see the story, it was all the mayoral appointments whining about the agreed-upon timeline for the superintendent search. In response, Ed Joyner called Goldson a person who doesn't deal in good faith and called his actions "shenanigans." Again, NHR, why was this removed? See More
Kathleen Marra
· November 5, 2017
Happy to see the inclusion of a TV Guide in this Sunday's New Haven Register. This used to be free years ago. This, however, is only a sample, and should you wish to add it to your subscription, tha...t would be another $43.68, which I feel is way over-priced, when you can subscribe to the TV Guide Magazine for $20 a year. Should the Register lower their price, I may consider it. See More
Elaine Callahan Corraro
· January 9, 2018
I see the New Haven Register now offers one-line obituaries ......we all know how expensive the obits are $750.00 I understand - now the Register is selling one-liners that are booked for 7 days! Deat...h notices should be a community service, like they used to be. You offer silly one-liners and make them run it a week - talk about soaking the general public... See More
Darnell Goldson
· November 1, 2017
The NH Register should apologize.

Recently, the NH Register printed an article, "New Haven school superintendent vote expected by Nov. 20", which several inaccuracies, or conjectures which did not ad...d to the story without going into further detail or providing facts to back the writer's "opinions". This has been an ongoing issue with this newspaper, as I have complained to them in the past.

I'm used to this newspaper not reporting all of the facts, and I won't highlight the several problems I see with this particular article. I've actually reduced my reading of this newspaper since I personally do not believe that it adheres to many journalistic standards.

But, I recently received a phone call from one of the newly installed members of the Superintendent Search Committee, Tamiko Jackson McArthur, MD, who was dismayed by the reaction she received from an editor of the newspaper when she reached out to ascertain the reason for a particular written passage in the article. Specifically, the passage stated "Following the Nov. 13 school board meeting, the search committee, which includes all seven members of the board and 10 stakeholders — including Harp appointees Maysa Akbar, Integrated Wellness Group executive director, and longtime friend Tamiko Jackson-McArthur, a pediatrician — will interview and score those candidates." [emphasis by me].

I must cite a few facts here, the BOE, at the suggestion of our fellow BOE member Che Dawson, insisted that the Mayor appoint health professionals to the committee. Dr. Akbar is an accomplished Board certified Adolescent and Child Clinical Psychologist, who completed her pre and-post doctoral training at the Yale Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine in 2004. She also recently authored a best selling book, Urban Trauma: A Legacy of Racism, which makes the case that systemic trauma in our urban centers is a result of poverty, overcrowded housing, poor physical and mental health, despair, violence, crime, and drug abuse.

Dr. Tamiko Jackson McArthur, is a longtime and respected pediatrician and native of New Haven, CT, who graduated from Howard University College of Medicine, Washington DC, and is affiliated with several hospitals in CT, and has been in practice for more than 21 years.

Both of these African American women are more than qualified to serve on this or any other committee.

She wanted to know why she was singled out, and described as a "longtime friend", when we the BOE actually appointed 10 members. The article didn't highlight the parents or the administrators who were appointed and their relationships with the mayor or other members of the BOE. It seemed odd and out of place.

She contacted James Walker, Metro Editor at the newspaper to ask why that was so. He immediately became defensive and actually yelled at her through the phone, stating that he was going to defend his writer and continued to raise his voice during the discussion, so much so that her receptionist can overhear his yelling and ranting. Dr. McArthur stated to him that was an unfair description of her, since many New Haveners consider themselves friends of the mayor. Mr. Walker then suggested that if she wanted a correction, she would have to write him an email stating that she WAS NOT a longtime friend of the mayor. In other words, she would have to disavow her friendship with the mayor.

No one is ever completely happy with reporting with they are the subject of the report, but this suggestion that Dr. Jackson McArthur was chosen because she was a "longtime friend" of the mayor is a slander which cannot be ignored in the current environment where African American women are being attacked.

We can disagree on some points, but to insinuate this false narrative that Drs. McArthur and Akbar are not qualified by their own merits is an narrative that has been used against accomplished African American for as long as this union has been in existence, and has become more prominent since the election of our current administration occupying the White House.

