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Come in and discuss Linux and other fun computer things. RSVP here for Pizza. The cost of Pizza is now $10 so please make sure to bring that if you want some.

Tue 6:45 PM CDTNewton Public LibraryNewton, KS

Nothing we don't already know but it is nice to see it in print.…/mozilla-open-source-firefox-move-h…/…

A gamble 20 years ago unleashed the source code for the browser that became Firefox. The approach is now core to Facebook, Google and everyone else.

Buscador is a Linux Virtual Machine that is pre-configured for online investigators. It was developed by David Westcott and Michael Bazzell,
This is very interesting stuff, ... perhaps a little too interesting, you may suddenly find you have spent WAY too much time on this stuff.

Buscador OSINT VM

Humanity has worked so hard to create a good blockchain, now to find a use for it.…/6-use-cases-for-blockchain-in-s…

Blockchain has the potential to improve encryption and authentication, and that could be good news for IoT security and DDoS protection.
Decisions made years ago about which operating system to roll out can affect corporate security today. Of the big three in widespread use, one can credibly be called the most secure.

We at the library could use some help. We have some LittleBits devices that require a newer version of iOs/Android than we have on our devices. Has anybody used LineageOS ? I hope to use it to load the LittleBits app from the play store on some older devices.

LineageOS Android Distribution

Background Task Support in WSL
The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The latest updates to WSL include: support for background tasks (including daemons) and running in remote locations; the option to run elevated and non-elevated WSL instances simultaneously; and, a new tool to convert Linux paths to Windows-friendly paths. (Build 17063)…/background-task-support…/

Starting in Windows Insiders Build 17046, WSL supports background tasks (including daemons). In the past, if you opened WSL and started sshd, httpd, screen, or tmux you needed to have a console window open to keep those tools running. But, starting with 17046, these processes will continue running i...

Update Warning
17.10 ubuntu causes bios fail on some lenovo models

An update to linux kernel on Ubuntu 17.10 that enabled the Intel SPI drivers results in a serial flash that is read only in Intel Broadwell and Haswell machines with serial flashes with SPI_NOR_HAS_LOCK set. Symptoms: * BIOS settings cannot be saved * USB Boot impossible * EFI entries read-only. ---...

This article is a painful read but I cannot completely disagree…/20-years-on-open-source-hasnt-c…

Most code remains closed and proprietary, even though open source now dominates enterprise platforms. How can that be?

Are you ready to see the MAKE Harvey robot Harvey 5??? It's almost time for his debut.
It's a beautiful clear night for the parade!

Thu 6:30 PM CSTDowntown Newton
220 people interested

6:45 NLUG Meeting at NPL

Details on tonight's meeting

6:45 NLUG Meeting at NPL

Details on tonight's meeting

Goodbye Unity, Ubuntu is back to Gnome. What do you think about it?…/ubuntu-desktops-compared.html

We look at the Ubuntu desktops and compare them: what's the best Ubuntu desktop for your individual workflow and preferences?

6:45 NLUG Meeting at NPL

Details on tonight's meeting

Do you think this is a book worth getting?

Learn valuable tips and tricks to use with the operating system that runs on Raspberry Pi and other single board computers. Presented by Aaron Newcomb - the author of the new book Linux For Makers.