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Samuel Sham
· July 3, 2017
Warm church. has a good mix of young people ,adults and family .
I will Stand by Anna Weatherup.
NHK Carnival
We're coming to the final night of the Youth Camp...there has been lots of fun and games, but also teaching, prayer, and most importantly the touch of the Holy Spirit! #NHYouthCamp2k17

Come join us every Sun!
Chinese Service 9am @Minor Hall, Level 4
Menorah Ministry 10am @Sanctuary, Level 4
English Service 11am @Sanctuary, Level 2
Youth Service on 10 Feb 6pm @Minor Hall, Level 4

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With the church subsidy, NHC members only need to pay $20 for the D6 Family Singapore Conference!
Sign up now at:
In case of query, please contact Sis Anne.

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Heard this morning...

From the Hillsong Worship album 'Glorious Ruins' released in July 2013. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Stream/Share ...

The fourth and final session in D6 Days:
1. (cont'd) Beth Guckenburger – “Living with Reckless Faith”
2. Michael Bayne – “Leading Churches through Change into Family Ministry”
3. Sean McDowell – “Helping Parents Answer Tough Questions, Part 1”
4. Josh McDowell – “Helping Parents Answer Tough Questions, Part 2”...
5. Edward Moody – “Raising Daniel: Preparing Children to Survive and Thrive”
6. Steve Greenwood – Elements Demonstration
7. Jeffrey Wallace – “Helping Parents to Train Their Kids to be Leaders”
8. Candace Payne – “Living Present in every MOMent”
9. Richard Ross – “Ministry in Thirds: Youth Walking in Faith for a Lifetime”

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D6 Leader was live.

Michael Bayne, Dr. Sean McDowell, Dr. Josh McDowell, Dr. Eddie Moody, Steve Greenwood, Jeff Wallace, Candace Payne, Leneita Fix, Michelle Orr, and Dr. Richard Ross

Session 3 out of 4 in D6 Days:
1. Gary Chapman – “The Five Love Languages and Healthy Choices in Marriage”
2. Tony Bianco – “The Family Technology Plan”
3. Christina Embree – “Discipleship in the Every Day”
4. Timothy Paul Jones – “Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We Might Go”...
5. Richard Ross – “The Senior Pastor and the Reformation of Youth Ministry”
6. Linda Ranson Jacobs - "How to Help a Disruptive Child in Your Ministry"
7. Heidi Hensley - "Appropriate Times to Put Down Your Work"
8. La Verne Tolbert – “Ten Principles from the Master Teacher”
9. Skit Guys – “Designate 6”
10. Beth Guckenburger – “Living with Reckless Faith”

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D6 Leader was live.

Dr. Gary Chapman, Tony Bianco, Jon Forrest, Christina Embree, D6 Curriculum Editors Panel, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, Dr. Richard Ross, Linda Ranson Jacobs, Heidi Hensley, Dr. La Verne Tolbert

We're so excited to announce a special movie screening on Good Friday! Look out for more details coming your way on 25 Feb!!
[Note: Tickets sold through NHC only and are not available at cinema counter.]

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Here's Session 2 out of 4! More gems from D6 conference speakers:
1. The Parent’s Guide to Loving Their Adult Children Well, Dr. Ron Hunter
2. Soul Care for the Minister, Melissa MacDonald
3. The Journaling Prayer Bible for Kids: One Dad’s Story, Joshua Straub
4. Developing a Passion for God and Helping Others Do the Same, Megan Marshman...
5. Four Strengths of Every Great Family, Jim & Lynne Jackson
6. Ministering to Students Who’ve Been Sexually Abused, Dr. Eddie Moody
7. Life-Changing Truth for a Skeptical Generation, Drs. Josh & Sean McDowell

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D6 Leader was live.

Dr. Ron Hunter, Melissa MacDonald, Dr. Joshua Straub, Megan Marshman, Jim & Lynne Jackson, Dr. Eddie Moody, & Dr. Josh & Dr. Sean McDowell.

For those who missed the past two years' D6 conferences in Singapore, here's a chance to catch up! You can watch these clips from the following talks at past D6 conferences:
1. D6 Flashback 2015 - Fight for Your Families, Dr. Ron Hunter
2. Teaching Like Jesus, Dr. La Verne Tolbert
3. Help! My Games Stink!, Jon Forrest
4. Doing Effective Family Ministry When the Children Come but the Parents Don’t, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones...
5. This One’s for All the Minister’s Spouses, Angela Haynes
6. Ministry Resource Round-Up, Lena Wooten
7. Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Became Parents, Dr. Gary Chapman
[Note: This is Session 1 out of 4. Look out for the next 3 videos...]

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Posted by D6 Leader
D6 Leader was live.

Dr. Ron Hunter, Dr. La Verne Tolbert, Jon Forrest, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, Angela Haynes,
Lena Wooten, & Dr. Gary Chapman.

Here's the third instalment from our D6 Focus series. And just in time for Valentine's Day too, as Sis Anne Soh discusses what makes true love in 'God Created Marriage'.

As promised, the slides can be viewed here:…/10fPwKQ00SfsazTz0QSvPnn9jZ…/view…

"God Created Marriage" sermon by Sister Anne Son on Sunday 11 Feb 2018

This is a very useful tool for parents to monitor and manage their children’s screen time. But in view of what Sis Anne has shared about 'fleeing from temptation' in yesterday's sermon, we could install this app on our own devices too!
P.S. The free version has a limited range of functions but it should be sufficient for our self-monitoring purpose.

Parenting in the digital age is tough. As a father of three daughters aged seven to 16, I worry about my kids stumbling upon smut or other unsuitable content. Another fear - of them spending too much time playing games instead of figuring out the answers to that challenging maths question.. Read mor...

Heard this morning...

"Holy Spirit Come" recorded live at Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg, VA. Download it on iTunes today!

Registration for our church retreat will start real soon... look out for it!!

Get set for another exciting, life-changing experience at our next church retreat! Mark the dates in your calendar: 7-11 Jun 2018!!

Special event for our youth this month to celebrate true love!
Sign up with Job asap if you haven't yet!!

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Rev Yee Tham Wan explains what a "Blessing" really is in his message to us on Missions Sunday.

"Blessing" sermon by Rev Yee Tham Wan on Sunday 4 Feb 2018

For Missions Sunday, the children in NHK discussed the Great Commission: "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19)
This week, let's consider together:
- How can we reach 'all nations' that are gathered in Singapore?
- Who are the people around us (eg classmate, neighbour, employee/employer or colleague) who have come from another country to live, study or work here?
- Is there something we can do to show the love of Christ to someone we know who is from another country?

Watch more Asian Short Films at Towkay Tan plans to go on a trip with his family during Chinese New Year, leaving his coffee shop un...