This newspaper, and its staff, have to do better. Report the facts as they are, instead of editorializing ad pushing the political agenda of someone else.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Jackson has recently written two articles that touch on his treatment of these women; Race? Sometimes I don’t want to be black, and SOS? What ever happened to Miss Manners?.

In SOS, Walker lamented that manners have fallen by the wayside, and wrote, "Sometimes, I wish my arms were like a whirly bird’s propellers and I could walk down the street slicing and dicing away at all the rude and obnoxious people in my way... There was a time when men held doors for women, pulled out chairs for them to sit ..."

In Race, where he commented that minorities are "trapped by the same contagion — the need to prove the outside before the inside...There are just moments when I wish the color of my skin would fade to invisible so I don’t have to be targeted by cruelty and people's misperceptions of who and what I am."

You would think that after writing these articles, he would have a better understanding of how accomplished African American women feel everyday, and would be more sensitive to these issues when training and editing his writers.

Apparently not.

I am demanding that Mr. Walker immediately apologize for his rude behavior towards Dr. McArthur, and for the misinformed writing and false narrative writing of his newspaper towards Dr. McArthur and Dr. Akbar. I additional demand that he retract the language from the article that suggests that their involvement on the search committee is due to their "friendships" with the mayor. Lastly, I insist that the NH Register develop a cultural sensitivity training component, and if it already exists, have both Mr. Walker, and the writer Brian Zahn attend such training.

I am personally outraged by the treatment of these colleagues of mine, and as the Chair of the Search Committee I will boycott the NH Register. I will not read purchase it or read it online, I will nor respond to requests for comment nor provide any information to any NH Register employee. I will also encourage my colleagues and others to do the same.

Darnell Goldson
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Andy O'Dustneill
· August 11, 2017
What is up with the malware when I click on any stories from the NHR? Past three times I clicked on NHR links on fb it's malware that attempts to take over my phone. I don't trust the NHR at all.
Luke Cichon
· March 4, 2017
It's one thing to refuse paying a writer for an Op-Ed. It's another to respond to a brief, polite inquiry about your newspaper's payment policy, by immediately turning into an inconsiderate, oversensi...tive bully, who refuses to publish the piece simply because the writer asked the question.

Without a hint of provocation, Mr. James Walker became irrational and condescending. His response could only be characterized as a temper tantrum.

My hunch is that, having had some time to think about his behavior, Mr. Walker is fully aware of the staggering inappropriateness of his reaction.

Mr. Walker, you owe that lady an apology. If I were you, I'd also take some time to reflect on the circumstances and/or personal issues that have caused you to behave in such a ridiculous, unethical, unprofessional manner.

Don't worry. This one's free.
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Bob O'Connor
· November 7, 2017
The New Haven Register is not worthy of being called a newspaper. It hasn’t been a legitimate news organization and community presence since the Jackson family owned it.
Dean Brainerd
· October 20, 2016
I started reading thursdays "Forum" by Edward Marcus .. Trump low can you go? and it was clear from the get go this was an article from a Clinton supporter..according to you everything Clinton and her... army said about Trump was the absolute truth and everything he said about her was distortions and outright false at worst... are you kidding me?.. What 30 year coma have you been in? Listen im not as favorable for Trump now as i was 6 months ago because his mouth gets him in so many painted corners but he is not a "polished politician " like Clinton is.. Hillary Clinton is by far the worst candidate in my lifetime all the way back to her shady dealings as a lawyer in Arkansas. Does Whitewater or her helping that child raper ring a bell? She by far is the most corrupt and most dishonest person i can ever remember in any form of government position that rakes in millions of dollars from lobbyists and special interest groups. She may even have a few bodies attached to her..All these Emails popping up or the ones we will never see that she criminally destroyed right under the noses of the FBI who treated her with kid gloves thanks to Obama's justice dept are just an insight into how corrupt and power hungry she truly is.. Her job as head of the state dept. was a disaster and her policies and stupid decisions have made us vulnerable to terrorists and weaker as a nation.Then Pay for Play has been exposed as basically illegal and immoral contributions to that slush fund masquerading as the Clinton Foundation from foreigners who needed favors .. I mean it just goes on and on like the energizer bunny how Crooked Hillary got her nickname .. She wants to expand Obamacare as even her husband calls it " the craziest thing in the world".. well i could keep going on and on Benghazi.. the Iran deal.. open borders etc but this is demoralizing and will be by far the worst president if she gets elected along with that creepy running mate Khane.Your article is a beauty about how unfit for office Trump is .. its all lopsided and full of anti Trump rhetoric..and meanwhile you are praising her?.. then i got it when it said you are the chairman of the democratic state central committee .. See More
Pierce Turner
· February 11, 2018
On April 8th -2018-I will perform at Cafe Nine in New Haven at 3pm My first time in New Haven since the late 80's at Toads Place-your paper was very supportive, much appreciated. I look forward to you again. Pierce Turner. See More
Seb DiLeone
· August 28, 2017
One of the biggest natural disasters in US history and was it on the front page? Nope, not 2nd,3rd,4th 5th or 6th. 7th page small article. Ospreys more important.
Tasha Wilson
· June 9, 2017
I give youse a 2 because I have reached out several times about the corruptness of Toni Harp and you all do nothing but print what praises her!!!

