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Wow! If these statistics won't get you on the eSports bandwagon...

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Read which crisps-giant entered the world of eSports sponsoring and much more in our weekly news overview:

It’s that time of the week again: every Wednesday NextGenSports takes a look back at what happened in the eSports scene last week. With this week new spons
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Want to know why eSports is the next step in entertainment marketing? Check out our latest post!

eSports are highly popular and there are millions of people watching competitions in which they follow their favorite teams and eAthletes. Most eAthletes s

Read the latest interesting developments in the world of eSports in our weekly news update here:

How to approach eSports as a marketer? Check it out in our latest article.

By having a market value of over $25 billion, the game industry already became bigger than the music and the film industry. Brands should see the game industry as an...

Is sponsorship in eSports a feasible investment? We analysed a couple of cases.

A closer look and analysis of successful and less successful eSports sponsoring. What are their returns?

eSports has come a long way since it got noticed by the big media channels. At first people laughed but now everbody wants to be involved. 🕹️

Footage Courtesy: ABC JPicturehouseDF, JM Production Company, Reo Television, Hewland International/Channel 4 Television Corporation, Grundy/SOuther Star End...

These are the most popular platforms for broadcasting eSports events! Click here to find out why!

As we stated in an earlier post, live events are a big part of the eSports scene. Hundreds of thousands of fans go to huge stadiums to see their favorite...

Today we posted a new article about eSports and merchandising. Check it out and leave a comment below!

We have already talked about how your company could work together with eSports to market your brand. However, the eSports teams should also market themselves. Today we will focus on...

SUBWAY Partnership with Ajax, a Celtic FIFA 18 Tournament and the first High School eLeague. Read more about it here:

Last week there were some interesting headlines in the world of eSports. In this weekly news-update we will inform you about the most striking news articles that we have found....

"This isn’t just a document that should excite big brands. It should excite esports teams and their fans." An interesting article by Polygons' Charlie Hall on eSports marketing.

The Nielsen Company is suddenly very interested in Overwatch, LoL and Dota2 fans.

The Nielsen Company says it doesn’t have to be that way

Now you know all about the eSports teams it's time to dive a bit deeper into the players, we'll highlight some of the best and most popular eAthletes from the different games.

Almost all eAthletes are part of a team, some play in teams and actually play together in the same game. Others represent a football team but play individually, for example...

eSports sponsorships: not only for tech companies! Read more:…/non-endemic-brands-esports-unus…/

When you think of eSports sponsoring you may automatically think of traditional tech companies being involved. At a certain point that is right, (game)technology companies like Intel and Logitech were...

Check our weekly newsupdate with this week The Overwatch league, eSports as Olympic Sport and PSG joining the Rocket League competition!…/news-overwatch-league-olympics-…/

Every Wednesday we’ll take you through the latest news related to eSports, we’ll highlight some of the most important or funny things that happened in the previous week. This week we...

eSports has a lot of tournaments and leagues, This is how they work:…/esports-tournaments-and-leagues…/

Like with traditional sports, the most important part of eSports are the tournaments. The main principle is the same; multiple teams that will compete against each other in a knock out race until o…

A lot of brands make money on eSports. This is how:

eSports is growing rapidly at this moment and with all this attention surrounding eSports it didn’t take long before brands got involved. Red bull, Nissan, Intel and even, Coca Cola are already inv…