A big shout out to New Plymouth's Corey Peters. Welcome back our very own Paralympic medallist. 👍

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Taranaki Daily News was live.
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Welcome home Corey Peters

Students from our sister city of Mishima got a warm welcome today at Highlands Intermediate. 😍 🇯🇵
The school held a powhiri for the nine Japanese students who will be staying with Highlands students for about a week. 👍

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Leo finds a happy ending
Monster Time!!!
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Vanessa Tran
· November 7, 2017
I came to apply for my Manager's Certificate and left my original documents at the desk by mistake on Monday. I came the day after to ask for it but the lady wasn't there so another lovely lady took m...y contact details. I was worried that I lost them but my documents were posted to my house today! Thank you so much Coll, the helpful and friendly lady at the Property service desk! Please pass my thank you to her. Your staff are awesome! See More
Toby Tett
· February 21, 2018
The people deserve to see some form of official report on the current water crisis, including dated toxicology reports so people know why they are boiling their water.
Also it appears almost all of th...e town seems too rely heavily on that pipline so why has an additional backup line not been installed?
There are more citizens than ever and new houses cant be built fast enough.
We pay rates for services, those services are currently not active, does this mean you will be refunding people for the days you have not supplied these services?
See More
Shirley Bishop
· October 31, 2017
What lazy bloody rubbish truck drivers! Because there was a car parked on the side of the road and his bin grabber thing couldn't grab the bin he went straight past! I chased him down the street and h...e backed up. He said "If I can't get to it I won't pick it up" Too lazy to get out of his truck and physically do it! No wonder majority of them are overweight! See More
Iron Mike Johnson
· February 23, 2018
Consistent bad decisions, poorly managed and just hungry for the rate payers dollar. Corruption at its finest.
Sandy Manali
· October 22, 2017
My Red bags were stolen from my Post Box. When called them they gave me another set on the same day. Very responsive and reliable... & the Service is great�
Tiffany Harris
· December 13, 2017
Great service from NPDC. Had graffiti removed and overgrown grass fixed within a couple of days and replies have been within an hour!
John McDonald
· February 22, 2018
poor communication to residents who lost their water supply altogether, losing your water supply is a different situation to having a limited supply!!!!
Maia Hoengarangi Bailey
· October 4, 2016
My first time at the council, having returned to Aotearoa after too many years away, where to start? The blend of Maori Pacifica contemporary architecture is the first impression including the beautif...ul Maori carvings in the entrance, and.. Customer Service is so unexpectantly super super friendly and cooperative. My mum, 80 plus, mobility challenged, was helped to find the Mayors office, uninvited but welcomed, and the staff helped with explaining the Special Voting process, so the experience was thumbs up See More
Samantha Rebekah
· March 26, 2016
I have called noise control on my neighbours with no effect, every Friday and Saturday night without fail they have extreme party's. I haven't complained before as kids will be kids and have fun, but... this weekend took the piss and my kids were woken up from 1am till 4.30am last night and Friday night they partied until 1 when they went to town which is more understandable but still loud enough so my kids couldn't sleep and were screaming they were so tired. Rang the council at 2am rang again at 4am as still the same with no success. Very tired grumpy Easter here. See More
Cristin Yukich
· November 4, 2017
I’ve lived in 3 NZ districts and NP is by far the best council!
Zachary Fearn
· June 15, 2014
After turning up 15 minutes early to catch a bus that was meant to leave for Whaler's Gate from Ariki street at 6:30pm, I'm now sitting here at 6:50pm and have seen no sign of this bus at all. What is... the point of having public transport if it doesn't even show up? I'm wet, I'm cold, and I'm not happy. Sort it out. See More
Shaun Charlesworth
· November 3, 2014
I can go to the okato rubbish dump with a single axle trailer and pay $38 to unload my rubbish or go to the rubbish dump in the middle of New Plymouth and pay $54 for the same trailer!!! How the hell ...does that work?? Okato has commercial skip bins that has to be picked up and bought all the way to the same dump that charges $54?! How the bloody hell does that work? See More
Gabrielle Bollen
· November 8, 2015
Our blue glass bin was stolen in broad daylight on our first ever pick up day and I have just been informed that the council does not replace stolen bins, so I have to go purchase a new one! What a start to a new rubbish system I was initially all for..... Starting to re-think that, especially if I am going to be constantly replacing my bin just to recycle my glass!! See More
Ashneel Lal
· June 3, 2015
Just read the midweek front page
$200 just for having a damn bike on a rack cant they walk round to the front at look at the number plate plus its not like the bike is completely blocking the rear pla...te a proper being would be able to read the plate no sweat