To Whom This May Concern,...

My name is Tasha Baker and I am writing a general open letter about the effects that corruption can have on a situation, a person and a family.

I'll start first with Family Court corruption. I am a mother that is working on 9 years not having any type of contact with my 2 boys. The last time that I laid eyes on them in the flesh was Mother's Day May 11, 2008. There is a joint custody order in place but my ex has stood in contempt for years. My ex whom is a newly retired firefighter that married a social worker has had the money for an attorney, the knowledge on how to get the system on his side from his wife and a therapist that I've never once spoken to but she recommended that my rights be revoked solely on the words of a narcissist and two scared children. And this all started because I suffered from PPD with my youngest son.

There are too many parents and children going without being in each others lives because of the other parent's personal feelings. Parental Alienation should be seen as child abuse. The children that suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome grow up in a household where the now primary parent has ripped them from a loving mother/father and have filled their heads with such hateful rhetoric, lies and innuendos. The abuser encourages disrespect towards the alienated parent and they will also encourage them to be mean towards other siblings. I know someone who was in a session with the abuser, her two children and the family therapist and the children were allowed to be so very disrespectful to the mom and dad nor therapist corrected them. Then the therapist tried to coax her into staying at the abusers house, since that's the only way that he would allow 50/50 custody; even though that wasn't the court order. The court was informed but sill showed displeasure with the mom, like she was being difficult.

A family that's already rocked by divorce/separation is owed a court system that will be fair and impartial to all involved and not just lean toward the ones that have money, prestige and a title. People that are well off have problems too and when they are allowed to wield their powers with no inhibitions, us little parents that want nothing more than to be in our children's lives lose out because basically, we don't have the funds, we're not popular enough and/or we don't know the right people.

My other issue with corruption is when someone in city or state government can bend, break and ignore rules and policies set in place that everyone else must follow.

3 years, 4 months and 1 day into my alienation I began working as a 911 Operator for the city of New Haven, CT. I also that time had 2 daughters. It was very hard to wake up everyday and move on with my life when I had 2 children that were so close geographically but so far away in every other aspect. But I woke up everyday and worked through it and I had learned to live with not having my boys in my life. I had to box them and my emotions for them up and shelf it because my job though rewarding was very stressful and my girls are young so they needed mommy to be able to have 100% of her faculties about her working so that I could be the best mommy to them.

But after working my job for 2 years, 6 months and 23 days I walk into my place of employment on a Friday I learned that the man that has sold his soul to the devil to keep my from my boys would become my boss in 3 days. With no time to prepare myself and my mind reeling, I sent an email to the person that appointed him to that position to inform them that it was an egregious conflict of interest and that we still had a very ugly custody case open and to place him there would cause unnecessary stress and tension. But unfortunately that person was Mayor Toni Harp and she basically told me that I needed to behave professionally and there shouldn't be any problems. She didn't bother to call me in and ask what the conflict was or if there were issues of domestic violence, which there was.

Now I was extremely upset and was immediately placed on medications for extremely high anxiety with symptoms of PTSD. But when I learned that by placing him there that 3 city policies/ union contract agreements were being violated, I became livid. How unfair is it that just because someone holds a position of power that they can violate someone's rights just because they can?!? The fact that my ex, knowing that I worked at the PD emailed her directly and asked for the job and she gave it to him is one policy violated. Directly bargaining with an employer about a position while you're still a union member is forbidden; hence why the PD and FD were suing the city. There is a conflict of interest clause; violated. And then the position that he was placed in is only meant for civilians and he was still a sworn firefighter at the time of appointment.

