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Cocoons – Tough Enough For You? When you’re looking for sunglasses you need to consider UV protection, the quality of the lenses and how you’ll deal with your prescription. Cocoons Wear Sunglasses tick all three boxes – with 100% UVA and B protection and blocking out all ’stray’ sunlight, scratch-resistant polarized lenses which minimize glare and reflections, and the ability to wear them over your normal prescription glasses. But the best thing about Cocoons Over-Wear Sunglasses? Watch this video and find out…
Back in the office after returning from Lixin County to take part in the pilot program for Project Bright Eyes. A big thank you to all involved from the British Chamber of Commerce for instigating the project and following through on the organisation for the pilot, to our sponsors GKN, Iris Concise and Control Risks, and also to all the 900 kids we saw over the weekend who made it such an unforgettable visit. We'll be returning to Anhui again in November to give 212 pairs of glasses to the students and will keep you updated on how they progress over the year.
In October 2014, alongside the British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, we took part in the pilot program for for Project Bright Eyes, visiting 3 schools in 2 days in Lixin County, Anhui Province. This was our experience. We're happy to say that Project Bright Eyes is being rolled out across the county and fundraising activities have now begun. If you're interested in contributing in any way, you can contact us through Facebook and we'll put you in touch with the Chamber.

We simply love sharing laser eye surgery success stories with you, so here's another:

Pre-operation visual acuity -0.2 (or 20/12.5).
Post-operation visual acuity: 1.0 (or 20/200 vision)


Both Mark and our eye doctors agree - that's success!

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Mark Parnell (left) joins our community of foreign patients whose vision has been restored with laser eye surgery. His success story comes after undergoing laser eye surgery at one of our specialist ophthalmology facilities in Shanghai, China. Mr. Parnell is pictured with Dr. Steven Ma (right), who....

Question: How is vision tested in early childhood?

Answer: An ophthalmologist will conduct a complete eye examination, which includes dilating the pupils so as to relax the focusing muscles for an accurate measurement. You child's eye doctor will use a retinoscope to arrive at an accurate prescription, and then advise parents whether glasses may be needed, or if monitoring the condition is advised.

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While myopia (shortsightedness) is not a preventable condition, being proactive about managing your child’s eyesight can prevent it from deteriorating further.

Read more about orthokeratology - a tried and tested teenage myopia control treatment - here.

Orthokeratology (also known as “ortho-k”) is the most widely accepted method for teenage myopia control. Orthokeratology refers to the wearing of custom-fitted gas permeable contact lenses (often called OK lenses) that can temporarily reshape the cornea while you sleep. While myopia (also known ...


Always wash your hands well before touching your contacts to avoid getting any oils or lotions in your eyes. It is important to put your contact lenses in before applying makeup. Even so, some powdery eye shadows will inevitably get into your eyes, so try using a cream-based eye shadow instead – preferably water-based. Finally, never apply eyeliner on the area of your eye between your lashes and your eyeball.

Get answers to more of our most Frequently Asked Questions on our FAQ page here:

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Did you know? Catching diabetes early could save your vision.

Read on to learn about minimizing its potentially harmful effects on your eyes, and advice on how to deal with the disease.

All people with diabetes are at risk of developing eye disease that can permanently damage their vision and even lead to blindness. In fact, individuals with diabetes that have not

NOTICE: New Vision Eye Clinic, Shanghai will be closed from 16-18 February for the Spring Festival holiday. We look forward to seeing you from 19 February onwards, in the New Year of the Dog!

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Is LASIK surgery safe in China? How do I find a qualified ophthalmologist?

Sit back, relax, and let Women Daily Magazine answer all your questions about laser eye surgery in China.

Many expats considering corrective eye procedures have concerns or questions about getting LASIK surgery in China. Below you’ll find answers to the most important Frequently Asked Questions in this regard. 1) Is LASIK surgery safe in China? LASIK surgery safety isn’t based on geography, but rath...

Did you know that myopia in teenagers can be controlled? Read on to learn about two methods that can slow the progression of shortsightedness.

Learn about teenage myopia control and the methods you can use to prevent your child's myopia from deteriorating, and requiring increasingly strong eyeglasses.

For all our expat friends who used to live in China, you'll no doubt relate to this hilarious and witty video by the comedians behind Mamahuhu Media.

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When you move back to your home country and don't feel as special anymore...

Does sitting too close to the TV ruin your eyes? Will your vision get worse if you read in the dark? Read on to discover the truth about these and other common vision myths...

Just because something is a common belief doesn’t make it true. A lot of things you have probably heard about your vision turn out to be false. Here are five common myths that have no basis in science

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We look forward to bringing your world into focus in 2018!

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Happy Holidays from the New Vision Eye Clinic team!

P.S. We're open all week, so feel free to squeeze in an appointment if it suits you!

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"Children are the future of a country and of the world. It is my hope that every child has a pair of bright eyes."

Read more about Dr. Yan Xu - the latest addition to the New Vision Eye Clinic team - and what made her decide to dedicate her career to children's eye care.

Meet Dr. Yan Xu, the latest addition to the New Vision Eye Clinic team. Dr. Xu specializes in visual optics, especially for children.


ANSWER: The difference can be subtle, but before placing a contact lens on your eye, make sure it looks like half a ball, not a soup bowl with a rim. The trick is to place the lens on your finger so that a cup is formed. Then hold the lens up directly in front of your eyes so you’re looking at the side of the cup. If the lens forms a “U” with the top edges flared out, it’s inside out. If it forms just a “U,” it’s in the correct position.

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Meet Dr. Yan Xu, the latest addition to New Vision Eye Clinic's competent team. Dr. Xu specializes in pediatric ophthalmology and the treatment of a number of ocular surface diseases. She has also had her research results patented.

Find out more about Dr. Xu or book an appointment at the link below.

New Vision Eye Clinic’s eye doctors and ophthalmic surgeons are some of the best in the industry.