Today I'm my own #womancrushwednesday 😃😃 check out this vid of my last shoot with @arsenikstudios 👍🏽 of course make-up/hair @cherrydollsbeauty & tan @monacosunevents 😘
@frankiestown has good taste in movies! Watching Top Gun with me 👍🏽 don't mind my voice lol I'm sick 🤧
#flexfriday 󾭚󾭚 an old vid since @peter_crescenzi isn't around at @purefx_fitness to film me anymore 󾌹󾌹 but still a good one. A LOT more muscular than this now (I think lol) certainly a lot stronger. Haven't done this movement in a while.....may have to resurrect it tonight. Video made with this AWESOME new app, @magistoapp honestly I love it!

Jason Poston is coming to Canada ON FRIDAY to tour and meet YOU!

Here is where we'll be:


Popeye's Yorkdale from 12-4pm

Herc's Heartland 12-3pm

Popeye's Longueuil 6-9pm

Popeye's Saint-Leonard 6-9pm

Supplement World Saskatoon 5-8pm

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I tried this once and my body told me right away it wasn't the right thing to do!

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I wanted to take this opportunity to express my 32-year professional opinion regarding some bo...oty/ glute exercises I have seen becoming extremely popular within the last 2- years. My name is Dave Parise MES CPT and I have owned and operated a fitness center, for 32 years. I am director of Education for Fit Pros Personal Training school / Academy. I do expert witness testimony in fitness and sports related injuries.

As I flip through social media on any given day, I find an endless supply of pseudo “experts” preaching their training methods to the masses. And while there can be some useful and often motivational content in there, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of frequently contradictory advice.

One of the biggest challenges I see is that many of the people doing the so-called teaching lack real qualifications and are just sharing some cool stuff they invented or most likely saw in the gym one day. These are genetically gifted Pro Bikini models, or Brazilian divas showing their booties in the latest fashion that extenuates / outlines the booty to the extreme peach-ability!
To me it seems every month someone has discovered the new “secret” move to building the perfect glutes. Woman and gym goers start the “monkey see monkey do” and keep chasing the goal, without any real understanding of the process to get there.
I am no expert; however, I have certified over 400 trainers, produced over 1000 exercise videos, was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, taught anatomy and kinesiology based on anatomical function for the last 32 years.

Here’s the challenge: Besides you being married to a 🙄 particular exercise... I really can’t start to name all the bad, unsafe, ridicules exercises that woman do for the hopes of a Kardashian booty. (like turning your leg sideways as you sit sideways in a leg press…. REALLY? LOL. The “thinking it works and will cause no harm-based on an individuals perception and sensation” seems to be the wishful uplifting experience.

There is one MOVE 🙄🧐 I will touch upon:
As I hack into action the infamous REVERSE HACK SQUAT is by far the most dangerous, biomechanically inefficient move. First and foremost, ladies if I may 😇 think of the machine. The hack squat machine is a guided, machine -has a predictable outcome- as it travels up and down, it moves in one path of motion based on the rods, track, bearings etc. What does that tell you? It says one size fits all. TRUTH: One size fits none! The machine was designed to position you face out, thus the pads fit properly on top of your shoulders…as you head, and neck stay in their strong position (Neutral) your back falls against the back-rest pad to support the lumbar spine, as load translates nicely through the legs.
What do you do? You take a machine that tries to mimic a down and back hip motion (squat) then you turn around and face the other way with your butt in the air… as your neck is compromised in flexion (weak) your mid thoracic spine rounded, all the force originates into your low-back, as it tries to maintain congruency. And to think based on your (perception, sensation) that at the top end if you squeeze your glutes, LOL AKA (hyperextension-sensation) you will miraculously have peach-ability - (yea a feel a burn when I light a fire). Sorry not happening.

Did you ever see that guy or girl who has (genetics) amazing arms? They do 4 different exercises for their triceps. One of these exercises has no function or purpose, yet they still have amazing arms! Guess what ladies three of those 4-exercises are great and ONE DID NOT So, my point is the reverse hack squat works in this way only.

****If you bend a paper clip back and forth it eventually breaks due to metal fatigue. In the spine, the matrix binding the disc collagen fibers together will fatigue and delamination occur. The nucleus starts to work itself through these breached delamination with repeated bends. Furthermore, the mechanics of the joints being in this reverse position have been disrupted and this will generally cause more load on the facet joints. They will become arthritic within a few years. This arthritic cascade is accelerated by more stress and the spine will never be the same. So here you are thinking the booty will build, shape, peach-out yet your using less hip strength and increasing the hydraulic pressure on the posterior part of the disc. “Butt I feel it” 🤣🤣🤣 This increases collagen delamination and the risk of a bulging disc.

