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Claire Van Den Heever
· May 29, 2017
New Vision Eye Clinic became my go-to place to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist after an expat friend recommended it to me, and the standards of service a...nd care exceeded my expectations. I was seen by a very kind and patient male doctor who explained my particular eyesight issues to me in terms that I could easily understand (and in perfect English!) and he prescribed glasses that drastically improved my ability to do things that I had unconsciously struggled with - like cycling at night. I still wear the same glasses that he prescribed years after leaving Shanghai. Would definitely go back - and may even wait for my next business trip to China to have my regular eye check-up. See More
Cocoons – Tough Enough For You? When you’re looking for sunglasses you need to consider UV protection, the quality of the lenses and how you’ll deal with your prescription. Cocoons Wear Sunglasses tick all three boxes – with 100% UVA and B protection and blocking out all ’stray’ sunlight, scratch-resistant polarized lenses which minimize glare and reflections, and the ability to wear them over your normal prescription glasses. But the best thing about Cocoons Over-Wear Sunglasses? Watch this video and find out… http://eng.rjeye.com/2013/07/cocoons/
Back in the office after returning from Lixin County to take part in the pilot program for Project Bright Eyes. A big thank you to all involved from the British Chamber of Commerce for instigating the project and following through on the organisation for the pilot, to our sponsors GKN, Iris Concise and Control Risks, and also to all the 900 kids we saw over the weekend who made it such an unforgettable visit. We'll be returning to Anhui again in November to give 212 pairs of glasses to the students and will keep you updated on how they progress over the year.
In October 2014, alongside the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, we took part in the pilot program for for Project Bright Eyes, visiting 3 schools in 2 days in Lixin County, Anhui Province. This was our experience. We're happy to say that Project Bright Eyes is being rolled out across the county and fundraising activities have now begun. If you're interested in contributing in any way, you can contact us through Facebook and we'll put you in touch with the Chamber.

Exactly how is laser technology used to create a three-dimensional map of your eye, and what are the benefits for LASIK eye surgery?

All of the LASIK and LASEK procedures laser carried out in our clinics utilize Wavefront laser technology as standard.

How exactly does laser eye surgery work, and what is involved?

Learn more about one of the world's most common surgeries here: http://newvisioneyeclinic.com/laser-eye-surgery-in-china/

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