But I guess that when you're suing the city for a failed promotional exam while claiming that it was racially biased, when you knew and worked with the mayor's late husband and your brother raised over $60,000 for the mayor's campaign; you get a free pass to do as you please.

My whole point to all of this, is that it is unfair to those of us that don't have the clout and funds needed to run in the most popular circles. We aren't important to those that have the power and our lives and our families lives and well being are so easily dispensable. I didn't matter so I lost a job with security, medical and good enough pay to maintain my girls and myself. I lost my apartment and had to send them to live with their father because they needed some type of stability in their lives. My Parentally Alienated family doesn't matter because they're not "rich" enough or the authorities just doesn't care for them too tough.

Politicking and corruption destroys many of lives on a daily basis and if you don't have the money or the clout of someone powerful behind you, you become crushed by the rolling power. The parents that are suffering from alienation live with this daily. The children that wake up longing for a hug from a parent that isn't there by no fault of their own, suffer in silence daily. The little people that wake up and work their fingers to the bone for employers that have zero regard for their families, their it daily.

In a country where all should be fair and equal for everyone, across this nation there are too many Americans that suffer because of someone's inability to do the right thing.

#IAmMyJustice #ChroniclesOfTheCorrupt
See More
Jessica DiNatale
· June 1, 2016
Well, thanks to the New Haven Register, they didn't get my grandmother's obituary in today's paper like they were supposed to. So now, my family and friends only have one day to see if they can make i...t to my grandmother's Mass. It's bad enough she died over the holiday weekend, we had to wait for her to be cremated and make arrangements because no one was open. So thanks to the register for adding to the stress of everything. See More
Catherine Hall
· July 1, 2015
Why is it that when it rains we have to dry our paper before we can read it because the delivery person throws it in the gutter instead on the lawn where it will not wash into the storm drain. At one ...time we had a news paper box and it was still thrown in the driveway. We can put up a new box but it will still not be put in it because that means he would have to stop to do it instead of flinging it where it lands. We pay good money for this wet piece of paper that we cannot read. See More
Richard DeBiase
· December 2, 2015
I live on Townsend ave next to Nathan Hale school and for many years we have been complaining to the city of new haven about sewer gas smells coming from the corner of Townsend and Pope streets. The s...mell at times is so bad we have to keep our windows shut and hope the Oder does not come in at dinner time.
Who could help, it seems as if our tax dollars are being spent on many other things besides sewer gas which I feel could be causing my sinus problems
See More
Nancy Quinn Gormley
· July 18, 2017
They need to hire proof readers , a misspelling on the front page headline is just unacceptable.
Vicki Geoghegan Reshotnik
· December 15, 2016
New Haven Register was quite surprised when I received my new bill indicating a 20% increase. It wasn't long ago when you reduced the subscription by 30%from 13 weeks to 9 weeks with no price adjustm...ent. Now this ? Think I will try asking my employer for a 50% raise. I have been a subscriber for nearly 25 years. It's a shame to see this happening. Good luck ! See More
DeAnna Remington
· June 16, 2016
I must say that I am disgusted, outraged & appalled by Norm Pattis's piece in todays (6/16) paper involving Brock Turner & the judge who presided over the trial. I understand it is his opinion but hes... out of touch with reality. He shamed the victim by saying "there was sexual contact. She claimed rape". What is that not good enough? Obviously as a defense atty his job is to keep people out of jail, but he has missed the target with this. We are not "infatuated" nor "in love" with prisons, Norm. The people who are prison are there for a reason. They did the crime so they do the time. Very displeased NHR. See More

Jonathan Richman back at Fairfield Theatre Company’s StageOne on March 1

FAIRFIELD - Jonathan Richman and his drummer and percussionist sidekick, Tommy Larkins, return to the area March 1 for an evening of eclectic fun at Fairfield Theatre Company's StageOne. Showtime is 7:45 p.m. Tickets are $25, available in advance at or by phone at 203-259-1036.....
New Haven Register shared a link.
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MIDDLETOWN - The man who police said drove his car into the Middlesex Hospital emergency room and set himself on fire Thursday morning live streamed the incident on Facebook. Steven Ellam, 27, of Milardo Lane, Middletown, was airlifted to the Bridgeport Hospital burn unit after the 10 a.m. crash, of...