During a NORMAL hack squat your torso remains erect and you contract your erector spinae (lower-back muscles) to maintain normal spinal curvature throughout the range of motion. ASK YOURSELF can you do this reversed?
A reverse hack squat works in a fixed angle which is not the way our bodies work, or the way our hips and glutes function. Since you're locked into a machine, critical stabilizer muscles (which help keep your joints safe) are not engaged.

I don't recommend that a human being performs a reverse hack squat! Thinking they are choosing anything other than “LOOK AT MY NICE ASS”

Despite the ability to obtain 2000 more double clicks, and 300 comments! its failure to engage intellect and makes you no better than the other better booty.

That’s the bottom line Ladies. Choose a better alternative there are so many other that engage the glutes in hip extension concentrically…. THATS WHAT THEY DO!

Dave Parise MES CPT FPTA

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For those of you who don't follow me on IG (and shame if you don't) we've got Jason Poston coming to CANADA! Here are the dates/locations & times!

Also I can't believe his pic isn't touched up lol is that me???
Photo @paulbuceta
Hair & Make-Up @monicakalra

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Monday night legs.......what are YOU doing???

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<insert witty comment here>
Photo Paul Buceta
Make-Up & Hair Monica Kalra

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Happy #flexfriday #fitfam even though I'm not flexing lol 😂
This pic is from my 2016 Paul Buceta shoot. Still so many pics to show you! Of course hair & make up by Monica Kalra of ❤️❤️❤️

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So now that the anticipation is over and I know that I am (thankfully) in this year's Inside Fitness Magazine #hotandfit100 I can finally unveil some of the other beautiful photos from my Arsenik Studios Inc. shoot in August! Thanks as always to Arthur & Jo for the amazing work and Cherry from Cherry Dolls Beauty for the stunning hair & makeup ❤️

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Great info! I'll be incorporating these movements!!!

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Posted by Pauline Nordin
Pauline Nordin

My most essential shoulder exercises!
Share and you can win the program!

I am THRILLED to announce that I have once again been selected as one of Inside Fitness Magazine #hotandfit100 😃😃 this is my FIFTH appearance and every time is more exciting than the last! I'm absolutely HONORED to be chosen with all these incredible ladies!
HUGE thanks to: Terry and the whole Inside Fitness team for this honor.

Arthur & Jo at Arsenik Studios Inc. as well as Cherry at Cherry Dolls Beauty for making me look my very best and being so amazing to with!

The love of my life Peter for his unwavering support of my career and for spending more than an hour applying my tan ❤️

My parents Louise & Ernie for their encouragement with ANYTHING I have ever wanted to do!

Lora, Andrew and my gym family at Pure Fx Fitness Studios 👍🏽

Last but not least, my ProSupps teammates for fueling me with the best and always having my back. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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I've done this #tbt before, but since the @inside_fitness #hotandfit100 is coming VERY SOON, I thought it was appropriate 😃 Will I make a 5th appearance this year??? Really hope so ☺️☺️

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December was crazy, did some workouts at I'm BACK!

Nicki Bucci is at Pure Fx Fitness Studios.

Back into gear. December was a write-off LOL

Gym/Physical Fitness CenterMaple
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Pics don't do it justice and I'm not QUITE sure what it is I'm looking at. That being said, wanted to shout-out my wonderful stylist & friend Mickey Svircevic for making me pretty! Thanks for putting up with my once a year haircut LOL!!!!!

If you're in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Concord, Maple....King City or have a car to get to those places 😂😂 check out Mickey & my lovely friend Karyn Marie's new salon, District Hair Studio ❤️❤️❤️ right at the corner of Keele & Rutherford!

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Body Building Myths That Must Die!

Every culture has its myths and bodybuilding is no exception. Like most myths, most are nine parts fantasy and part truth, though of course, some myths have no truth to them at all. I have spent much of my career attempting to expose myths surrounding bodybuilding and topics that relate to it, such as drugs, nutrition and supplementation etc.

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Every culture has its myths and bodybuilding is no exception. Like most myths, most are nine parts fantasy and one part truth, though of course, some myths have no truth to them at all. I have spen...

Your life is YOURS. Not your Mother's, not your Father's and not society's. They made their choices, you make yours. Be who you are, stand for what you believe in and most importantly stand up for YOU!
Photo @paulbuceta
Make-Up & Hair @monicakalra

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PRESS RELEASE: "Nutrition and wellness company ProSupps has officially signed rookie standout receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and defensive star Melvin Ingram to become the newest ProSupps Official Athletes"

ProSupps USA products deliver proven, precise, science-based supplementation to assist you in achieving your weight loss, fat burning, or muscle building goals, while improving your overall levels of fitness.