Zbrush sketch

Another Bog Raider for Blood Moon Miniatures

I just finished sculpting this New Set (6) of Bog Raiders for Blood Moon Miniatures


Just finished Bog Raider number 3 of 6 for Blood Moon Miniatures

Something new for Blood Moon Miniatures. Two of six new Bog Raiders. A champion and a Bog Shaman, the rest are secret

The 2017 GaryCon VIII Convention exclusive miniature is complete! I just finished it up this afternoon so any GaryCon Goers will be seeing this at the convention! March 23-26 in Lake Geneva Wisconsin home of the late Gary Gygax, founder and creator of the world's largest Role Playing Game, Dungeons and Dragons! This year's miniature diorama features a famous first edition monster known as the Demogorgon! A two headed demon about to ravage a paladin. The set will be cast in pewter by Iron Wind Metals.

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Gears and Mutants added 2 new photos.

The last two union concepts are done! Now I have a lot of sculpting to do!

If anyone wants to contact me for sculpting, please send a message to this page, I have gotten rid of my personal Facebook page.
Thank you

28mm slug king palanquin being carried by various slaves. Note the tiny brain controlling slugs on their backs

Completed this guy Tuesday night ...One of Dixies Finest. Confederate Mutant number 8... one of my best creations yet!

Bog Raider Warrior 1 of 3 new releases coming this fall for Blood Moon Miniatures

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I'mm baaaack

Bog Raider WIP about half way done with this guy.

I Just finished the exclusive GaryCon VIII miniature available in limited quantities at GaryCon this year!! A Fire Giant based on the art by Jeff Easley.

Escape from Jesus Island - Mother Superior 28mm miniature to be cast in pewter.

Pirate captain necromancer with a crutch!

More pirates in the works.... the captains maties! Still a lot to finish...