And since when have the wardens become wof inspectors handing out pointless tickets left right centre. Getting way outa hand this crap
See More
Lyndal Mellow
· October 1, 2015
Change the plastic bags to wheelie bins for general waste before the cats and dogs rip open all the bags and garbage is left all over the streets
Mikey Mead
· September 23, 2014
How often do you guys clean the trunk line in inglewood its a pain in the butt why don't you guys follow Palmerston North and change the trunk line to HDPE yeah I know it's expensive lasts heaps longe...r than metal pipes and you don't have to worry bout build up of crud. Just a few places where they use HDPE pipe geothermal, sewage, gas,fire mains and many other industries you guys need to get up with the times. See More
Dave Politakis
· August 9, 2016
Interesting to note that NPDC has instructed its refuse collector, EnvroWAste to start boycotting whole streets if the contents of their recycle bins do not comply, or the red bag is too heavy. NPDC ...have asked EnviroWaste to take photos of peoples rubbish as evidence. Wow, NPDC has obviously set out on a crusade to teach people a lesson. Gone are the days when you council just collected the rubbish! No wonder so may people have retained Waste Management. See More
June Butt
· October 22, 2015
I elected to receive my rates bill by email but find there is NO PRINTER FRIENDLY version available. Come on Council! Surely there must be some minion amongst your staff who is IT capable of setting... up this option ??? See More
Greer Preece
· September 5, 2016
Something needs to be done about the foot paths on Main Street by Mayfair etc, with all the debris when it's raining it is extremely slippery. Massive safety hazard.
Jizzle Chatterton
September 12, 2013
So many great walking and running tracks around the city. But there are no exercise stations (some basic metal bars etc. to exercise on). I see them in many great cities around the world, but none her...e. And drinking fountains! See More

Overheard during WOMAD weekend: "I never knew New Plymouth was so cool!" 🤣
That's something we've known for a while now! 👍 Our cool factor has been helped by art that's making NP so vibrant and a great destination. 🚌 🛬
Big ups to NPDC's See it in the City for funding arty events like Newtopia. 👊

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Take care on the roads today - it's raining really hard.
Police say there's flooding by the Cumberland Street bridge and cars had been stuck in the water as well as flooding in the Carrington/Vivian street areas plus Powderham Street. Stay safe.

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The White Ferns play the Windies Women today - and it's free! 👍
The T20 game starts at 2pm at Pukekura Park and there's a second game this Thursday. 🏏
The Windies have been bowled over (sorry!) by our iconic cricket ground. 😍 Come on down and enjoy the game!

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Oakura’s skatepark is getting bigger and better! 😎
We’re adding a bowl and pump track for experienced riders. Thanks to the Oakura Boardriders Club who joined with us to get this built. 👍

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WOW - what an amazing WOMAD weekend! 😍
Awesome music, food, crowd and the perfect venue! 🎶👍
What were your highlights? We loved the singalong to Dragon - it was great to see everyone singing their hearts out!! 🎤💖
#NPDC WOMAD New Zealand TSB Bowl of Brooklands

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WOMAD 🎶 + going Zero Waste ♻️ = 👍👍👍😍
#npdc #womad

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A soundproof house for the meerkats? Cute. Watch how we look after the stars of Brooklands Zoo during WOMAD.

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Keep the Green Flag flying!!! 👍 Pukekura Park has won the Green Flag award for the fifth year running, putting it among the best parks in the world. 🏞️ 😁 For more see:

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Are you heading to WOMAD this weekend? 🎷🎶
The sun is set to shine 🌞 and Saturday is a sellout! 👍
Have a good one! 😍

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The stage is sizzling, and the saussies are too! Come on down to Puke Ariki Landing for free music from WOMAD New Zealand performers 🎵. And help us support Taranaki Retreat by making a gold coin donation at our sausage sizzle 🌭😋 On till 1:30!

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Pop down to the WOMAD pop-up festival tomorrow and show your support for the Taranaki Retreat. 👍 We've organised a BBQ fundraiser at the Puke Ariki Landing free event. 🌭 See you there at 11am for cool tunes and sizzling sausages! 🎶 For more info see:

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Looking for something fun to do with your kids? 🤳 Download the Magical Park app and head to the East End Reserve. This year’s Parks Week event features a recycling twist so kids can become Zero Waste heroes as well! 👍♻️
Android -
Apple -

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Does your neighborhood need some help getting a community project off the ground? We’re teaming up with the TSB Community Trust to help make it happen. Check out our website to get started🌱👨‍🔧👫

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