Boys basketball: Notre Dame rolls past Cheshire in SCC tourney opener

WEST HAVEN - Notre Dame sophomore Zach Laput likes to arrive early to master his craft. The hard work and preparation has paid off immensely. Scoring the first eight points of a 13-point Notre Dame run in the third quarter, Laput helped break a tie and led the eighth-seeded Green Knights to a 63-34....

About 80 people were evacuated Thursday night from their Norton Street apartment building when it was abruptly condemned.

NEW HAVEN - About 80 city residents were evacuated from their Norton Street apartment complex last night when authorities abruptly condemned a structure due to unsafe conditions, according to a city firefighter. Check back here for more information as this story develops.

New Haven’s Edwin Soto to fight for vacant welterweight title

New Haven's Edwin Soto will fight for the vacant World Boxing Union Canadian-American-Mexican super welterweight title on Friday at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I. Soto (11-2-2, four knockouts) will face Ray Oliveira, Jr. (9-1, 1 KO) of New Bedford, Massachusetts on a busy card in CES Boxing's se...

North Haven first selectman delivers State of the Town address

NORTH HAVEN - First Selectman Michael J. Freda delivered a State of the Town address at Fantasia banquet hall Thursday hosted by the Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce, promising economic success for the future of the town. "I sense that the mood seems to be that many of us businesses and citizens are d...

Throughout the exhibit the n-word is spelled out on canvas in many forms and in phrases that evoke thoughts of dark places in history, including civil rights history, including in Birmingham, Tulsa and Charleston.

NEW HAVEN - Artist Rhinold Ponder's exhibit, "The Rise and Fail of the N Word," begins with a cracked mirror, because it's up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions about racism after viewing the powerful 33-piece display in which the full word is prominent.

To the right of the mirror is a p...

An ongoing action by the town against MDM Golf of Laurel View has moved out of court and the fate of golf at the country club is being negotiated

HAMDEN - An ongoing action by the town against MDM Golf of Laurel View has moved out of court and the fate of golf at the country club is being negotiated

It's the next step in an eviction process the town began when MDM Golf LLC, owned by Matthew Menchetti, allegedly failed to pay a number of ex...

African-American women legislators nominate Margaret Morton to Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame

In celebration of Black History Month, Connecticut's four current African- American women legislators: Sen. Marilyn Moore, D-Bridgeport, Rep. Patricia Billie Miller, D-Stamford, Rep. Toni Walker, D-New Haven and Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven nominated Margaret E. Morton, the first African-American ...

Connecticut man pleads guilty to federal tax offense

A Windsor man faces up to 3 years in prison after he pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday to filing a false tax return, authorities said in a release. Craig Francis, also known as Horus Durjaya Bey, 44, pleaded guilty in federal court in New Haven, according to the release by the office of John....

UConn’s Kia Nurse, Quinnipiac’s Carly Fabbri among academic honorees

UConn senior guard Kia Nurse earned CoSIDA Academic All-District 1 honors for the third straight season. Nurse, recently honored for attaining a 4.0 grade-point average in one of the two most recently completed semesters, is third on the Huskies in scoring with an average of 14.7 points per game. Sh...

College roundup: Albertus Magnus men reach GNAC final

Jahmerikah Green-Younger scored 32 points, including seven 3-pointers, and Jaqhawn Walters added 31 points and 16 rebounds to lead the Albertus Magnus men's basketball team to a 97-86 win over Lasell in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference tournament semifinals in New Haven on Thursday. Amir Madd...

Shares of United Technologies rose 3 percent Thursday, a day after its CEO indicated a willingness to consider the question of breaking up the Farmington-based conglomerate whose divisions include Otis, Pratt & Whitney, and UTC Aerospace Systems

Shares of United Technologies rose 3 percent Thursday, a day after its CEO indicated a willingness to consider the question of breaking up the Farmington-based conglomerate whose divisions include Otis, Pratt & Whitney, and UTC Aerospace Systems which has a major plant in Danbury.

Only this past ...